#1010 – Proteus

As much as I dislike dealing with the occasional loud unfriendly person while riding the train or bus I prefer those daily commutes to ones with an hour or more of driving. I guess I still encounter the loud unfriendly people during rush hour but instead of worrying about them sitting by me I have to be worried about them hurling thousands of pounds of metal at me while traveling 90 miles an hour.


18 thoughts on “#1010 – Proteus”

  1. Marty says:

    Ah, Chicagoland… where the speed limits are more like speed suggestions and the drivers are pretty much insane (OK, most are just “going with the flow” but there’s always the ones who have to fly 25+MPH faster than everyone else in whatever lane is handy – turn signals be damned!) Grr.

  2. flame says:

    Bif devolutioned!

  3. silverblob5 says:

    That’s quite a commute.

  4. reynard61 says:

    That’s quite the germ of an idea!

  5. Rhiawhyn says:

    I predict tiny biff week.

    Also, those one centimeter commutes are murder aren’t they?

  6. baughbe says:

    Worst job commute I ever had was when I had no car and no bus line went to where I worked. 2 hours by bicycle one way through city and highway traffic. All to clean carpets at minimum wage.

  7. ZeoViolet says:

    Yay! It’s Ameoba Biff! ^^

    My job is a mile from where I live.

    And I walk to and from. Fortunately I enjoy it–unless I’m ill, then it’s hell.

  8. pakusan says:

    I hope biff doesn’t run into any virus weirdoes like you were afraid of, chris. that would make for a very bad squiggle to his job. he may even get fired and have to go back to being a *gulp* multi celled organism!

  9. Seamonkey says:

    So true… I’m a delivery driver, and it’s a fine job to have while most people are at work. Hit 11:30-1:15 and after 2:30, though, it’s a crazy world of watching out for the people who think that cutting folks off will get them to their house so much faster than not being a jerk in traffic will. Seriously, folks… you might save yourself two minutes, come on 🙂

  10. Azkyroth says:

    Lucky you. Around here I just have to deal with a massive cloud of hundreds of thousands of pounds of metal coming at me at high relative velocity because the roads are infested with idiots who apparently think there’s a decimal point in “65 MPH.”

  11. pakusan says:

    i kno this to be my second comment today, but i need to give compliments to you chris. i am envious of you. you have a successful online comic that has also been published as a printed comic. i try to make a comic myself, but the hard work of my story and the 23 charachters in it (try coming up with that many personalities and backgrounds) makes it too much to bear with my attention span and patience…good job man.

  12. silverblob5 says:

    Perhaps simplicity is the secret?

  13. -2! says:

    Its the many adventures of Biff’s Cells week.

    He is actually made of at least one cell officially!

  14. -2! says:

    Well I guess it may be for only this week that he is made of at least once Cell. I am going to do my unnecessary number of theme guesses again like I used to except with more complicated guesses:
    – The many adventures of Biff’s Cells week
    – The continuing shrinking of Biff to his component parts week (last comic is string Biff)
    – Work commute week
    – Relative Distance/size week
    – A day in the life of Biff the Cell week (so it will be like work next, then way home, then after work)

  15. MaskedMan says:

    Chicagoland commutes are evil, but there are places where the commute is positively satanic. South Florida – Young punks competing with fossilized snowbirds. Connecticut, where turn-signals are used as head-fakes. SoCal, where the bumper-to-bumper traffic flows at 80mph. Penang, Malaysia, where they punt pedestrians into the curb as a matter of course…

    But Biff’s one-centimeter commute ranks right up there with the worst of them… 😛

  16. figgyleaf says:

    i predict aquard situations week

  17. kev says:

    How did he tie his tie?

  18. Encifer says:

    I hate long car rides no matter where I’m going. I hate it more if I have to suffer it twice a day every day.

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