#1147 – Coil

I worked at a few places where I would be the first one to arrive in the morning and had to be the one that disabled the alarm right after opening the door. It was really nerve wracking the first few times I did it. I would open the door and be greeted by a rather loud “eeeeeeee BEEP eeeeeeee BEEP eeeeeeee BEEP eeeeeeee BEEP eeeeeeee BEEP” which just added to the pressure to get that code punched in as quickly as possible. I wonder if there is an alarm out there that plays the Jeopardy theme song as the little countdown to alerting the authorities.

Also, I’ll be at NEWW2 this weekend! I will stand motionless if you point a camera at me.


14 thoughts on “#1147 – Coil”

  1. SleepySheep says:

    I want that security system.

  2. tekaramity says:

    I wish work worked this way. We get *one* try or else the cops come a-swarmin’. I’d rather go the springboard route, m’self…

  3. ladyamethyst83 says:

    when i was in college there was a code for the bathroom! which was stupid when i was right next to it.

  4. Gwid says:

    Yes, I was right! The theme this week – secret codes! The thrills me more than it should.

    The only really annoying alarm I have ever had to deal with would have to be the smoke alarm. We like cooking things more than we should for a crispness – well, I do – and the darn thing keeps going off, and I have to wave the smoke away from it with a bit of cardboard or something to make it stop.

    “I will stand motionless if you point a camera at me.” – that made me think of people pretending to be statues for money. Like, really, they paint themselves grey and wear sunglasses so no-one can see them blink and stuff, kind of like busking, and then if someone gives them money they move real slow to give them a lollipop/shake their hand/whatever.
    We get them all the time in Australia (well, at art markets, anyway), I have no idea about America/England/Canada/*insert other countries that have anyone who speaks English in them, so pretty much all of them*



  5. Baughbe says:

    The Jeopardy alarm would be awesome!
    Here, if you forget your password on your work computer, you get 3 tries, then it locks up and IT has to reset it.

  6. Paul says:

    my labtop has feature that if you enter in the passcode in wrong twice, it makes it look like its logging in but it just shuts down….. thats why i use my fingerprint scanner…

  7. kaitou says:

    Add camera to bag… check.
    (Along with homemade oatmeal raisin cookies, this should make for the obvious photo.)

  8. Cari says:

    Has anyone else noticed the broken pipes where the building used to be? If there’s no water gushing out of them, does that mean the toilets didn’t work?

    @Gwid: I think the statue people are everywhere.

  9. Gwid says:

    @Cari – You don’t know that the pipes don’t have holes in them somewhere along them or that they don’t have kinks.

  10. Binky says:

    Maybe they’re gas pipes, invisibly filling the air with beautiful natural gas.

  11. Mister Disco says:

    I have one of those shirts with a speaker in it, I wear it under my work shirt at the theater I work at when I’m in the Box office and play the jeopardy theme when people walk up and stare at the movie times. It never stops being funny. Even more-so when they can hear it at the edge of their audio range. FORSOOTH! it’s a real word.

  12. Caranthir says:

    @cari and gwid
    If you you look closely at the pipe on the right; you will see wires. So that might be an electrical conduit. The one on the left can be for natural gas. Sweet, sweet natural gas! I used to work at an Arby’s years ago. One day while a local high school band was having a car wash; someone decided to run into the main gas meter! Gas went gushing and we had to evacuate the area and traffic was backed up along the road. What a fun day!

  13. fighter pilots are trained in using ejector seats with wrong passwords and spring loaded security systems.

    Every1 knows that.

  14. MaskedMan says:

    At a place I used to work, the data center door would call police if left open too long, but the range of the sensors were so long that you had to edge over to the far side of the hallway to pass. If you didn’t, the time it took to just walk past would be long enough to trip the alarm. Oh and it was a crucial hallway, so you had not real choice but to do an Indiana Jones two or three times a day.

    Needless to say, we were on first-name basis with all the patrol officers in the area.

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