#654 – Craig

Fortunately most of the living situations I had in college didn’t have a shared wall between my bedroom and my roommate’s. I think I lucked out that most of them kept to themselves and owned headphones. Neighbors in apartment buildings were another story though. I lived in one apartment that had a shared wall in the bathroom. For some reason the woman that lived there liked to talk on the phone in her bathroom… frequently… loudly.

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13 thoughts on “#654 – Craig”

  1. £cake says:

    Why does the comic with the most recent Bond’s name have the most outdated tech? Listening glass, brick walls, no anti-eavesdropping technology? Seriously dude, GET WITH THE FREAKING TIMES. D:<

    Hah, I kid. Nice comic, as always. (w00t Bond week!)

  2. Speakerblast says:

    Whoever roomed with Biff probably had enough trouble without the eavsdropping going on.

  3. MaskedMan says:

    The most recent Bond is also the one most likely, so far, to go without doo-dads, or to make-do with field-expedient replacements…

    There was a time when I wished *my* neighbors had possesed “anti-eavesdropping tech.” Flashing back to NAVSTA Mare Island, and the bozos in the next barracks room over. They’d sneak their girlfriends in at night. Ya know, after a very short while, being serenaded every night by that got old. Very old. Especially when I was coming off duty on the boat, dead-dog tired, and wanting nothing but to sleep.

  4. 23c0n says:

    Ahhh… Spy week?

  5. Forte says:

    Art thou familiar with the concept of irony?

  6. Foxhound2 says:

    I wonder if Biff realizes that is brick, otherwise it would have worked fine.

  7. linuxexorcist says:

    the person in the room next to me had the wekly ritual of a)watching muchmusic loudly b)downloadnew song thay were heard on muchmusic c) playing them as lous as possible through ipod speakers

    i still want to know where the comic titled “lazenby” is

  8. DTanza says:

    Double-O Biff your my hero!

    *girls swoon*

  9. Dartigen says:

    I was right! *grin*

    And my irritation is parents turning the TV up to almost full volume (neither of them have hearing problems…yet) and then leaving it on while talking in the kitchen – and it’s always a show with explosions and gunfights and high-pitched voices that echoes straight into my room.

  10. Wizard says:

    Reminds me of some neighbors I used to have. Screaming arguments at 2 am, plus an obnoxious dog that yapped at everything, all the time. (The one exception? When I knocked on their door one morning, the stupid mutt wouldn’t make a sound. Seems the idiot delivery guy had delivered my computer to them when I didn’t answer the door. Considering what a piece of junk it turned out to be, maybe I should have let them keep it…) It was very hard to suppress the urge to go over and beat them all to death, preferably with the dog.

    Then there was the idiot with the “talking” car alarm, all the more annoying because no one in their right mind would have stolen that car. (The alarm was probably worth more than the car.) It was even harder to resist the urge to set fire to that POS. Especially since I’m sure none of the neighbors would have seen a thing…

    Some anti-eavesdropping technology would certainly have been welcome. At least my current neighbors are quieter.

  11. Erik says:

    In my last apartment, we could hear our downstairs neighbors through the bathtub drain. They, too, apparently enjoyed conversing frequently and loudly in the bathroom. So, to get back at them, I started singing show tunes and other contagious songs in the shower. I also had my girlfriend blurt out such random jingles as: “I’ve got boobies, yes I do! Boobies, boobies, one and two!”

    They eventually stopped.

  12. wisp says:

    there have been time when i too wanted to sound proof my house. mostly because of the yapping beanie baby of a dog across the street….. i swear that dog barks at anything that moves…. when its not barking at the GROUND…. but i cant tell the owners to shut it up cuz if i so much as LOOK meanly towards that dog it runs off yowling and barking like i just cut its leg off and set it on fire….. (bloody HATE dogs)

  13. SurveySays says:

    so if he backs away from the building will his eyebrow pop back into place?

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