#1202 – Shelled

My car was parked outside a friends house one day and got egged. It was really weird because I had no idea what happened at first. It perhaps wouldn’t have been too bad if I would have found it right away but it must have happened hours earlier and the eggs had baked onto my windshield in the afternoon summer sun.

Also, I have started a second comic strip!


14 thoughts on “#1202 – Shelled”

  1. AbeFM says:

    I’ve been reading it – good stuff, very raw – like older Biff?

  2. Grug says:

    I like Maximumble. Why’s it taken so long to mention it? I hope you can keep up the schedule with for both.

  3. MaskMan says:

    Thre are many things to not keep in one’s front jeans pockets. Eggs merely begin the list…

  4. AmanoYuki says:

    @Baughbe – The egg puns are egg-stremely annoying, now. Then egg-ain, this whole post will be filled with them…

  5. Nicoli20 says:

    I bet it you left the eggs a little longer, small animals would start eating the fried eggs right off the windshield. That, or it would just start to smell more and be nearly impossible to fully clean…

  6. at least biff didn’t soak them in vinegar for 3 days otherwise they would be in his crotch by now

  7. Acies says:

    never understood egging…. but now that you point out that they’d cook on the car… i’m tempted to try >.>

  8. Schmordy says:

    My brother’s old car got egged once. There was yolk and shells all over the windows, bonnet and everything. It took a really long time to clean off. But that wasn’t really comparable to the flip-over he had on the highway a few weeks later…

  9. Gwid says:

    I spent all of my time last night writing out a really long comment (okay, so the usual normal length of my comments, but still longer than most) and I swear I submitted it, but it’s not here.

    Eh. I’m lazy. In summary, I never eat eggs, Australia is too hot and you can make fried eggs on the sidewalk on hot days, cool new comic I like it blah blah blah (don’t be offended, that’s true) and something else about llamas, I believe.

  10. Matthew says:

    Oh thank god it’s just eggs. I thought he had peed himself for a moment there.

  11. THORBLITZER says:

    Once I was walking our dog and saw a car down the street that had been egged. As I got back to our house, I realized our car had also had a single egg thrown at it. I’m not sure if ours was the practice car, or if they were walking home and discovered one extra.

  12. Matt Lee says:

    @Matthew – I’m sure we all did, good sir.

  13. Marscaleb says:

    This one made me chuckle!

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