#1003 – Nourish

It’s so weird when I think about all the ridiculous packaging that food comes in. There are some things that I have decided I like and I buy them every week for years. It seems silly that I constantly have to purchase it in this oversized box meant to catch my eye on the shelf. I wonder if ordering groceries online and having them delivered becomes more popular if companies will start making minimal packaging versions of their stuff. Leave all the fancy extra stuff for the website.

Also, I will be in Chicago at C2E2 this weekend exhibiting with the robotic simulation of David Willis! He’s pretty famous around these parts. You can find us in the Webcomics corral at table WC-E. I’ll have Books, buttons and a special something that I’ll tell you about tomorrow! 🙂


20 thoughts on “#1003 – Nourish”

  1. corjoth says:

    they must be train cars filled with crackers>.>

  2. Drakey says:

    And the moon is still there. That… is awesome.

  3. The Dukenator says:

    Next thing you know, Biff thinks the moon is made of cheese and starts to eat it.

  4. MaskMan says:

    Nature does the over-packaging thing, too. Crawfish. Shrimp. Lobster. Crabs. Far too much work for the food value… Except the chewy filling is soooo yummy!

    Speaking of which, it looks like Biff is treating those trucks like peel-n-eat shrimp. Awesomesauce!

  5. Grug says:

    These strips are meant to be put side by side.


  6. Lol, nice strip today.

    Giant Biff week is awesome!

  7. Ziriath says:

    Wow, and the moon is still there 😀 I suppose he will put it back tomorrow:P

  8. Elfe says:

    GRAN… that peroson on the last comments was right.

  9. baughbe says:

    Actually saw a truck peeled like that. Except it was done by a bridge and not an over sized Biff. That was the most amazing sound, went right down to the pit of your stomach. Of course I got the best acoustics of it because I was under the bridge going the other way when it happened.

  10. Chris says:

    @baughbe – Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes!

  11. The Dukenator says:

    @baughbe Did it tear the bridge out? That happened in Sioux Falls or somewhere some years back.

  12. JezMM says:

    Ha! I just realised all these comics connect together horizontally. Nice. XD

  13. halfbeard says:

    Are you going to be releasing this weeks comics as a full size poster? If so I would have to claim that as being awesome.

  14. PsychoDuck says:

    I dunno about this. Biff doesn’t really seem to be doing much recycling here…

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  15. jwalters93 says:

    yes, that would be awesome. i’d get them.

  16. speakerblast says:

    side… by… side…….


  17. Mad David says:

    I’m going to make one more guess: “Diminish.”

    I was on a business trip in San Antonio, Texas, and my taxi had to take the scenic detour going back to the airport because some truck driver had demolished a bridge. Fortunately, it happened at a time that no one was on the bridge.

  18. 84 says:

    i save the cardboard boxes from my snacks and make stuff from um.its kinda scary how quickly it can build up…

  19. Nathan says:

    What you’re forgetting is that bright and distinctive packaging doesn’t just call out to consumers in the store, but also in the pantry. When I reach for my breakfast cereal in the morning, for example, I don’t read the boxes, I reach for the blue box. I don’t think that we’ll ever see the end of branding.

  20. bleh says:

    he went on a reign of distruction in like 1000 feet

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