#460 – Bluff

I wonder what life would be like if it was really obvious when someone tried to lie. A lot of sick days would go unused at work. A lot of relationships would end years earlier. You would no longer be able to get away with flossing the week before your dental checkup and pretend that you have been doing it everyday for the past year.

Book #2 is looking good. I’m working on the bonus comics this week and then the whole pagkage will be off to my editor.


31 thoughts on “#460 – Bluff”

  1. Hell, some relationships would never start in the first place…

  2. MaskedMan says:


    Liar, Liar… Pants on Fire!

    Actually, flaming trousers as a consequence of lying would be pretty dang funny. Maybe politicians would have pants that blew up like that pair on Mythbusters…

  3. pieman says:

    they probably just wouldn’t wear trousers

  4. Plankster says:

    In some relationships (those where the other doesn’t trust you), that would be useful, because then they would trust you and the relationship would actually last longer.

    Politicians, they’d be in trouble though!

  5. Ben says:

    if it were obvious that someone were lying, I imagine the fire department would be pretty busy…

  6. GK says:

    I suppose if that happened here in Wisconsin, people wouldn’t mind having the extra heat source. Actually, I think we would lie more often.

    “Bob, do you have my car keys?” “No” *Foosh!*

  7. Gobbledegook says:

    What would happen with little white lies? Big blue sparks?
    Most hospital burn wards would suddenly be filled with adulterers, thieves, and I guess at least a few non-politicians.

    Pieman: Kilts would suddenly be all the rage, but no one would trust anyone who wore one.

  8. Gobbledegook says:

    I’m also thinking that chris isn’t the only one that can do themes, too. I’m noticing a lot of politician slams today.

    For further proof, I offer only one other shred of evidence: The Gobbledegook has spoken.
    Sorry Psychoduck, I promise that’s the last time I use your sig.

  9. Bobs says:

    Hey Chris, I thought id like to inform you that the days of the double breakfast box prizes are almost certainly ended. I opened a box yesterday, and the little thing inside the box had a round reflective sticker stuck to it so a laser or camera could verify the amount of toys that go into a box. I wish I got 2 toys, but it dosnt look very likely anymore.

  10. Jackson says:

    That is one serious conflagration going on there.

  11. PlutoBum says:

    i love this one…if only it could really happen. i know a lot of people who come into walgreens (where i work) and it would be so awesome if we knew when they were trying to bull us into lowering a price!

  12. Magical Nurse Ban says:

    Heh… (^_^);;;;

  13. PlutoBum says:

    oh…and why aren’t his massive eyebrows singed?

  14. Thomas says:

    Honest politicians would only lead to higher voter apathy rates.

  15. Vessol says:

    Lying is a sad, but nessesary thing I think.
    Like lying about how a hopeless situation to others is good actually, giving some sort of hope.
    I dunno /shrug.

  16. PsychoDuck says:

    This would do wonders for the justice system.

    Judge: Did you sleep with the plaintiff’s wife?
    Defendant: No, I swear!
    *Nothing happens*
    Lawyer: Well, did anyone sleep with his wife?
    Everyone: No!
    *Everyone’s pants catch fire*

    And Gobbledegook, you have my permission to plagiarize me whenever you wish 😛

    Just no movin’ in on my turf, else I CUT YOU UP SOOOO BAD!!!


    The Duck Has Spoken.

  17. Tyler says:

    I’m guessing a child’s phrase theme this week; “Liar liar, Pants on fire,” “Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater,” you know? Or maybe I’m wrong and crazier than ever.

    On a side note, this is another situation where he should have worn his fireproof pants.

  18. Reg says:

    I don’t normally use chatspeak, but this truely was an LOL comic!
    If your pants really did catch on fire when you lied, I’d imagine a lot of people running through the hallways of my school on fire. I wonder if you ask someone the reason they are on fire was because they lied and they lied again, I wonder if they’d explode…

  19. Trevor says:

    At first I thought htey set fire to him because he was lying, which was I was confused that he was so calm, then I realized the punchline after reading the comments.

  20. pieman says:


    no one trusts scotsmen anyway, it wouldn’t make much difference.

  21. Gaara1357 says:

    @Kyle- hell…he he

  22. tempo75 says:

    dam…. how would i lie 2 my girlfriend??

  23. Psymon says:

    What about lies of omission?

    Or misleading truths? “Tell the right truths and people will make up their own lies.” -Paraphrased Gil Grissom (CSI) from a fanfiction; the quote may or may not be original to the author.

    Flames would probably come more based on intent than the actual content of the “lie”; true?
    Then, on those occasions where it is ethically necessary to lie, is the choice removed? Is the greater of two evils the only choice?

    What of promises made sincerely, but doomed by unforeseeable circumstances to be broken?

    You see that the flaming trousers of deceit cannot catch all mistruths—short of prescience—and what is its solution to the liar’s paradox? “I am lying.” *fizzlePOP.*

    Could I be overthinking the suggested metaphysics? Nah.

    Also, is this comic proof that Biff does, in fact, speak, even if we never “hear” what he says? Since there is a “they”, that also confirms that there are other people in Biff’s universe.

    I tend to wonder what life would be like if we all had some form of telepathy. It could be rather unpleasant without established proper manners—but I would hope that a simple code of manners would establish itself fairly quickly; if it did not, then I am mistaken in that I believe most people have a fairly good idea of the generalities of manners.
    Then again, the perceived safety of anonymity can strip manners away from interpersonal interaction by the dehumanizing power of abstraction. An anonymous mindlink would be not good.

    Psymon rambles.

  24. WonderMan says:

    All I know is, I would never get laid again…

  25. biggo says:

    Heck, you got me with the flossing thing. Just don’t tell my doctor, OK? 😀

    BTW, the simple mention of “getting laid” filled up the page with photos of prostit young ladies in search of the right man.
    Google: the house of the rising ads.

  26. Hornswaggler says:

    Heh…Heh. XDD I don’t know if anyone here goes to Dare2Share, but they had a skit kind of like this. This girl got somehow linked with a lie detector, and every time anyone near her lied, she’d…well, cut the cheese. XDDD It was brilliant. They were at a restaurant, and the waiter came over and was all freaking out. “Wow, what the heck is that?? I think something died under your table or something, jeeze, should I get you a table outside? MY GOSH.” x3 That was the best skit all night, I think.

  27. Radical Edward says:

    I’ve been lied to many times as a child and a teenager. Now that I think of it, I would find it to be pleasant to know who’s lying if pants did catch fire.

  28. BrainpanSonata says:

    I have always wondered where that phrase came from! When did people first start talking about antiveracity-induced trouser blazes?

  29. SurveySays says:

    @Psymon: ow my brain. also it could be he just shook his head no or yes.

    this also brings to question–
    child:”mommy is santa real?’
    Mom:”yes dear.’
    Pants: *Fooosh*
    Child:”But-but-but if santa isn’t real than what about the boogey man?”
    Mom:”he’s not real either. ”
    Pants: ……
    Child: “Waaaaahh”

    children would be tramatized.

    on the other hand–
    Girl: Do you really love me or are you just trying to get into my pants?
    Boy: i love you, honest!
    Girl: this isn’t going to work.

  30. Pix says:

    crap, that must hurt for him when he lies!

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