#318 – Soup

I went out to dinner with a friend a few years back and it all went well until we got dessert. I was eating my pecan pie when I bit down onto something a little inedible. I worked at an ice cream store at the time and part of my job was to clean the equipment at night. That’s why I immediately recognized the bristle from the scrub brush as I pulled it out of my mouth. I used the exact same kind of brush to scrub down the machines every day. My slice of pie was free that night… but I’m sure some of you can top that story.

For those of you that come here really late at night/early in the morning, be sure to check out yesterday’s comic. I forgot to hit the publish button so it was late going live on the site :p


158 thoughts on “#318 – Soup”

  1. aan00b says:

    Congrats on a freakin awesome comic, keep up the good work!

    I’ve never had anything like this happen to me personally, but I know a few people who have found weird stuff in their food…as long as it’s not too weird, it’s always cool to get free food…

  2. Jillian Sunshadow says:

    One time when I was 12, while on a family trip my parents decided to stop at Denny’s late at night. After I took the first bite of my omelette and found a shard of the ceramic plate it was served on. Needless to say, my family and I left and NONE of us has ever stepped foot in Denny’s again.

  3. Definitely a lot worse than hair in the soup!

  4. Aaronn says:

    my dad’s friend found a band-aid in his muffin once at Tim Hortons
    and yay, I’m one of em late-night people

    This particular comic was hilarious

  5. Arctic_fox says:

    Went to a fast food place a few years back and when i drained the cup then opened it to eat the ice there was a live roach in my drink…..to this day i refuse to eat or drink anything without looking throughly over it

  6. Imaginary says:

    Worse thing that ever happened with my food was we ordered pizza and it tasted like soap. x: It was really nasty… But they brought us a free pizza.

  7. Melindotty says:

    Worst I ever had was cafeteria food with hair in it, which has happened twice. Once it was a long grey hair from an old woman in my egg sandwich, and the other time it was a nasty, pubic hair lookin thing in my pasta.

  8. Atcote says:

    Melindotty, why was there an old woman in your egg sandwich?
    Anyway, my weirdest would be a piece of odd red string in a Minty when I was little. We swore we were going to call the company, but instead it just sat on the kitchen shelf for ages and collected dust.

  9. 永偉 says:

    I went to a TGIFridays once and was just sitting down and having my drink order taken when the table’s, the booth kind that has one side attached to the wall, single leg collapsed. The table dropped right onto my most sensitive area causing a bit of discomfort. My meal was free that night.

  10. Waikashi says:

    I tried to chew a nut in a granola bar for ten seconds before I realized it was a tooth. I didn’t know how a tooth got in a granola bar… until I tasted my blood. I forget what blood tastes like.

  11. J says:

    hey chris, i’ve been meaning to ask; are you still using the technical pens for this? because maybe it’s me, but the comic has been looking much more digital of late.

  12. RealUnimportant says:

    Once I ordered a pizza delivery, and as I lifted the last slice I found a moth stuck to the underside… It had settled onto the oven conveyor just as my pizza had been dropped onto it for baking. They offered me another pizza for free, but I was just too worried about what had been on the slices I’d already eaten – I never went back.

  13. The Crack Ninja says:

    I used to work in a sandwich shop as a slicer. (Yes, I am one of the original sandwich shop ninjas) and well, you know those big spiny blades that slice through just about anything made of meat? Well, my manager said I should “put myself into my work”, perhaps I misunderstood him.

    I still have a scar…

  14. Micah says:

    My sister once found a bug in her salad. Nasty. I had the same kind of salad. I ate about five bites before I started wondering about the crunching. Then I pushed it away.

    Well, we got a free meal out of it.

    I love these, but am I the only one that wants more Biff pain? I know I sound sadistic, but I miss Biff getting flattened by things, decapitated, etc.

  15. Arc says:

    Worst thing I’ve ever found in my food? probably my own hair… (wich is atleast 20cm long).

    And Micah, you’re not the only one.

  16. Ben says:

    I won’t actually say what I have found on food or what goes into the food that you eat.
    I have spent some time building and reno’ing commercial and resturant kitchens and I have seen things that make me feel extremely ill.
    I once blended a rotting pidgeon carcass with a high speed wire brush, I got covered in it and the rancid grease that it was stuck in. Didn’t worry me at all.
    What I see in kitchens tho makes me retch, then I see ppl happily eating away.

