#1027 – Torpor

I worked at a place where a coworker was fired for sleeping on the job. Not the casual nodding off at your desk kind of thing. He was flat out lying down on the floor of his office sleeping. I guess he didn’t have a good excuse for that because he was immediately tossed out. At least try the “low blood sugar” defense. Maybe the boss will buy you a candy bar instead.


18 thoughts on “#1027 – Torpor”

  1. Crimson_regret says:

    Whatever happened to his job as a pillow tester?

  2. grammar police says:

    [Harshest.] The turtle monitor – interesting.

  3. reynard61 says:

    I always used to see these stories on the news about how some “ahead-of-it’s-time” employer had a policy of letting their employees take naps during the day in order to “encourage creativity”. I’ve also noticed that I haven’t seen those stories since the beginning of the current recession…

  4. Luc says:

    Turtle Monitor Stand + Kinda Cool Ameuba Screensaver. Almost makes me jealous about Biff’s job and I’m a game programmer. He shouldn’t slack off like that!

  5. Paku-san says:

    biff must have found a gunderlock proof sleeping bag

  6. baughbe says:

    The harshest indeed.

  7. Beege says:

    I’m still waiting to see him use one of those levers that are on his chair.

  8. MaskedMan says:

    Beege, You can’t handle the use of the levers! They produce effects so far beyond human comprehension that your brain will explode. Or implode. Or catch fire. Or maybe all three at once!

    I still have an office door. Some people in my group have lost their office doors… For cause. :O

  9. John says:

    eh, more make yourself at home at work, it’s a bit played out, needs more time travel, aliens, weird stuff

  10. TehTimmah says:

    So that’s a turtle monitor stand today? Oh well, at least that one should stay on his desk for a while. Not like the rocket

  11. MaskedMan says:

    Observe that on Monday, he’s playing with fire, and has a rocket stand. Today, he’s pulled up into his shell, and has a turtle stand.

    I daresay that’s the theme – Monitor stands that relate to Biff’s current activity.

  12. AvrintheAWESOME says:


    I suggest coping or getting comfy at work, Monday was adjusting back to work after camping.

  13. -2! says:

    Honestly to me Biff looks pregnant in this image.

    Well at least fat 🙂

  14. Mewthicus says:

    Is the theme camping, or camping related things? Sleeping bag, griddle (camping sites have power too!)…

  15. Mewthicus says:

    Or maybe camping things in every day life. Mebbe.

  16. Lurch says:

    just for the record – I used to take naps at work. And I encouraged my employees to do the same. Oddly, I don’t recall a time when anybody took me up on it.

  17. figgyleaf says:

    @john i respectfully disagree. this comic is AWESOME just the way it is and i think it shuld stay this way.

  18. Tech says:

    I saw a human-interest story on how Google has a playground and a video arcade in their office. It struck me as kinda like NirvanhaCorp. from the Dilbert tv show.

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