#1075 – Tight

I still have all my wisdom teeth. It actually seems a little strange at this point. I know a lot of people that started getting them pulled in High School. Every time someone mentions them I’m the only one in the room that doesn’t get to tell their horror/hero story about when they had their wisdom teeth pulled/drilled/chiseled. I wonder what percentage of people get to keep them in their head nowadays.


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  1. Azkyroth says:

    I had a set of four premolars removed when I was 13ish, and as such my wisdom teeth fit in my jaw well enough for purposes that don’t involve not getting cavities in mirror-image spots on the upper ones, which fillings have failed to resolve. So I’m basically just stalling on getting the uppers removed; fortunately they’ve erupted, at least.

  2. UltimiaVlad says:

    I almost got to keep mine, but my mom wanted me to get them out. Two were going to replace two teeth.

    The Book of Biff never ceases to amaze me. Biff is just an awesome person.

  3. Prior Semblance says:

    I had my wisdom teeth taken out a year or two ago but I didn’t have any pain or anything so no horror story from me =p

  4. Fafnir13 says:

    I have mine. Only one though. It’s all I got.

  5. Mad David says:

    I had all four of mine taken out because they were impacted. Then two more grew in on top. They were small and half-finished, so they fit, but they quickly got cavities and had to be removed. (My only cavities.)

  6. Bob says:

    All four of mine were taken out because they posed a threat to my freshly straightened teeth. (X-rays revealed one was at a rather jaunty angle.) They gave me some groovy pink liquid, then a shot in the arm, and next thing I know someone hands me a little ziplock bag full of teeth and shrapnel. If all dental visits were like that I might have gone more often.

  7. Madness says:

    Never got my wisdoms plucked out either. I feel like a weirdo sometimes. xD

  8. Ray A. says:

    Like Azkyroth, I had four teeth pulled (molars in my case, not premolars) because I had too little room on my tiny Italian jaw (dad’s side) for my big English teeth (mom’s side). I wouldn’t have room for my wisdom teeth either … except they grew in at a 45-degree angle to the rest, so they fit. They remain, untouched, in my head.

  9. madmule says:

    i still have all of my wisdom teeth and one of my molars still has yet to come up however my dentist and i are think we shall just wait and see what happens and i am part of a study the studies the effects of keep wisdom teeth in and if it is really necessary to pull them

    wow that is my longest post

  10. technosasquatch says:

    I still have all 4 of mine, 1 is still hiding and wont show itself

  11. The Dukenator says:

    Ugh. 5 teeth pulled so far. 1 was pulled in 2003 or so, 4 more in 2005.

  12. Asia says:

    i still have all of mine, though they are squishing my teeth together and hurt and stuff…

  13. jake says:

    i don’t get it.

  14. Wind Lane says:

    I had to get all mine removed since they were crowding the other teeth, making them go crooked, but there’s no horror/hero story. I just went to sleep and woke up with them gone. No pain, no problems, no solids for a couple of days. I’m the other end of the spectrum I guess – the only thing remarkable about my story is that I don’t have one even though I have had those teeth pulled.

  15. Geek says:

    Being ridiculously unlucky, I inherited my dad’s very large teeth and my mum’s very small mouth; I have had eight teeth pulled and two of my wisdom teeth are getting yanked out sometime soon (and by “yanked out” of course I mean they’re impacted and very large so the dentist will have to cut part of my mouth open and break them into pieces and dig the pieces out).

  16. CasualOtaku says:

    I don’t get it either.

  17. Robert Charleson says:

    I has mine…

  18. Ebby says:

    I had to have mine pulled as they were impacted and causing me a fair amount of pain, and I was in agony for a couple of months afterward too–long after my prescribed painkillers had run out.

  19. Ironborn says:

    i actually had all my wisdom teeth and all my teeth till about 4 months ago when they where all pulled out 😛

  20. soulofaqua says:

    I am still supposed to make an appointment with the dude with sharp knifes to get them cut out of my mouth…

  21. Nilly says:

    I have no wisdom teeth in my lower jaw. =D Yay.

    But I have them in my upper jaw. And I have a very tiny mouth. D=

  22. Zege says:

    I’ve got my bottom ones, and my tops are showing up now. They never give me any troubles.

  23. Baughbe says:

    Existentialist week?

  24. ZeoViolet says:

    I have all mine. Only one has even emerged, and then only about a third of the way in the last year or so. My sister has the horror stories. From them, I’ve never felt any pain except minor gum irritation when something catches on that back one and it stings a bit.

  25. Jenny says:

    I had my lower wisdom teeth pulled out, because they were at an angle and kind of stuck underneath the molars next to them. If they’d tried to come out, they would have made a mess of my lower teeth.

    It had to be done on two different occasions, as one posed less of a threat than the other (it was lower down, and would mean a lot more trouble to pull out). I was conscious the entire time, and watched the operations in their entirety reflected on my dentist’s glasses…

    My upper wisdom teeth are still there. They’re a bit crooked, but not enough to justify the operation to get them out.

