#1050 – Sear

I liked flying kites as a kid. I flew the paper diamond shaped ones a few times but then the plastic triangle shaped ones became popular. A kid down the block had a bunch of them and liked to send one up really high where there was constant wind keeping it up and then tie it to a stick in the ground. He would repeat this until he had 5 or 6 flying simultaneously as if they were trying to move his front yard to the next town. Then he would go inside and have lunch. It became common to only see the lunch portion of his kite endeavors. The launch and retrieval was usually a mystery.


16 thoughts on “#1050 – Sear”

  1. Supakitsune says:

    The fire in his eyes just makes him look determined!

  2. MaskMan says:

    Hope his kite is flame-retardant.

  3. Luc says:

    @Supakitsune: Nice avatar. *grin* … no really.

  4. Faute says:

    Now that’s what I call MANLY TEARS!

  5. baughbe says:

    My Eyes! OG My Eyes….

  6. i.half4 says:

    Were the glasses to protect Biff’s eyes from the power of the sun, or to protect the sun from the power of Biff’s eyes to focus and reflect?

    I once saw a tree flying a kite on a really windy day. I figured the wind rescued the kite from being eaten by the tree. …for awhile at least.

  7. Beege says:

    The last time MY eyes were emitting flame was when I had them replaced with candles so I could see in the dark.

    It didn’t work out.

  8. Vrominelli says:

    Did he touch his eyes with hand sanitizer drenched hands again?

  9. Cyndaquazy says:

    I used to love flying kites as a young child. Unfortunately, the place I lived in didn’t have very strong and reliable winds.

  10. linuxxorcist says:

    Eyes that shoot lazers are for girlymen, eyes that shot fire however…

  11. Marr965 says:

    I think this is deserved: How do I shot fire?

  12. xoyv says:

    i once made a box kite for a project in elementary school. i wonder how i would fair now that i’m in highschool

  13. -2! says:

    That happened to me last Tuesday. It’s more painful then you think. Although being able to shoot fire out of my eyes is well worth it :).

    “Biff is thankful he has flame retardant eyebrows”

  14. Alakar Voidus says:

    @-2!: I was think of the Biff-Doodles.

    “Biff getting his eyebrows singed.”

  15. Alakar Voidus says:

    Waitaminute…Fire vision? Does that mean he has laser breath?…Oh. My. God. Biff is ssecretly Dr. Octogonapus!

  16. Mister Disco says:

    With me, flying kites was always dangerous, whether I was the one holding the string or someone else, the kite was always attacking me and trying to kill me. But even then we had a kite that was shaped like an X-wing, so at least I got to run around dodging the kite in style.

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