#71 – Spoon


28 thoughts on “#71 – Spoon”

  1. prometheus says:

    He must be the one who lead the rebellion against me! Death to the rebels!!!

  2. dynasty says:


  3. Madness says:

    I remember putting spoons on my nose….good times.

  4. Gravity says:

    My spoon is too big…

  5. Rejected says:

    Gravity, I think I’m about the only person who caught your reference

  6. DMC_Run says:

    In the eyes of “The Tick” he would be like unto A GOD!!! … “SPOO-OO-OO-OO-OO-OON!”

  7. Keith says:

    There is no spoon.

  8. Kiche says:

    Rejected, don’t worry. I got it too.

  9. Forte says:

    Ha ha I loved that cartoon. What a classic.

  10. Nick says:

    Aha, but see I am the only one who got DMC_run’s reference. The Tick FTW!!

    Psh if I could see Biff having a pet ever (aside from the one with the giant purple furballs) it would be Speak from The Tick.

  11. Malachite Dragon says:


  12. zantarath says:

    It’s the eyebrow. It’s got enough stuff to hold up, like, a thousand pounds, or something.

  13. Oddly Frozen says:


  14. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    Let’s tie Biff to the ceiling and start hanging stuff from his eyebrows!

  15. Mint Sharpie says:

    I gotst a spork. I wore it in my ponytail today. I confused people. It was t3h fun. ^_^

  16. DemonRex says:

    I think he must be using a bit of adhesive under there.

  17. coolioness says:


  18. grexxor says:

    Useful talent that.

  19. Asmodeus says:

    I have a book about spoon hanging..

  20. Serbius says:

    i have a book about the art of spooning, spoonerisms, and the famous spoons of history…

  21. Elkian says:

    Adhesive is against the rules.
    Paragraph 14, sub paragraph 12:
    All club owners and contestants, along with all sppons used, must have their faces and spoons examined before and after judging.

  22. Moriarty Matherson says:


    *tries to count the spoons*

  23. Vidja says:

    I remember when I had a large wooden spoon, I would whack it at people, calling it spooning. I learned what the word meant in a wider sense and understood why I never had friends


  24. Shana says:

    This got me chuckling, but my mom said it would be even better with even more spoons dangling off of his eyebrows. I’m afraid I must agree with her. Fantastic work, though.

  25. Firewing™ says:

    I COUNTED 316 SPOONZ. Yeah, i Counted, SO WUT?

    – – This Is an Announcment From Firewing™, Thanks For Listening. – –

  26. patrick says:

    he put them on with his eyebrows

  27. Arekkusu says:

    All I can think of is how bogged down with paperwork Biff will be when the Sporks invade the cafeteria, and enlist the mercenary Knives. Godspeed, Biff.

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