#1017 – Reduce

I never really heard of different priced movie tickets until I was much older. When I was a kid there were 4 or 5 movie theaters around here that were $1.50 to get in. There were new fancy modern multiscreen theaters that had all the big movies when they came out but we just waited a week or two and saw them at the cheap ones. My favorite was the DuPage Theater because of the twinkling stars in the ceiling. This was back before they ran commercials before the movie so you had time to look for shapes and patterns in the stars. They knocked it down a few years ago so now it’s just a big green rectangle of grass.

Come see me this weekend at the Toronto Comics Art Festival! It’s a free show! I’ve never been to Canada before so you can make up stuff and I’ll probably believe it!


16 thoughts on “#1017 – Reduce”

  1. PsychoDuck says:

    In Canada we all ride moose down the streets when the Americans aren’t watching.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  2. Catania says:

    The local movie theater over here has a twinkly star ceiling, too! When I was a kid my dad took my brother and I to see Princess Mononoke and halfway through the movie, my brother suddenly tapped my shoulder and whispered excitedly to me, “Look! Stars!” I looked up and thought it was the coolest thing in the world. During subsequent movies, whenever there was a slow or dull part I’d just watch the ceiling instead.

  3. CornflakeJustice says:

    Wow… That story was really hard to read… My favorite theater was the only one in town for years and years until the same company opened up a new superplex and turned the old one into a cheapo theater. But it had awesome red curtains, the twinkly ceiling, and these big sort of greenhouse looking box seat like things up high on the wall next to the screen.

    Now that I think about it they were probably the housing for the speakers… Hmm…

  4. MaskMan says:

    The second-run theater in my hometown was converted to an evngelical ministry. A shame… It’s an art decco masterpiece, and I seriously doubt the current users really appreciate the environment.

  5. Micah says:

    “I am REDUCTO! DON’T TOUCH ME! I will SHRINK you with my SHRINK RAY!”

    What? I am the only one that’s going to make a Harvey Birdman reference?

    -The Micah has spoken?

  6. Seamonkey says:

    Canadian Bacon is just ham with a fancy name.

  7. Acies says:

    are you going to be at TCAF both days? Are you doing anything special there (ie. give a talk, set up booth)?

    I’m so sad that all the cheap theaters are gone T_T there used to be one at the mall close to my school… it was the only theater in the area until they built a nice big one inside the same mall. At that point the old one became a cheap “several weeks late” theater. I used to go there after school with my friends, watch a cheap movie, then wander into whichever room that had a movie playing at the moment and watch another one until it was time to go home =P Now that space has been taken by 1/2 a Gap and a jewelery store =(

  8. Chris says:

    @Acies – I will have a table upstairs in the webcomics pavilion with books and prints and handshakes.

  9. Paku-san says:

    the theme seems to be ‘seeing’ because twas travelo yester and this day is of theater.
    and i know how ya feel chris. the theater is being replaced all over. You had a well designed building and we lost our 2 drive-ins. last move i saw at one was the pinapple express. funny movie but the buisness part of it made me feel that way about the dudes tearing the drive ins down.

  10. i.half4 says:

    We had one of those twinkle ceiling theaters in Milwaukee, too. The building is still there, but it hasn’t shown movies in a decade or so. For awhile before they closed, you could walk down a long narrow hall to the second screen on the old stage behind the main screen. Way cool.

    Oh, and I see. Not strange travel week. Discount week.

  11. Lesley says:

    I was so disappointed when they knocked down the DuPage. I was too young to appreciate it fully when they were still showing movies there, but it could have been such a great addition to the downtown if they had renovated it.

  12. Cari says:

    I doubt Biff saves much money on NC-17 movies this way…

    @Paku-san: I don’t think the theme is “seeing” because on monday, Biff’s head was in a box. I have no idea what the theme is.

  13. ZeoViolet says:

    On the other hand, Biff won’t be allowed to see R-rated movies.

  14. JinnySH says:

    @PsychoDuck: shhh don’t tell them our Canadian secrets! We’ll start having Americans rushing across the border in search of moose to ride, and I’m not willing to share mine…

  15. Panja says:

    It’s saving money week?

  16. Alakar Voidus says:

    Want to see a movie with a star ceiling? go to a drive in. I love em’. they shut down the only one near us a few years ago and built a super walmart…


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