#1080 – Part

My hair has a natural part on the right side. In high school I tried to change it and have it part in the middle. It was surprisingly painful. All those little follicles pointing in one direction their whole life being forced to bend a different direction was not successful. In college I grew it out really long and gravity finally made the center part I was looking for. Now my hair is always really short and gravity leaves it alone.


13 thoughts on “#1080 – Part”

  1. The Dukenator says:

    Bet you went to your class reunion and get asked, “What’s with the hair?”

  2. Howls Like Wolf says:

    When I was mowing my own lawn, I used to mow in three different directions. When you looked at the lawn the next day, you could see the pattern; it resembled weaving. Grounds keepers at major league baseball stadiums sometimes do the same sort of things.

  3. ZeoViolet says:

    Does Biff use a Mousse fertilizer on his lawn too?

  4. i.half4 says:

    I thought it was like a plate tectonics thing, not having yet read the caption, or noticed the comb.

  5. MaskedMan says:

    Sorry. Grass should have a flat top buzz-cut. Anything else is faddish and silly. Purple and electric blue mohawk grass is right out!

  6. Cyndaquazy says:

    I prefer the buzz-cut lawn, or at least a flat-top style. It never works to just trim 2 inches all around…

  7. August says:

    My hair defies gravity no matter what length it is. Afro Power! And parts? Fugheddaboutit.

    In other news- last night I had a dream about Biff. In one part of the dream he revealed that he was (somehow) the father of an undersized ten year old boy, and that he’d been supporting the child and the kid’s mother (who was a geisha) for some time.

    The less weird part of that dream involved me drawing a really great picture of Biff as a sunny-side-up egg with a clever caption that I can no longer recall.

    I also love the irony in the fact that Biff as an egg seems normal compared to Biff as a dad.

  8. grapy says:

    my hair was very hard to style until i got it cut now i have no part

  9. Cari says:

    My hair and I both know who’s boss, and I’ve been fighting it’s authority most of my life.

  10. -2! says:

    I just tend to ignore my hair. Let it do what it wants.

  11. Thane of Eurmal says:

    Hair? I have hair???

  12. Radical Edward says:

    I don’t normally care about the way my hair is parted.

  13. lilpunk91 says:

    i went to the salon a month ago and the girl there said i had two parts in my hair

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