  17. ~the GeNeRaL~ says:

    I work in a restaraunt. One of my good friends is the one of the cooks. I’ll only eat there if he is cooking. ’nuff said.

  18. Elle says:

    Man, just today my friend found a hair in his prepackaged muffin bar. Another friend told him to send it back and he’d get all this free stuff, but he yelled “BUT I’M HUNGRY!” and ran away to show everyone the hair in his muffin bar.

  19. Diana M. says:

    Probably a fly in my Iced Tea

  20. dragonbrad says:

    i found a broken plastic fork in my sandwich

  21. Chris says:

    J – I’m constantly changing my process for how I draw Biff. The current comics have been 100% digital since sometime in December last year.

  22. Vander says:

    I think we have all had incidents similar to that. With the amount of hair, air born particles, bugs, and misc stuff floating around out there chances are pretty high that some of it will end up in our food.
    I got two stories:
    1: On a family vacation, when I was about 9, we went out for pizza. Everything was geat until I picked up the 2nd last slice. I noticed a really dark spot on the bottom. Thinking it was a burnt part of the crust I went to scrape it off. I then saw that it was a fly cooked into the underside of the dough. /shudder. The family ate for free that night.

    2: A few years ago I was having a business lunch at a popular local restaurant. I had the chicken sandwhich lunch special and half way into the burger my teeth hit something odd, it was a solid object. In fact it was a plastic bag tie, you know, the square thingy that comes on bread bags. I guess it just fell into the burger during preparation. I asked to see the manager and once again my meal was free.

  23. Ravennin says:

    My mom bit into something hard and metallic that was embedded in the cheese on her slice of pizza once. It turned out to be an earring back. Yeah, that was the last time we ordered from that particular pizza place. Their standards had been slipping a bit, but that was pretty much the last straw.

  24. Joe says:

    I was eating a salad at a small famly restaurant and i bit into a piece of “White” lettuce…it turned out to be a broken piece of plastic from the “tupperware” style container they keep their cut up lettuce it….free meal that night.

  25. Joe says:

    Ugh, just remembered…i had a worse one…was drinking my soda and something chunky came up my straw…took it out of my mouth and it was a piece of meat…like roast beef….i hadn’t been served my meal yet so it was from the last person who had that glass…i was so grossed out.

  26. Chndlr says:

    Worst case for me was a few hairs in a few meals.. nothing big. But my father has had rocks.. hair.. band-aids.. insects.. all sorts of weird things.

    I think we’re all waiting for the REALLY unusual..

  27. Macabelle says:

    I’m going into first person for this.

    I went into a Mexican restaurant that had just opened in my neighborhood, because it was a small family business; which we support. I ordered a regular plate and ate, and the meal was great until it turned out my refried beans were crunchy. I felt around until I cut my tongue, then reached in and pulled it out with my hand. It was a small brown something, but after we cleaned it with a napkin it was revealed to be a shard of glass. Not ceramic, clear, see-through brown glass.

    As it turned out, they fried their beans with beer, and a piece of the bottle had broken off into the beans, and they just hadn’t told anyone.

    When they didn’t give us our money back, we called the health inspector and never went back.

  28. Barret says:

    Aw… All I get is little pieces of foil although I think the meat-in-milk thing happened to me. Eww…

  29. Hanii Puppy says:

    I went to a BBQ once and when i ate a burger, there was a load of fudge on it X__X

    i was actually the one who put it there =p

    tasted surprisingly good :3

  30. Dan says:

    Being Asian, my mother used to boil up herbal soups — dark, smelly and mostly fairly tasty. She used to put them in big metal cups. I remember once when I was about 13, I was chugging a huge cup of soup. As I reached the bottom, I saw a few spikes peak over the top of the soup (something was at the bottom). Before I could think, I had swallowed another mouthful, the water level had gone down, and I saw six spiky legs. Horrified, I took another unthinking swallow… and the dead roach started to float towards me. Now, I have roach-o-phobia, so I slammed the cup back on the table and ran to the bathroom. I haven’t had herbal soup since.

  31. Jenna says:

    Nothing really big for me, just hairs and little stuff like that..

    A spider fell into my salad at home once, though… *shudder*

  32. Seraphine says:

    One time I ate a salad and there was a great big dried grasshopper in it. It went crunch crunch in my mouth. When I pulled it out, I got sick and vomited. The restaurant didn’t charge me, but I never went back again.

