#112 – Thinking


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  1. LordRetard says:

    Methinks it might get awful warm in that.

  2. Chris says:

    It’s fantastic in the winter.

  3. J says:

    steam: fuel of the future.

  4. LordRetard says:

    That might be true if time moved backwards.

  5. prometheus says:

    Well, actually, LordRetard, steam is used to turn the turbines that generate electricity, so steam is technically the fuel of the present, and possibly the future. And most of that steam is produced by burning coal to boil water, and since coal is made from ancient plants and animals, which rely on the sun for life, you could say that those turbines are turned by solar energy. As a matter of fact, all sources of energy (except nuclear) can be traced back to the sun in some way, and therefore can technically be classified as solar power. w00t! Go solar power! Fuel of the future, present,and past.

    1. Arcan says:

      But solar power IS nuclear power, nuclear fusion to be precise.

  6. Chris says:

    prometheus – that was a great Alice Cooper impression, thanks!

  7. Bach says:

    O_o Well Steam has to be used to make power. What else expands 1628 times it size when heat is applied to the point of its evaporation that is so plentiful on earth?
    its not like we can use a substance made of pure energy, and convert it into pure energy. we’ll stop using steam when we dont need to burn things to release energy.
    also… my GOD i want one of those hats.

  8. Harlequin says:

    I’d buy one!

  9. Squire Retard says:

    and here i thought that his brain was overheating….

  10. Calthin says:

    Prometheus, even nuclear power ultimately comes from the sun. Supposedly, the radioactive nuclei, like all nuclei except hydrogen, are formed inside of suns as the waste of their fusion reactions.

  11. Fenix says:

    Mmm.. This page turned into a Science debate…

  12. Nlees says:

    Well that steam powered hat musta given off alot of thinking power to bring soooo much smarts to the site.

  13. Keith says:

    On a different note, it must be rather difficult to read the newspaper when it’s covered in green paint.

  14. pip says:

    So what exactly does it do?…

  15. zantarath says:

    Prometheus, I think my brain imploded. I think the smoke is the thinking cap burning as it over heats from trying to make him think.

  16. Konola says:

    Biff must have painted the newspaper back then, it only makes sense.

  17. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    I have one. That’s what I use to write these comments.

  18. DemonRex says:

    I just know that thing is about to explode.

  19. Let there be lamp says:

    The picture here sums Biff up to a T. Genius, Crazy and always stylish.

  20. Caitlin says:

    Is that the thinking cap as in, when we were in primary school there were six coloured thinking hats – yellow for positives, white for objectiveness, black for negatives, green for ideas, and red and blue for I can’t remember what?

  21. Niko says:

    the size of his mouth is AWESOME

  22. Vickster says:

    ouch. steam burns.
    and yet, i find i have the overpowering need to buy one. much like the car key trap.

  23. Reader says:

    Is it me or is Biff smiling, at least a bit? He surely looks satisfied.

  24. Capn Steve says:

    The real truth is that to understand what a steam powered thinking cap does, or how it works, you need a steam powered thinking cap.
    Also, only those who are using such a cap can build one, and the few who posses them understand exactly why they can not be allowed to spread any further.

  25. DarthCraedos says:

    @Capn Steve

    You just destroyed any hope I had of being one of the few, the proud, the steamers >.

  26. Shaddeth says:

    I need one of those, it sounds like it would be comfy in winter

  27. Keorode says:

    Pros: Noone could ever say you wern’t thinking.
    Cons: Use at home MAY lead to asphixiation. o.o;

  28. KatzeWerfer says:

    just blowing of some steam???

  29. Graham says:

    prometheus, you take this forum waaaay too seriously

  30. The Dustin says:

    Wow, everyone has been debating the usefulness, temperature, and time period of the hat…My thought was that it looked awesome and I wanted one.

  31. Dan says:

    I just love Biff.

  32. Torg says:

    ((Calthin Says:

    January 13th, 2007 at 10:06 pm
    Prometheus, even nuclear power ultimately comes from the sun. Supposedly, the radioactive nuclei, like all nuclei except hydrogen, are formed inside of suns as the waste of their fusion reactions.))

    No, they are formed inside of stars. The Sun is our star in particular. No uranium on Earth comes from the Sun.

  33. Torg says:

    And Bach, steam power seems to fare poorly in automobiles.
    That means it doesn’t work well in cars.

  34. BDan says:

    Calthin, heavy elements like uranium are only formed in supernovae. So in a sense they came from a sun, but they certainly didn’t come from our own; they came from a star that exploded before our solar system even formed.

  35. BrainpanSonata says:

    Ah, so Biff’s found a substitute for his hide-and-seek-champion brain!

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