#1099 – Slick

When I was a kid water slides were a rare thing that you had to drive many miles find. I mainly saw them when on vacation in places like Florida. Now I see them all over. The local pool has a bunch and I even see them at some hotels I pass on the highway. The ones that I had access to were just standard slides you would see on a playground but there just happened to be water at the bottom.


14 thoughts on “#1099 – Slick”

  1. grapy says:

    nice teflon coating you have realy outdone your self this time chris

  2. Polymorph says:

    But how do you expect to get enough air to backflip into the pool WITHOUT the teflon? Clearly the pool is not at the proper distance.

  3. ndi says:

    Once at a birthday pool party, our wet skin kept getting stuck to the slide. One of the boys had a brilliant idea, and soon we were all coating the slide with sun tan lotion. It worked so well that we weren’t only able to use the slide, but we had a contest to see who could launch themselves over the buoy rope separating the shallow and deep ends first.

  4. tekaramity says:

    There was a nice huge water slide at the local park in Michigan, but I was too chicken as a small kid to ever ride it. AUGH. When I visited the region last year, I found the pool permanently shut down, the slide looming over it like some sort of tubular guardian esper.

  5. ZeoViolet says:

    When I was a kid at some gathering my aunt hosted, she had a slip n’ slide and she coated it in dishwashing liquid.

    Very effective!

  6. Falos says:

    Imagining the sound effect is fun. Zwip!

    My local pool had a nice pair of full-enclosure slides they sold un/limited passes for, but you had to climb two or three stories of metal stairs and sometimes wait shivering in line as the breeze chilled you.

  7. Baughbe says:

    Now spray it with WD-40 and try it.

  8. Sarah says:

    I remember once, when I was little, I was at the neighbor kid’s birthday party, and there was a slip ‘n slide set up. It had probably had water running over it for over an hour when I got to it, and the area around it was very, very muddy. I remember running toward it and leaping for the slide, my feet sinking in the mud and killing any momentum I had going. I would have made it if the ground had been solid…but instead, I went face first into the mud.

    Good times.

  9. MaskedMan says:

    Slip-n-Slides were wonderful. Until you got to the end… Grass stains AND rug burn, all in one go!

  10. Cari says:

    I grew up in South Florida, and waterslides opened up all over the place. they all went out of business when I was a teenager.

    @ndi–I remember pool slides that had a water jet at the top to prevent the sticking problem. I don’t remember any of them working properly…

  11. YukimuraYuki says:

    After repeatedly being sent back a page by my laptop (*warranty just ran out*), I have decided to cut down what I was TRYING to say into one sentence. Our nearest big swimming pool has two “great” slides which both suck, unlike the monorail they also have.

    I am currently wondering how/why on earth it says you posted this at EXACTLY midnight. That scares me.

  12. Mad David says:

    Teflon coating a slide unnecessary? Have you ever tried to slide down a metal slide without it?

    Also ditto at Sarah’s and MaskedMan’s experience with the Slip-n-Slide. Those things did *not* work as well in reality as in the commercials.

  13. YukiYukimura says:

    After staying up til midnight, it occured to me that the time written might be different to the time you posted, due to me living in Wales, and you living… somewhere in America?
    …I am stupid.


  14. ChefsBrian says:

    Ah, we have a massive waterslide here… you have to climb nearly 10 stories of stairs just to get to the top. last time i rode on it, i was whipping along it so fast, that when i hit one of the many, many turns, i nearly shot over the edge of the thing. seriously, when you realize half an butt-cheek is hanging in mid air, 8 storys up, you freak out.

    Never dared go on it since….

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