  33. Kevin says:

    The worst I’ve ever run into was at a mexican food buffet. I went to take a tortilla chip out of the dish in the middle of the table, and a roach crawled out of the pile.

    I’ve been reading these for a few weeks. Great comic.

  34. Kayru says:

    My dad found a drawing pin in his coffee at work. He wrote to the company and complained and they sent an apology and a voucher for £10 worth of coffee.

    Then he found out that the pin board in the kitchen had fallen off the wall earlier in the morning. Oops!

  35. Bobby says:

    One time, my brother bit into a hard-boiled egg we boiled at home, and found a chicken fetus. I dunno how it was fertilized, but it was disgusting.

  36. Sam says:

    I’ve never found anything really weird. There were some short and curly black hairs on my eggs at a rather grizzly roadside café; That’s to be expected I suppose, part of the charm, maybe?

  37. AJ says:

    My mother once had a huge metal staple in her Chinese food! Thank god she didn’t swallow it or it could have perforated her stomach or intestines!

  38. MoonWolf says:

    I found shards of glass in my drink once. I guess they tried to pass it off as ice. Hah, nice try.

  39. Lydia says:

    I work at McDonald’s and I was getting ready to bake some McGriddles (they come partially baked in a bag) and noticed something strange on one of them. To this day, I have no idea what it was, but it looked almost like a piece of foam or rubber that had been baked into it. But don’t worry, I didn’t serve it. Unlike many food service workers, I look out for my customers. I threw it away and made sure to carefully examine all the rest in the bag.

  40. Sleepingorange says:

    Back when I lived in Texas and was still in school, the cafeteria lunches were truly abominable. One day they served us a vile creation called a “breakfast pizza”. Basically, it was pizza dough covered in cream gravy topped with Monterey Jack cheese and bits of crumbled suasage patty. Needless to say, they were disgusting enough without any kind of accidental addition, but, of course, I wouldn’t be posting this if there wasn’t one: in my friends slice, he found, between the cheese and the crust, an earring; it wasn’t even as though it was a stud or anything: it was a big, dangly hoop with trailing beads.

  41. Dok says:

    When I was at O’Hare Airport I bought a sandwich at one of those places that charged like $50 for a small thing (just because it’s inside of an airport and you can’t go anywhere else), so I was eating it and bit into what I thought was a particularly resilient stem of lettuce. Turns out it was a stick. I’m not entirely sure how, but a stick got into my sandwich, and I wasn’t even eating anything that grew on a tree (turkey, mayo, lettuce). I brought it back and the cashier just kind of looked at me and said “Oh…uhh..you want a free drink?”

  42. SGrahambo says:

    Once I was having one of those blackberry pocket pies you get at all the gas stations, I let one of my friends mooch off me. So I broke him off a peace and when he takes a bite into it, he discovers a thorn in his tongue. Needless to say, we all thought that was hilarious and ridiculed him for mooching to much.

  43. heroofhyla says:

    You never want to read the information on what the limit is for how much stuff gets into your food. The restaurant is allowed to have things like up to 6 insect legs and the like. I also heard that eating out, you will eat 3 pubic hairs a year.

  44. Malecus says:

    Given the pervasive nature of insects, it’s truely impossible to keep them out of your foodstuffs. Growing up in a cabin in the woods, I’ve grown to live with this fact, and can happily munch many foods that contain at least a part or two of the smaller bugs. Thank goodness I live far enough north that I don’t have to worry about cockroaches, but there have been a few disturbing meal moments:

    1) Back in the proverbial “golden days” of my high school years, I was quite happy that my mother had made rice krispy treats, and that they had lasted the weekend to become my lunchtime snack. About half-way in, I noticed the gold mine of rice krispy treats: a chunk of un-diluted marshmallow. Grinning to myself, I quickly ate it without a second thought, noticing only afterwards that it was particularly tough. I formulated that my mother must have used old marshmallows, thus being the reason for its toughness and resolute nature in the face of oven-heat. After school, I mentioned my find to my family, to make my brothers jealous, when my mom turned a little pale and looked shocked. As it turns out, about half-way through cooking the treats, she noticed that her spatula was missing a large portion its rubbery surface. She assumed, at the time, that the spatula must have lost it’s top third in the washing machine. Guess not.
    Moral: Spatula tastes like hard marshmallow.

