Mail call

An awesome person went to visit Devil’s Tower Wyoming and planned ahead by printing out a homemade post card before they went.

Photo on 2010-07-06 at 16.26 #2

The best part is the cancel stamp on the back.

Photo on 2010-07-06 at 16.26

It’s so rare to get mail from real people that this was a great surprise!


13 thoughts on “Mail call”

  1. -2! says:

    Oh the postcard is for you. I was going to comment that the awesome person was you.

  2. Vrominelli says:

    That’s so great that you got mail like that.

  3. MadDavid says:

    Forgetting things week!

    And now we know what Chris looks like!


  4. carrie says:

    Horray!!!!! 😀

  5. Gwid says:

    The computer screen reflected in your glasses is not Biff’s website! I’m ASHAMED of you.
    (Yes, I’m so obsessed I notice little details like that).

    ~Gwid <3

  6. mrmeval says:

    I’m traumatized now I’ve seen your picture. My wallet has had a panic attack and gone all closed and cold.

  7. Radical Edward says:

    I laughed at that comic. I’m laughing even harder knowing that you got a postcard from Devil’s Tower. I hope no one got hurt!

  8. starseedjenny says:

    …I was just at Devils [sic] Tower like three days ago! CRAZY

  9. YukiSnowflake says:

    @Mad David – today is a strange day.
    i reach the 1000th comic, i find out there are videos of chris working on comics, and i find out what he looks like.

    unrelated note:
    i’ve never been to devils tower.
    hell, i’ve never been ABROAD.
    pity me. pity me. pity me.

  10. ZeoViolet says:

    Never been to Devil’s Tower.

    I HAVE been to Devil’s Falls/Devil’s Slide in Utah…..

    1. ToddC says:

      Go Utah! The state, not the University.

  11. Len says:

    …This means something…

  12. Gwidlet says:

    I looked at your glasses’ reflection (closer this time) and realized what it was.
    You still have a normal desktop?


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