#1200 – Lunch

It’s weird how making a sandwich seemed complicated when I was a kid. “Mom, do I put the peanut butter on the left or right?” I soon figured out I could take a slice of deli meat and roll it up around a slice of american cheese. None of that bread nonsense where you have to untwist the twist tie that the person before you twisted in the opposite direction so now you just made it tighter instead of opening it.

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21 thoughts on “#1200 – Lunch”

  1. LazerWulf says:

    Happy 1200! Woot Woot!

  2. LazerWulf says:

    That aside, growing up, I, too, was a fan of the “ham-and-cheese roll-up” as it was called in my family. Still am, though on occasion, I will skip the cheese and the rolling and just eat a piece of ham straight up.

  3. tekaramity says:

    Nowadays I just sever the twisty and eat the whole loaf in one day.

    And for the record, the peanut butter *must* out-volume the jelly / jam by at least 26% – for containment purposes.

  4. Nicoli20 says:

    I’m a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich person myself. Great comic as always.

  5. Somnule says:

    Biff has been a little bit dark lately.

  6. Rhiakath says:

    i’ve always been extremely curious as to what peanut butter tastes like. And why all you guys (american, british, and basically rest of the world) just love the stuff…..

    I wish it would exist here 🙂

  7. -2! says:

    The combination of glowing and green stuff on the sandwich and I thought Biff was consuming something radioactive again.

  8. Cyndaquazy says:

    What a convenient way to restore one’s health hearts!

  9. Baughbe says:

    Is biting into a sandwich fairy like biting into an apple worm?

    As a kid I was a fan of Dagwood sandwiches. The correct size for one is where your first bite causes you to stretch the corners of your mouth almost to the splitting point.

  10. Psychlycan says:

    Am I the only one wondering if Biff managed to take a bite out of the fairy, and if so, what part he bit? Or am just unusually violence oriented?

  11. Wonderer says:

    Faeries are magic so she must have escaped Biff’s bite, or she did get bit, she would magically regenerate.

  12. Radical Edward says:

    I have started eating sandwiches at my age (23 years old). But mainly they are toasted. I like peanut butter toast sandwiches. I occasionally have grilled cheese.

  13. Cari says:

    I make my lunch in the morning before I leave for work. I make sure there is a solid layer of peanut butter on each slice of bread so the jelly can’t soak thru it. I also learned that putting the bread in the freezer for 10-15 min first makes it hard enough that it doesn’t tear when I spread the peanut butter.

    @Rhiakath: you can probably buy some online. It’s best enjoyed directly off the spoon.

  14. GuyD says:

    The swiss songwriter Mani Matter (1936 – 1972) wrote a song about the troubles of making sandwiches. I post here the translated version, so it doesn’t always rhymes.

    “What’s a sandwich without meat? It’s nothing more than bread
    What’s a sandwich without bread? It’s nothing more than meat
    Only if you put meat on your bread
    Only if you wrap bread arround your meat
    You get a sandwich, bread and meat
    Always take care about that

    It’s important that you know
    It’s not enough to put a slice of bread under your meat
    You need one under the meat, do you understand?
    And one which you put over the meat
    Only if you do it like that you willl get a sandwich – one with meat

    There’s a butter problem too, you are right
    It’s important to place it not at the wrong side
    You see, you eat your barbar
    And fill your stomach and don’t realize
    How much dialectic can be found in a sandwich!

  15. Grug says:


  16. @rhiakath peanut butter is like chewing peanuts with a teaspoon of sugar in your mouth as well until it is creamy and the sugar and peanut mash mix

  17. Gwid says:

    I’ve never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Comes with living in Australia, I suppose.
    But I have Vegemite and peanut-butter-smothered-celery (yum). So I’m good. But CRUNCHY. Always, always crunchy. Why is Vegemite only a thing in Australia, anyway? It’s TASTY.

    Why does Biff even have a sandwich-fairy sandwich, anyway?

    @ GuyD – Sandwiches are tasty without meat. I should know, I’m vegetarian -_-


  18. paul says:

    Gwid, its also availble in england, had to ask my friend to send me some…. i didnt like it

  19. pbarnrob says:

    I once cleaned-out the drain hose of a dishwasher; was told that was what Vegemite was like (must confess haven’t had any, nor after that, wanted it!) There’s now a Fresh&Easy in town, bet they have it. Is there a tasty sort of comparison, to get over that EEEeewww threshold?

  20. i.half4 says:

    Well, I seem to recall hearing that Vegemite is heavily yeast based, so you might want to start with the dregs of a batch of home made beer, or maybe a really thick Irish Stout or bock beer. But I might be wrong about the yeast. Never tried that stuff either, myself.

  21. Cari says:

    @Gwid: I’ve tried vegemite. It’s foul.

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