#1000 – Grow

I hated getting growing pains when I was a kid. It was this never ending dull ache that made it hard to go to sleep. I just couldn’t find a comfortable position because the pain radiated from all directions. I mostly just remember being crabby for days at a time.


92 thoughts on “#1000 – Grow”

  1. Space Butler says:

    Happy 1000…even expecting a surprise, this one blows my mind.

  2. Daniel says:

    Congratulations on 1,000 comics! I hope there will be another 1,000!

  3. PsychoDuck says:

    It’s gonna be difficult to fit this one into a book… But hey, who cares, happy 1000!

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  4. Trav says:

    Congratulations Chris!!! Number 1000!!!

  5. TheGreenFire says:

    Happy 1000 strips! To commemorate this occasion, I shall go through every strip again, I love the strip and you should feel AWESOME.


    (party poppers ahoy!)

  6. flame says:

    HE HAS ESCAPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  7. Tabularoinak says:

    Happy 1000, dude! And may there be many more. Enjoy this most momentous of occasions, my good sir.

  8. Happy 1,000!!!!!!!!! Here’s to another 10,000!!!!!

  9. Grug says:

    WOO! The world always needs more Biff! Here’s to 1000 more. If you run out of titles I’ll start inventing words for you.

  10. Michael Chandra says:

    I can totally understand the pain, I had them so bad I occasionally cried out from them, it hurt that much. I still have the stretchmark scars all over my back from it.

  11. fluffy says:

    Could the complete archive now be called a “kilobiff?”

  12. SharkJumper says:

    This one is gonna need a fold-out page to make the right impression in a book.

  13. Mickel says:

    Congrats on 1 grand. Those are the largest Chucks ever!

  14. MaskMan says:

    BIIIIG Biff for a Big Aniversary! 😀

    Where are the biplanes? Or do they show up later?

  15. ladyamethyst83 says:

    wow. 1000th! and a giant biff to boot! let’s hope there’s a shrink ray in there too.. he might have stepped on it though…

  16. Chuck says:

    I never had growing pains. I guess it’s because I didn’t grow much. 5’2′. I did get horrible pains in one leg or the other, never both at once. I don’t think they were growing pains, though, because I still get them, and I am almost 23.

  17. Pete says:

    Congrats on number 1000, really awesome work. Here’s to another 1000!

  18. Server404 says:

    Congratulations for your 1000th strip! Biff is awesome.

  19. corjoth says:

    congrats man and many more ^^

  20. Marty says:

    I’m glad I stopped by to see the big one-oh-Oh-OHHH! 😀

  21. DanMunchie says:

    Happy 1000 Biff!

  22. Kaz says:

    Took a break from trying to read the archive to wish you congrats for 1000 Biff’s. Back to the past for me…

  23. Kasain says:

    happy 1000 ^_^ and although biff probably can’t drive his car home, if he can just get someone to put it in neutral for him he can totally use it as a toy car! wheeeeeee

  24. Tomixcomics says:

    HAPPY 1000!!!

    And LOL! I was definately surprised by this.

  25. reynard61 says:

    Happy 1K, Chris! You and the Biffster can always be counted on to make my day just a little weirder.

  26. Velguador says:

    Congrats on #1000, Chris. Did you expect to ever get this far when the first comic of The Book of Biff hit the internet?

  27. Vrominelli says:

    Grats on the 1k!

  28. Libramen says:

    Happy super duper 1000th comic milestone 😀

  29. The Dukenator says:

    *insert Jack & The Beanstalk joke here*

  30. Ziriath says:

    Wow! o_O This one made my day better!
    And happy 1000!

  31. bard says:

    Happy 1000 and hope for many more

  32. Matt says:

    Congrats on 1000. To think I’ve read them all. Very enjoyable, wish more people could appreciate the beauty of these single panel comics.

    Also, growing pains totally sucked. I only ever noticed them when going to bed 🙁 Horrible days.

  33. Jonz says:

    Took me about a week to read the other 999 comics – well done on an amazing comic. You can really see the improvement, especially when you’re reading it backwards!
    Happy 1000, hope there are still many more to come.
    Also, Biff looks like his body has been sliced in two at the waist in this one…

  34. ZachSkunk says:

    Perhaps in the book, this page will require the reader to unfold it.

  35. speakerblast says:


    —> Epic folding spread!

  36. RFPT says:

    Now he’s going to destroy the city and eat the population to the tune of ‘Woman’ by Wolfmother.

    whoever gets the reference knows way more than they should.

  37. Polymorph says:

    Once I had growing pains so bad that I couldn’t move without sharp pain. I stayed at a friends house that day. The worst part was when their large dog jumped on me.

  38. I tip my hat to your one thousand.

  39. Irma says:

    Huge congrats! At my own pace I’ll hit 1000 in 7½ years 🙂 And I love how he enlarges out of the strip as well 😉

  40. baughbe says:

    Happy 1000! Just make sure Biff doesn’t get too big for his britches. The censors wouldn’t like it (publicly).

  41. i.half4 says:

    The future? ha-ha-ha-ha
    The future? ha-ha-ha-ha
    The future? ha-ha-ha-ha
    The future? ha-ha-ha-ha…

  42. Chris says:

    Thanks everyone!

  43. ZeoViolet says:

    Congrats Chris! I loved the surprise on this one!

  44. -2! says:

    Happy 1000th or 1.000*10^3 strip, or 1 Kstrip, or…

    This is the first time a strip has deviate from the regular format, that isn’t on April fools day. This comic is still my favourite comic strip, as it has been since the day I found it!