    Still, I wish I could figure out how to tie knots with my wisdom teeth…

  26. Eleanor says:

    I don’t have any of mine – by which I mean they haven’t come through yet. Everyone else I know has all of theirs, but I’m a slow grower. (for age comparisons, I start university in october)

  27. ruhe says:

    I’m in my early 30’s and I still have all my wisdom teeth. One of the four is the size of a pre-molar, though.

  28. Kathryne says:

    Haven’t got mine taken out yet either. The dentist keeps telling me I should, but dammit they haven’t moved yet. I’ll deal with them when they cause my trouble, otherwise they can just stay there. 😛

  29. Hyshinara says:

    I had night-braces for more than a year and the dentist told me she could tell from the x-ray that I’d have get all my wisdomteeth pulled.

    One day I woke up and saw white blobs in the back of my teethrow.
    A while later, I go back to the dentist, she looks in my mouth…

    dentist: Err… did you, by any chance, got your wisdomteeth sprung since last visit?
    Me: Yup! n_n
    dentist: Aaaaand, it didn’t hurt?
    Me: Nope! n_n
    dentist: Well… good for you I guess? 😀

  30. MaskedMan says:

    All four of mine came in clean and straight, and fit very nicely… Until they kept on extending… and extending… And wound up shattering the crowns under their mutual pressure/contact.

    My dentist was an artist with an extractor – got all four in one sitting, hooked roots and all, without any painkillers needed or fragments left behind. Just one tug to break the tooth free of my jaw, and another to extract – eight tugs, all done!

  31. CrazyCatLady says:

    Ugh, all four of mine were impacted and sitting on the nerve in my lower jaw. I was put completely under (at my insistence) and all four were cut out of my mouth. I came home with two black eyes and my face all bruised. But I got to sit and watch war movies while on my pain meds. Still have trouble feeling the right side of my tongue and nose sometimes though.

  32. faulty logic says:

    Still have all mine, and they’ve never given me troubles.

  33. Stae says:

    I kept all of mine, dentist said your mouth is big enough to carry them. That is until one got a cavity and instead of pulling it he filled it. Then about 2 years ago the filling fell out and the tooth decayed. That was a long painful year because I didn’t have any dental. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and paid a dentist to pull the thing. When he grabbed it with his long pliers, it shattered in my mouth cause it had no internal structure from the decay. All of that my sound bad, but the only thing I cringed on was when it shattered cause of the noise. He numbed me up pretty good.

  34. Radical Edward says:

    I had my wisdom teeth pulled during junior high. I had to eat chicken broth while I was recovering from surgery.

  35. calliopejane says:

    The growth of my mouth lagged my adult teeth coming in. Nearly all my baby teeth were pulled rather than falling out naturally, b/c to make room for each adult tooth, the *next* baby tooth had to come out too. Eventually, a couple molars did have to be pulled on the top. By the time my wisdom teeth came in (~17-18 y.o.), my mouth had gotten big enough, and they just filled in for the missing top molars, still have them. Bottom ones were yanked, though.

  36. Meredia says:

    Still have all of mine! Poor Biff… But wow, he’s flexible.

    I have heard (from PBS) that the reason more and more people are getting wisdom tooth troubles is because our jaws have literally become smaller even in the past 100 or so years. Milling used to be done with far less durable material, so little bits of stone would actually be ground into the milled material and so everything made with the flour was tougher and harder to chew.

    Modern technology seems to have taken off the pressure to select for the robust jaws, at least here. But they’ve examined and measured skulls from the 19th century. On average, there is much more room for teeth and much more people with wisdom teeth.

  37. ladyamethyst83 says:

    i’ve had 2 sets of braces, and one tooth pulled out (last baby tooth) when I was a teenager. i’ve had a LOT of things done to my teeth.

  38. dartigen says:

    Mine haven’t come through yet – which is weirding me out, because everyone else I know has already had them come through by my age.
    My mum’s erupted in such a way that if she opened her mouth she couldn’t close it, but they only pulled the bottom ones to make room.
    Dad kept all of his because his parents didn’t want to do anything about them unless they were actually causing him trouble. One had to be removed when it got broken in a car accident (along with four other teeth) and the other three were ground down last year so his dentures could be fitted in – grinding 50-year-old wisdom teeth flat is just easier than trying to remove them, I guess.
    I apparently have to get mine removed as soon as they start to erupt, otherwise it will mess up all the hard work my orthodontist has done.

  39. DarkDeity5 says:

    I had to have all of my wisdom teeth removed because they were all going to come in impacted. When the bottom two erupted they decided to remove them all in one go. I was nearly done with high school when this happened. The surgery itself was nothing exciting; I was knocked out before they started. My jaw was kind of sore afterwards. But the thing I remember most was how high I was after waking up.

    I also noticed that black is transparent in this comic.

