#2 – Fire

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0 thoughts on “#2 – Fire”

  1. Andrew says:

    Who told him that it would be a good idea to beat out a grease fire with a pair of hammers?

  2. Psychosis says:

    I know you smother grease fires…but hammers?

  3. Kiche says:

    My guess is that his thought process was something along the lines of “AH FIRE KILL IT KILL IT”. At least he knows not to try and put it out with water.

  4. Koer says:

    Where’s his other arm…?

  5. Avarice says:

    well at least now i know what NOT to do if there’s ever a grease fire…

    lol, i love Biff XD

  6. Malachite Dragon says:

    I think I know where his other arm is.
    I Think the grease fire has the heat and magical properties of salamander fire (reference to Xanth for anyone whose read it) and it must have melted his arm away! O.O Poor biff.

  7. Ing says:

    Obviously he should have tried pummeling it with just one hammer.

  8. Stephennie says:

    Kiche: OBVIOUSLY the hammers were closer to the stove than the sink.

    LMAO I love this stuff.

  9. Game Boy. Advanced? says:

    a friend of mine and I have this saying that anything can be fixed by either a hammer, or fire. So, the ultimate tool is a flamming hammer. Just look as Super Mario Bros. The worst thing you can run into is fireballs or Hammer Bros. The only way they could have made those enemies harder is if they’d given them flaming hammers. I showed my friend this page, and he said Biff was being silly, and that the hammers only made the fire stronger. I agree

  10. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    Biff: “Oh no! Now my head’s on fire!” starts smacking face and head with hammer.

  11. Mr dude says:

    i’m kinda suprised that his eyebrows didn’t catch fire…hmmmmmmm…but its a great comic

  12. Jaz says:

    brain flame

  13. Radical Edward says:

    Use a smothering technique like everyone else!

    All I can think of is washing the car with hammers.

  14. Malachite Dragon says:

    Weebl and bob reference XD

    “What are you doin’!?”
    “Washin’ teh car!”
    “With a hammer!?”

  15. Colin says:


    not…not god of fire….

  16. ¡el pingüino bilingüe¿ says:

    second best Biff ever.

  17. ¡el pingüino bilingüe¿ says:

    In Soviet Russia fire pummels you with hammers

  18. Halo ChIef says:

    Biff has no brain

  19. BlueDragon says:


  20. dtanza says:

    Is it me or was biff`s mouth…huge?

  21. Unknown says:

    everyone knows to use 3 hammers

  22. This would make a cool act! Biff could go on tour with gallagher—they would make a killing! Umm, so to speak!

    Music in the background: Gongs, using special hammers; Mike Odfield on tubular bells; hammered dulcimer; tympani; cymbals; other hammer-operated instruments. Appropriately enough, the band would be called “The Hammers”! Or, “Hammersmith”; you get the idea!

  23. Daniel says:

    Wow! Looking at how Biff was drawn back then, it looks totally different! Old Biff does look cooler.

  24. Jenny Creed says:

    The whole comic was drawn very different back then. Look at how the flames trace the line of motion in a way that physically makes no sense. (Of course it works fine as a comics abstraction.) I don’t know when we last saw anything like it in the comic.

    But maybe I’ll find out! I’m reading the whole comic again from the start. Whee.

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