    2) This one’s bad, skip it if you plan on eating salsa anytime soon. In fact, skip it if you plan on eating today.
    University, friday night. Tests are finally out of the way for everybody, so we gather ourselves together and make it a movie night. Pop/beer is poured, pizza is cooked, chips and salsa are set up, and good times flow. Halfway through the first movie, I’m casually eating the chips and salsa. Chunky salsa, bought bulk, non-brand name, very tasty, nicely spicy. I bit down on something hard and pointy. Curious as to what odd ingredient I’ve stumbled upon, I remove it from my mouth to examine it. I discover what it is, casualy remove the rest of the contents of my mouth, then proceed to get everyone else eating the chips and salsa to remove the contents of their mouths, but keep the reason a secret (“You’re really going to have to trust me on this one”), lest they remove the contents of their stomachs as well. I take the chips, salsa, and chewed-up parts thereof into the kitchen, and dump everything into the garbage, fingernail included. That’s right, some worker at the salsa factory (or salsa mines, however they get it made) lost their fingernail one day. I suspect it was from the tomato line, pre-chopped up portion, judging by the near-shredded appearance the fingernail was in.
    Moral: Disgusting things happen, but try to avoid panicking or making other people vomit.

  45. pieman says:

    i read in a newspaper once that someone found a fried checken head in a bag of chicken nuggets. err!

    awesome comic, i don’t know how you keep coming up with all these ideas.


  46. Godathon says:

    I’ve found pubic hair in my coffee at church.
    There was a cockroach in my iced tea at KFC
    There have been maggots in my cheerios.
    I found a fingernail in my salad once, along with a piece of plastic.
    I saw a whole fly in my candy bar once. Luckily I always break off my pieces, then eat it.

    I’ve had a number of things happen 🙁

  47. Sax says:

    I’m afraid of eating now. ):

  48. KaiTenSatsuma says:

    Wow I guess I’m lucky then, Cooking my own food then eating it kinda ensures if I didn’t put it there, it isn’t going to be, but I bet I’ve accidentally ate my share of screwy things, And have heard a fair amount of horror stories from my brother who worked in several restaurants and fast food places.

    My question to the Airport one though would be “How the hell did a stick get into my sandwich”

    And I can only imagine that Mexican restaurant had to try very hard to break a beer bottle pouring the stuff in, its really just turning your wrist about 60 degrees while holding a bottle upright, down towards the pot, and maybe lifting your arm if it isn’t above the pot.

  49. Mieah says:

    One time when we went to Norm’s a friend of my sister-in-law found a bobby pin in her sandwich

  50. Pride says:

    I found a fake ear in my fries at Burger King.

  51. A Captain says:

    I once accidentally dropped a bit of nacho into my glass of Guinness, and when I noticed it, I thought it was something nasty, so I asked for a new glass. It was only later that I made the connection and realised that I had inadvertently ripped off the restaurant for one pint of Guinness.

    I left a good tip.

  52. Bunnyman says:

    I was at a place called AAA Family Restaurant and I’d ordered a ham and egg breakfast. The ham and eggs looked just fine. Nothing strange about them. Bit into the ham and somehow half a prong from a fork and worked its way into the ham. I’m… Still not quite sure how that happened, especially since all silverware in that place is metal and the ham had no holes or signs of entry by foreign objects.

    Good comic, man.

  53. Kky says:

    Cockroaches, fried on chicken, Gross. Happened.

  54. Kitch says:

    I had a packet of instant Rice Wich was full of maggots
    That was unpleasent to find D:

  55. Amber says:

    Something like that happened to my brother. He bit into his pizza and got one of the metal scrubbing brush strands stabbed into the roof of his mouth. It looked pretty painful. :

  56. Kamorth says:

    The worst food incident I’ve ever seen, fortunately, did not happen to me. I was just the one that had to fix it. As a bar manager, I’ve also managed a couple of restaurants, just the front of house side, so I’ve had to deal with a fair few problems with the kitchen. Bits of Steelo in the fries and that kind of thing.

    The worst one ever was a Hoover Hog dish one of my waitresses served. Nothing wrong with it, until the poor customer got halfway through and then watched in horror as a live maggot crawled out of the middle of his meat. I could understand his discomfort and informed him and his female companion that everything was free, offering to get him a different dish to replace his first choice. Happily, the customers left happy, quite understanding that the situation really wasn’t my fault and accepting my apology for the sudden unexplained absence of the chef. I even saw them again a week or so later.

