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I always loved playing with flashlights as a kid. We had big ones, small ones and those chunky ones with the big square batteries. I would purposefully walk around the house at night with all the lights off just to see how much I could do with only the flashlight. This was a constant annoyance to my dad because whenever there was a power outage or other situation where he needed a flashlight all the batteries would be dead.


12 thoughts on “#1086 – Brilliant”

  1. Anon says:

    I had a similar problem. However, being the… ‘unique’ child I was, I experimented. Such as sticking the flashlight in the various orifices of my body and seeing what lit up. One particularly memorable moment was when the bulb on a miniature flashlight broke in my nose.

  2. Ziggy Stardust says:

    I played with flashlights too. My dad got so angry because whenever he needed a flashlight, there were none to be found.
    There’s a reason infomercials come on so late at night: that’s the only time you’re sleep-deprived enough to even consider buying that stuff.

  3. The Dukenator says:

    Biff = Alan Wake?

  4. Cyndaquazy says:

    How can that bulb still work, if it’s not attached to a power source?

  5. Acies says:

    I used to have “rave parties” in my room where my friends + I would jump on the bed while we take turn waving flashlights and turning the lights in my room on + off =P

    I also (still) love shining a flashlight through my hand. You can see all the little blood vessels shine red in my orange-y lit skin =)

  6. grapy says:

    me and my sister would explore our grand parents new house we would go into the basement and put a flash light in the corner it somehow lit up the room

  7. ladyamethyst83 says:

    i actually make flashlights (well the plastic parts anyways) at work. We even make glow in the dark ones. I don’t know how that works when you’re in a power outage but it’s really cool.

  8. YukiYukimura says:

    i never messed around with flashlights.
    probably because we never had any.
    or any working batteries at all, for that matter…
    I have to switch my batteries from my tv remote to my wii remote if i want to play my wii.

    yay! an unrelated note again!
    The Wii is a crap name. WHY did Nintendo decide that the odd sounding “Wii” sounded better than the awesomely named “Revolution”?
    I mean, would you rather play a Revolution, or a Wii?
    “Oh, Hi George, I’m just playing my Wii”
    “I’ll phone you back, John, I have to shake my Wii remote”
    “Bobby, dear, would you go fetch the Wii games?”

  9. reynard61 says:

    @ Yuki: As I recall, the “Wii” name is supposed to be a trademarkable version of the word “we” — as in a video game that multiple players could enjoy.

  10. The Dukenator says:

    @reynard61 @Yuki You asking an officer to play with your Wii, might get you in trouble.

  11. MadDavid says:

    Bad Idea Products week!

    And a bulb launcher on a flashlight would be so uselessly COOL!

  12. i.half4 says:

    Awesome (b/w to) color scheme! A totally new look for Biff’s world.

    And where have I seen the colors of that orb before…
    A Pokemon toy?

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