  40. AdmiralMemo says:

    All mine were removed at the same time in my mid-twenties, and only because they were causing problems. Otherwise, I’d still have them.

  41. Heatherface says:

    26 years old and still have all mine so far.

  42. tere says:

    Am I the only weirdo who never got their wisdom teeth?

  43. speakerblast says:

    Mine are getting pulled tomorrow! This is insane. Get out of my mind Chris Hallbeck.

  44. The_Gail says:

    I have all 4 of my wisdom teeth, they pulled 4 of my other teeth to make room though.

  45. CycloneChemChick says:

    I have one of mine, but the other three got yanked. The one that got kept had a 12 year literally on top of it, so that got chiselled out. I had to get them out at 15, since the 12 years (except the problem one) didn’t have enough room to come in. Getting rid of the pain was great. The knockout drugs were even more awesome!

  46. Healerwizard says:

    The book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston A. Price gives a thorough study of and explanation of this phenomenon.

    I got it for the creepy pictures.

  47. literatehyaena says:

    Actually, I don’t have any wisdom teeth at all. I spent years wonderign why they hadn’t been pulled (or if they had and I somehow didn’t remember it), and finally I asked my dentist.

    A few x-rays later, it was determined that I simply had no wisdom teeth.

  48. Lirleni says:

    I have all of my wisdom teeth, according to dental x-rays.
    My two lower ones came in, basically at an angle, so I need to be careful and keep stuff from being stuck in them (esp. peanuts and meat.)
    I’ll probably need for them to be removed at some point.
    (42 yo)

  49. Toderico says:

    Only 3 of my wisdom teeth ever grew in and luckily, due to my overbite, I’m going to be able to keep all three, or take out the top two (cause I won’t be able to use them). But I think I’ll skip on the whole pain and drugs and stuff.

  50. Twilightfairy says:

    I had premolars removed to let the wisdom suckers grow in. Casue apparently at the time those were the only teeth in my jaw growing in properly. (5-6 years of braces corrected that.) other then that no complaints.

  51. Gato says:

    I had mine pulled when I was 20. My surgeon let me keep them! I have them in a little plastic bag in my desk drawer.

  52. Paul says:

    i still have mine *knocks on a conviently placed piece of wood*, bottom ones grew in at a 45 degree angle, xrays show a little gap that got a cavity but that was resolved with about 6 needles worth of novacaine, not truly sure if i have the upper wisdom either…. genetic lottery? i think so

  53. Paul says:

    i should see a orthodontis for my “stereotypical british” esque looking teeth, but yea i have a distrust of dentists from when i was younger, so anti anxiety meds for me when i need work done….. yay me!

  54. i.half4 says:

    WTFlanders? 47 comments and only three of them have anything to do with this most inexplicable page from the BOB? Maybe that’s it. Trying to explain this illustration would be like pulling teeth?

  55. grapy says:

    i think my wisdom teeth are coming in but my cousin aiden he probably has to get his wisdom teeth pulled as soon as they grow in becuase of his clamped jaw

  56. Vrominelli says:

    Both my wisdom teeth at the top of the mouth are gone, while both at the bottom are still there.

  57. Flexico says:

    WOW, has everyone and their mother finished sharing their wisdom teeth stories? How about this totally “Cow Tools” comic?!

  58. speakerblast says:

    Update: i am a chipmunk

  59. Alakar Voidus says:

    Don’t have my wisdom’s yet, but anesthisia and surgery SUCK.

  60. Cari says:

    After I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed, they sent me home with a mouth full of gauze packing. I was still woozy from the sedation and fell asleep. I dreamed I was eating beef stew pieces. I chewed them up and chewed them up and swallowed…

  61. Boo says:

    25, and still have most of my wisdom teeth. That is not to say any of them were pulled or whatnot, but two of the uppers were partially destroyed leaving the equivalent of rear canines in their place. Don’t cause me discomfort anymore courtesy of their being softer than other teeth. We’ll see someday if my next dentist wants to dig them out of my skull.

  62. Saiph says:

    I can’t have wisdom teeth. I need 6 molars to come in first. 4 on bottom, 2 up top. The unmatched molars are in at an angle, but don’t bother a thing.

    I didn’t get it either.

  63. Encifer says:

    I have three and a half wisdom teeth. One of them never grew in.

  64. Chuck says:

    I still have all mine. I am 23. Dentist said I could keep them.

  65. HeidiK says:

    I still have my wisdom teeth! Fortunately, the lower ones waited ’til I had my back molars removed (darn things broke) to move in, and the upper ones seem to have absolutely no intention of moving at all.

  66. Lisa says:

    I’m the other weirdo that never got her wisdom teeth. they’re not there to come in.

  67. Alex says:

    I’ve never had any teeth pulled at all, though I did break one of my top incisors as a kid. Nearly everyone in my family had some or all of their wisdom teeth pulled and when I was in school it seemed like a normal thing to do.

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