#353 – Delivered

Back in college I came home for the weekend and I was hanging out with my brother. We got hungry and so he recommended we get some food from this brand new place called “Boston Chicken.” He had gotten food from there once before and wanted me to check it out. He got out the menu and we picked out our food. He called them up and they took our order and asked for our phone number and address. We were in an apartment complex so he had to give them directions to where our specific building was. So then we went back to hanging out and waited for our food. It was taking a long time so I started making declarations like “This better be good!” and “I hope this is worth starving for!” After an hour we finally called them back to see what the holdup was. “We don’t do deliveries.” “Umm… I got food delivered from you a few weeks ago.” “No you couldn’t have, we don’t deliver.” “Okay… what was that whole deal about asking for our address and getting directions to our building?” “I don’t know what you are talking about.” We hung up the phone and ordered Chinese instead. It showed up 20 minutes later.


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  1. Chuck says:

    Looks like that news was a little hard to swallow.

  2. Dan says:

    Since we started off with a lame joke…

    Got Milk?

  3. KayRis says:

    Maybe I’m just slow but did Biff drop the milk? Or was it delivered and hit Biff in the head? Maybe I shouldn’t stay up until 12:30 reading webcomics instead of going to bed or studying for my test.

  4. Dan says:

    Do you see the newspaper in the milk container? It was crammed in there like a message in the bottle, and the message was “DUCK!” No, Biff didn’t drop the milk, the milk dropped Biff.

  5. Jeff says:

    Boston Market (nee Chicken) makes the best macaroni and cheese on the planet…and they’ve never delivered. That was a weird story.

  6. Nathan says:

    That was brilliant!

  7. Seraphine says:

    Biff finds many creative ways to make money. Combining milk and newspsper routes is brilliant, actually. It’s this kind of creativity that precipitated the discovery of the clavical, which led to the monitization of the World Bank.

  8. Heinrich says:

    i like it. the comic and the story both. that seems a little odd that they’d deliver once, and then claim that they’d never delivered. maybe you got the wrong number the second time around…?

  9. Marcus Dranz says:

    Seraph, he had the paper DELIVERED with the milk, he wasn’t DELIVERING it.

    I wonder though, does he still have to pay for the milk?

  10. Gobbledegook says:

    And Biff suffers yet another head injury… why do I enjoy it so much?!
    I must be a closet sadist or something.

    Chinese food rawks! My local place has GPS thingies in all the delivery cars. Good thing since I live in a dense city where not every street is well-marked.

  11. Seraphine says:

    Thanks Marcus, you’re right! It’s a delivery… I wrote that at 3:30 in the morning, I think I was more alseep than awake.

  12. Once we ordered Pizza and it never came. We didn’t call back though, we just ate something else after 2 hours of waiting.

  13. PsychoDuck says:

    I just started reading Biff last night, and I’m already addicted!

    Awesome comic, man!

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  14. Devi says:

    oh man, that sucks about boston chicken! that place is pretty good too. i love their dill potatoes…

    i think the best thing i’ve ever had delivered to my house was when i ordered the entire 3 seasons of Arrested Development, only to find that one of the DVDs in season 2 was missing. rather odd….

  15. Chuck says:

    When I was dorming, I ordered from a place called Jose Bernstein’s. My burrito was quite tasty but they forgot to bring my cheesecake. =(

  16. Sarkreth says:

    That would be funny if it was wine or strawberry juice instead of milk.

  17. dragonbrad1 says:

    thats like the worst thing you can do to your chikin, I felt like saying that, I love Chick fil a. What the heck is a boston chikin.

  18. Terashell says:

    I’ve had a few bad experiences with delivery people, and I live in a small town, where, unless you’re a college kid from somewhere else coming in as a frosh, you know where everything is. Even the sophomores usually know the area pretty well.

    Anyway, we have two Pizza Huts that deliver to different areas of the area, so occasionally you call one and need to call the other, but sometimes they neglect to mention that. Twice I’ve called the “wrong” one by mistake, they’ve taken my order, and never delivered it or called me back…

    Then there was the time when I ordered Chinese when non of their english speakers were working… took 45 minutes to place the order, an hour and a half to get it delivered, with the delivery guy calling once (he spoke english thank god) to confirm the address, and they left out the spring rolls and wonton soup.

    Everyone has bad delivery stories… I hope… Also, if you’re ever up here, avoid getting drive-thru at KFC… They have NEVER gotten an order right with anyone I know. Going inside is fine, but for some reason the drive-thru always messes up.

  19. Joe says:

    Hmm…maybe you called Boston Market by mistake? One of the “boston” chicken places delivers,. the other doesn’t.

  20. Reg says:

    That paperboy/ milkman for Biff’s route sure has a deadly aim.
    And poor Biff… his newspaper’s all soggy…

  21. Kindy says:

    Oh man that’s great, I love biff!

  22. Radical Edward says:

    At least the piano lady didn’t get wind of the merger!

  23. Elkian says:

    Hey, look! A message in a bottle!

  24. Elkian says:

    Maybe someone’s asking for help…oh yeah. It’s Biff.

  25. Psymon says:

    Carbon ink stained milk–
    Poison unfit to consume.
    Soggy blurred newsprint

    The problem with poor Biff,
    He always asks, “What if?”
    And then we find
    He lost his mind
    But that’s why we love Biff.

    (I apologize for the poorly-written poetry.)

  26. emthegreat says:

    in reply to your “poorly-written poetry”

    To newspaper boys
    (and similar ilk),
    Biff just asks
    “Got milk?”

    (even poorer)

  27. Colin says:

    Boston chicken huh? we had a Boston Markets here once and they made some good food….. but they were popular enough and the died out…. and i don’t think they delivered.

  28. Dan says:

    boston pizza is great but has small portions

  29. MrD says:

    Amazing Paperboy Delivers… Pain! 🙁

  30. Amake says:

    I’m sure it’s a coincidence, but Hot Shots! did almost the same joke in 1991. :I

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