    Turns out the chef (who hated me from day one) had raced around to the owners’ house to tell them that I was giving away food. When I explained the situation, I was given a written warning and told that I would have to pay for the meal out of my wages. The reasoning? “They’d eaten half of it. You should have only given them a discount on that particular dish.” They then told me that if I had any intentions of repeating the situation, i could get out now.

    They settled out of court.

  57. Korukyu says:

    Wow, reading all these pretty much ensures I’ll go to bed without dinner tonight, haha. My own little food story: I was at a Mexican resort having a bowl of soup, and the bottom of it was strangely gritty. It was a green vegetable soup. Pea or something; I can’t remember. But I kept dragging my spoon across the bottom and hearing it make a grating noise while I stirred it.

    …Crushed glass. It had been ground up very fine, but the pieces were large enough for me to hear them at the bottom of my bowl. Very uncomfortable. Glad I’d only skimmed off the top of the soup up until then.

  58. Dustin says:

    I.. i don’t think i’ll be eating anything. for quite a while.
    Yay! I’ll start college starving!
    Better than cockroaches. 😀

  59. Youma says:

    One of my friends got fired from a bakery for refusing to put a crescent which had fallen into mud on the shelves.

    The weirdest I had myself was a cheeseburger with the cheese still wrapped.

  60. Luxoflax says:

    Most of my stories involve my dad.

    When I was little I was shopping at Longos (a grocery store chain here) with my dad. He was checking the lettuce when he screamed and dove back. A large frog was crawling out of the lettuce. Other people saw it and a large amount of screaming ensued. I thought it was neat so I grabbed a container from the nearby salad bar and scooped the frog in. The workers at the store kept joking that the frog legs were fresh that day. I ended up letting the frog go in the river across from my apartment.

    Another time my dad left a cup of tea beside an open window. A large fly came in and landed in his tea. My mom and I noticed but didn’t warn him so he drank the fly. :oD

    Once we were eating dinner at one of my aunt’s homes and she was serving dinner rolls that my dad was eating a ton of. He commented to her that they were fantastic and she smiled and replied “Thank the microwave, those things had been in my freezer for years and I didn’t want to throw them out!”

  61. Abby says:

    I found a dead ladybug in my salad on prom night… that kinda sucked. Happilt, it’s nowhere near as bad as the rest of these. 🙂

  62. KaiTenSatsuma says:

    Kor I think someone *might* have been making an attempt on your life with that crushed glass.

    Seriously, just how often do people grind up glass and put it in bowls randomly?

    And Dustin, Since I haven’t heard any stories, I suggest eating Raman. Its the original college students subsistence.

  63. Skull says:

    One time while eating I put some salsa onto my dish, just then I realized the salsa was full of fried worms.

    Another time I was eating a taco, wich was full of ant eggs…

    But nevermind, the worms are called “chinicuiles” and the ant eggs are “escamoles”, both are pretty tasty when properly cooked 😛

  64. MP says:

    I haven’t had such an unfortunate experience, but someone I know once found a certain type of hair in his fries when he was with his girlfriend…she convinced him to leave peacefully, thankfully.

  65. Colin says:

    a human fingernail. Whole. sitting right on top of my steak. and i almost didnt see it. *shudders*

    And an eyeglass lens in my box of cereal.

  66. Kiirani says:

    Ha. I had a voucher for a free tub of ice cream with a pizza one time, and I was eating through it when I noticed two large, chocolate button like things in it. Chomped down and they were bitter, turned out to be two whole painkillers.

    We got a pile of free sorbet from the company

  67. Niall says:

    When i worked downtown there was a cafe in the building which i had gone to eat/get coffee constantly. They had these wraps that seemed tasty but i never got around to trying them, especially since one morning one of my co-workers got one, (luckily he doesn’t just bite into the food he’s eating, he rips pieces off) and he ripped off a piece, bit, yelled, and pulled out a large metal hook. needless to say he got a huge settlement out of court.

    Another time, when I was a lot younger, I was at my grandmas and she was about to make me pancakes, she opened a new bag of flour and found a nail roughly 3/4 the size of a railroad spike in it. she got a lot of free stuff because of that.

  68. Erick says:

    Once I found a 30cm long red string in my BBQ chcken tenders at KFC. Who the hell knits while working?

  69. Meneh says:

    Most of the food I eat is home-made, but even so I’ve found hairs from both my grandmother and our part-time maid.
    I’ve also found stones in the crust of frozen pizza bought at a supermarket, 3 little pebbles in the first incident, two in the second incident, a few weeks later.

