#1012 – Wedge

At my day job all the different sections of the building have large heavy wooden double doors wherever a large room meets a hallway. I think they are there to help the heating/air conditioning work properly and to slow down the spread of a potential fire. All the doors have an engraved sign permanently affixed to them saying “Please keep this door closed at all times.” If you look at that sign and drop a line straight down to the floor you will see the little wedge of wood that is always propping it open.


19 thoughts on “#1012 – Wedge”

  1. flame says:

    or if someone needs a free lunch

  2. Heinrich says:

    dude… there are so many different ways i’d use a detachable tail… if i had to choose, though, i think i’d go for a prehensile tail. although a detachable prehensile tail would be cool.

  3. Lark says:

    Heinrich: What if you’re using it when it detaches?

  4. Lark: A very good point, that. Another would be that if you detatched it, then wanted to use it, you’d have to wait for it to regrow first.

  5. i.half4 says:

    Lark: Like a guy who cuts off a tree branch and then realizes the ladder was propped up against the wrong side of the cut?

  6. SharkJumper says:

    Well, if it’s in Looney Tunes, there’s a better than even chance that the tree will fall over instead.

  7. Grug says:

    oh snap it’s evolution. Next Biff will be Rodent Biff.

  8. Lurch says:

    Obviously doors were meant to be open. If not, they’d be walls.

    Me, though, I’d be more inclined to use the detatchable tail as a draft-stop,rather than a door stop.

  9. The Dukenator says:

    Biff the Gecko?

  10. Alex says:

    But… but…. if I have to keep the door closed at ALL times how do I get past!

  11. Gojira says:

    My guess is friday Biff will be a human.

  12. RFPT says:

    oh god, Biff’s a scalie

  13. steve-o says:

    I suppose the REAL question is, will Biff be human at the end of the week, or something… more?

  14. Kitsune Dzelda says:

    Biff must be filling in for the Geiko gecko today.

  15. MaskedMan says:

    Detatchable tail… Tail soup! :O

    The Chair of Insanity has setting for geckos! I, for one, welcome our new eublepharinae overlords…

  16. Paku-san says:

    eh, biff having a detachable tail isnt much. all of his other body parts are detachable, to have a detachable tail is just the first part to become deattached as he evolves

  17. mrmeval says:

    Several places I’ve worked at had weighted doors that always stayed open but if a fire occurred and the temperature rose high enough a metal strip that joined the door to the weight would melt and the door would shut.

    In testing that it would crush someone caught in it.

  18. My favorite fire-door system involves electromagnets. Big doors are held open by electromagnets, but if the fire alarm goes off (or the power goes out), they’re released. Best of both worlds.

  19. Lurch says:


    Just to really crank up my wife, I have indeed downloaded that ring tone into my phone.

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