  45. NaomiKnight says:

    Dang, a THOUSAND? Wow.

    Also, this is officially my favorite Biff strip ever. Way to think outside the, uh, panel!

  46. Peter says:

    Hey, has anybody else noticed there is only one car in the parking lot? Biff has that whole lab to himself! What a lonely guy.

  47. SEA says:

    I am surprised no one have said this yet…

    Biffzilla! Run for your lives. >:o

    Congratulations on 1000 comics, here’s to 1000 more. 😀

  48. DTanza says:

    HAPPY 1000 CHRIS!

  49. Solokov says:

    Happy 1000 comics.

    Also, it appears this week is “What has Science Done” week.

  50. Lunakrypt says:

    Congratulations on 1,000. May you not get carpal tunnel doing the next 1,000!

  51. ZackDark says:

    Congrats for the awesome strips, Chris.
    Since I found Biff out, never missed a single strip.
    Best waste of my time ever 🙂

  52. Guy says:

    Happy birthday Biff, and happy 1000!

  53. baughbe says:

    I get it now! The chair, the changing job environments, all of it: Biff is a test subject! It explains so much about the products I buy…

  54. Dustin Wilson says:

    HooRay! Happy 1000 Biff! Congrats Chris and Biff for getting here, cant wait to see the next 1000

  55. Maf says:

    Happy 1000th comic!

  56. Samsonight says:

    A wonderful way to celebrate 1000 comics! Breaking the borders! Love it!

  57. Eddie says:

    Oh no! The forth wall!

  58. halfbeard says:

    Congrats on 1000! I love the fourth wall breaking (even if it’s only slightly). Here’s to several thousand more comics!

  59. Solteur says:

    Here’s to another thousand


  60. P says:

    It’s over 1000, Both Biff in Feet and this Comic!

  61. Tim says:

    You think growing pains were bad? Wait ’till you’re MY age and you’ll have a whole new outlook on pain

  62. Fedora Manchu says:

    Happy 1000 Biff and Chris, can’t wait for number 2000!

  63. Ameil159 says:

    This would be an AWESOME desktop!

    BTW, Happy 1000. 🙂

  64. warrior assassin says:

    congrats on 1000. and I to hate growing pains I would get pains in my legs that make it almost impossible to walk and about once a month I would get a charlie horse.

  65. LillyJAde says:

    I can’t believe I’ve read 1000 of these … congratulations lots!

  66. Alex says:

    Happy 1000 comic Chris!!

  67. grapy says:

    happy one thousand day yay

  68. Vannah says:

    Yay! 1000!!!

  69. Matt Lee says:

    You are awesome Chris! Happy 1000! I can’t wait to see number 2000! This was the best idea you’ve had yet! I remember when I started reading TBOB. It was still in the 600’s at the time! 😀

  70. I know it’s been said before, but happy 1000 comics!

  71. GuyD says:

    Since days I waited for this magic number. I was so excited to see the surprise which you certainly prepares for us. But the result still surprises me. Once again you shows us your genius!

    In this sense, congratulations for this amazing number! Did someone thought about, how much work this mean? Every day a cartoon, every day an idea, every day a new joke, that’s not easy going! Thank you a lot for bringing a little bit of sunshine in our daily dull!

  72. silversaraph says:

    Hooray! Happy 1000! let’s aim for ten million!

  73. no name says:

    Congrats on #1000, Chris!!

  74. weerd2normal says:

    Woo 10000! and to think i started reading at around 200. good job chris, i hope you have over 9000!

  75. Madness says:

    Wow, there’s really at least 1,000 of these?!

    Haha. Time goes by so fast. Congratulations man. Love your comic strip Chris!

  76. Kyle says:


  77. Gojira says:


  78. Fred says:

    Happy thousandth to you,
    Happy thousandth to you!
    Happy thousandth dear Chris,
    Happy thousandth to you!

  79. For The Lolz says:

    WOOT FOR 1000 BIFFS!!!!! The flaming hammers are still my favorite.

  80. Osa says:

    1000 strips and you still make me laugh every time. Thank you Biff for daily happiness

  81. Croc says:

    As is the general consensus, I add my congratulations.
    Congratulations on hitting the 1k mark, Chris 😀

  82. Elfe says:

    Isnt it funny that i caught up with the comic reading just on your 1000?

    I have a friend at school, to whom i told biff jokes today (The ones that work without the pictures and yes, of course i told her the source. ) And she cracked up and got pretty bad looks from our art teacher. She asked me for more. I am beginning to wonder how weird it is for everyone else when suddenly too tables in the back of our small art room explode with histerical laughter you can probably hear in the main building of the school…

  83. JezMM says:

    Congrats on 1000 from me too. Very impressive work!

  84. steve-o says:

    And another 1000 again =)

  85. jmkool says:

    ‘…and many moooore!’

  86. Radical Edward says:

    Wow…1000. Here’s to the next 1000.

  87. Daniel says:

    1,000? LET’S GO FOR 10! You know, 10 thousand, not 10. There’s already WAAAAAAAY more than 10 Biff comics.

  88. YukiSnowflake says:

    I FINALLY REACHED 1000!!!!!!
    …that toom long enough, how many are there left so far…
    (*for me, right now*)
    Oh well, better go quick and try not to comment!

  89. XenoFhang says:

    Oh wow, you hit 1,000 on my birthday. Weird.

  90. Howerz says:

    Happy 1,000! Yes this is my first comment, yes I am gonna keep reading, and I feel weird that I am posting this comment over a year after this was made.

    1. Jennifer says:

      You think YOU feel weird?

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