#663 – Secret

The destructive part of tearing open the presents added to the excitement of Christmas morning. The mystery was finally over as the uniform pattern of the paper was replaced with the blatant graphics underneath that announced the true contents of the package. They were all held in great wonder. Unless it was the dreaded generic department store box. That always lead to the one fear held in every child’s heart. New clothing.


36 thoughts on “#663 – Secret”

  1. SEA says:

    Merry christmas everyone ;o

    Got some ingame currency for dragonfable and mechquest =p

    Biff should also give them a bottle of paint remover XD

  2. Davey says:

    I’ve thought about that… seriously.

  3. Linuxexorcist says:

    yeah… some boxes are wierd shaped, and impossible to wrap, pyramid-shaped for example

    merry Kwanza And Chanukah, And Happy Birthday Jesus!

  4. Heinrich says:

    (: nice.

    it’s always fun to put something in a box in a box in a box etc. n newspaper makes great wrapping, painted or otherwise.

  5. Heatherface says:

    Those stupid flimsy cardboard boxes that obviously contained a new ugly sweater or something, ugh. I’ve NEVER received anything in that type of box that was actually alright, either it didn’t fit or was just too hideous.

  6. Chuck says:

    I liked new clothes. They never feel the same again after you wash them.

    I wrapped a spare Lego set. It wasn’t TOO oddly shaped, but it came out looking like a giant loaf of bread.

  7. Bryce says:

    :O Hate getting those generic boxes…they are the devil!

  8. Morzikei says:

    No new clothes(it’s practical, and Christmas for me is lots of candy, a good book, a game or maybe a wireless PS2 controller), and the excitement always was pulling the gifts out of a bag…

  9. Tia says:

    Merry Christmas everyone! And Happy Birthday to ME!!! =)

  10. Mike Albrecht says:

    Nobody in the house is awake yet.

    I might go back to sleep for an hour or 2.

  11. soulofaqua says:

    Happy birthday Tia and Merry Christmas Biffanatics!

  12. teh n00b says:

    merry christmas to all, and to all a good… morning.

  13. Foxhound2 says:

    Wow, and happy holidays to everyone

  14. sammi says:

    When I couldn’t find wrapping paper, I just took an old pair of jeans, sliced them up and used them. It looks kinda white trash but it gets the job done.

  15. DTanza says:

    This Xmas let`s be politically correct.

    May some non-descript entity bless us….everyone.


    Ah forget that..


    And since i`m a Messianic Jew.

    *Jewish guy who believes in Jesus*



  16. DTanza says:

    Geck I ment 2000 years ago sowwy.

  17. Balrog says:

    Hey, I like new clothes! I got some really awesome clothes. Its really soft and you can just kick back and relax in them.

  18. bghvgjdh says:

    Happy Holidays everyone!
    That’s a good idea. I may try that some time…

  19. Speakerblast says:

    I got a tablet! wooh!

  20. biggo says:

    I got FOOD! Woo!
    Happy birthday Tia, happy happity and merry merrition to everybody, save one.

  21. Rated R for Redonk says:

    Merry Christmas! I gots new headphones, so I won’t end up like Biff and his blue porcupine pillow ^^. Yesh, those department store boxes are EVIL.

  22. Graceofbass says:

    I actually like the nondescript department store boxes. I got some cute sweaters and a really jaunty hat.

  23. Eltharrion says:

    Hopefully you guys enjoyed holydays (wait, is it written with double-y or i-y?) and enjoy also the new year festivies.

    On other hand, I got a new bow and arrows. Now I can start practicing again. And no, not like Biff.

  24. randomperson says:

    Merry Biffmas Peoples!!!!!!!

  25. MaskedMan says:

    My son LOVES new clothes – He’s 4. But we buy him fun clothes.

    For some packages, spraypaint might well be the best possible choice.

  26. thinkaboutit says:

    Merry Christmas!!

    @DTanza: no he didn’t, he wasn’t even born in december, no serious theologian, or anybody of the faith for that matter, believes that, in all actuality he was probably born sometime in the autumn most likely august or september, the church invented christmas to spread the gospel to the gentiles(anybody who is not a jew) because this is when they normally would celebrate their winter solstice (a pagan festival), youll find that most of the christian holidays have a similar story, but in any case Jesus was a JEW so he observed all of the jewish holy feasts and whatnot so…hanukkah…yeah… but since he was the son of God he knew this would wind up a holiday at any rate so yeah what was i saying again?… yeah thats right:


  27. teh n00b says:

    we wish you a merry festivus,
    we wish you a merry festivus,
    it’s a festivus for the restivus,
    at thebookofbiff.com!!!!

  28. Wizard says:

    Hmm… That would probably look better than my usual job of wrapping…

  29. Micah says:

    Heh. I got a new shirt from my sister, but it has Boba Fett on it, which made it worth it. And it was in one of those boxes.

  30. alecho says:

    hahaha! First time coming here and I think your comics is awesome! btw, I should’ve done that… instead of wrapping the presents in newspaper.

  31. skiine says:

    I work in a pharmacy, so of course everyone wanted their gifts wrapped before chirstmas. You have to learn quickly or the customers give you hell. *shakes fist at lazy people*

  32. Vera12 says:

    At my house when we do Christmas with my Dad’s side of the family after we’re finished unwrapping the presents we have a giant paper fight. My sister’s boyfriend’s were dumbstruck the first time they came to Christmas with us.

  33. wisp says:

    i discovered a GREAT use for those slim department store clothing boxes. go buy one of those papery fabric and wire yard decorations that can be smooshed flat and spring right back up, flatten it, place in box, tape shut, and watch (from a safe distance) when a friend or relative opens said boobie trapped box ^_^ great fun

  34. Lirleni says:

    I love doing multiple layers of boxes/packaging for presents.

    One of my husband’s gifts this year is 3 DVDs, individually wrapped, inside the Amazon box that 2 of them came in, wrapped, inside a gift bag. 🙂 (And yes, followed the link here from Biff’s 2009 Christmas strip.)

  35. steve says:

    Oh crap that toaster better not be infused with some kind of snake DNA.

  36. Shali says:

    My family, more often then not, has to put the gift in another box before we can wrap it. Most often, the gift is shaped…. Difficultly.

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