  70. Axilon says:

    Ordered Milk from Mc Donalds, years ago… for breakfast, back when I was a freshmen in HS… and I took one sip.. and I spit it out.. the milk was two months old and I was too naive to ‘milk’ it for all its worth… but the free coke was nice.

  71. Barret says:

    My family rarely gets fast food except from maybe Chik-Fil-A unless we are on a trip. Back near new years 1999 (nearly 2000) my family was going to New Hampshire and Burger King had those Pokemon Poke-Balls that little kids were suffocating with. Anyways, all five year olds care about fast food are the prizes so we wanted to go there to get the toys. We got a cup of raw fries. I don’t think we went to BK after that. And my mom made us throw away the Poke-balls because of the suffocation hazard.

    Moral: Good food is better than cheap toys. Also people in New Hampshire like raw potatoes. 😛

  72. JimmyBean says:

    I don’t remember ever finding anythin gross in my food, just somethin strange. While I was in New York I found a pearl in my clam chowder. It wasn’t very large, just a bit bigger than a grain of sand. No idea what I did with it.

  73. MoX says:

    I used to eat with a junior varsit baseball team at Mcdonalds after games. I would always get an oreo mcflurry and a 4 pc. chicken nuggets. stuck in the meat of the chicken nugget box was a soda can pop-top. the manager gave me a massive 10 nugget meal, a bunch of those old mcdonald dollars and a few of the apple pies.

    while at a wedding on these fancy balls of butter there were a few pubic hairs. i didnt even eat the replacement butter nothing free offa that place tho.

    I got a sandwich at chik-fil-a and the bread was moldy. i don’t do drive throughs b/c you can’t get a refund like that.

    there is a picture on the net of a bag of premade salad with a live frog in it.

    some of these stories above are pretty sick. i don’t mind spiders but flies and insects are gross

  74. Radical Edward says:

    If any of you saw the movie High Anxiety, this would also be classified alongside being beaten with a newspaper by an unstable bellhop: things you’ll never tip to.

  75. mimy says:

    I’ve read through all of these, and I think my story is the worst. Sure glass and all that can be scary because it could potentially harm someone. But, today I was eating a luna bar and when I got half way through I noticed that the luna bar tasted really bad. I than realized that there were maggots, and maggot sheddings in the luna bar, and I had already eaten half of it. I still feel nauseous 🙁

  76. Kitsunie says:

    I was at Romeo’s a few years ago for my birthday, and ordered a slice of my favourite cheesecake.

    ….the top was completely covered in mould.

    I got a new slice of cheesecake from a different, fresh cake, but I always double check my cheesecake now.

  77. Der Lex says:

    I work in the kitchen of a not-to-small restaurant (about 500 customers a day)… one day i was the first kitchen guy on scedule, started my usual preparation stuff, opened the big plastic crate with the salad which was washed the other night… And notice movement… Much movement… The hole frigging Crate was full of maggots… Had my problems not to vomit… Called the manager to see it… She was female… she vomitted… Turned out we had a power problem the night, so our walk-in-fridge and -freezer turned off… Kitchen opened 4 hours later than usual that day, and only part of the menu… management was pissed to hell ’cause they had to throw nearly everything in stock…

  78. Colleen says:

    Today, I was making lunch (canned soup with crackers) and there was a parched ladybug in the soup. You could tell by the little spots on the poor, charred thing.

    Once, I had a fish sandwich that tasted funny, and there was a slab of cardboard it in that separates the fish pieces. Took it out and kept eating. One bite met the recommended daily value for fiber.

  79. Unkindle says:

    I must not be that squeamish, because I’ve continued to eat on many occasions, after finding hair in my food (or other things.) Once when camping as a kid mom had made some stroganoff, but there was some debate as to whether to cook the egg noodles. It seems that they had been infested with weevils of some sort. You could still see the larvae wiggling around. After some discussion my brother and I declared that we were hungry and the bugs were going to get cooked with the noodles anyway, so more protein for the stroganoff. Everybody ate up that night, even knowing what the “secret” ingredient was.

  80. Cap'n Dee says:

    I can’t name how many times flies and moths have landed in my drinks and stuff. Once when I was little, we were having a picnic and I went to take a drink and I saw a big red thing in my cup…took it to my mom and it turned out to be a really big tick. It was dead by then, but still.

    Another time I was eating at an Olive Garden for the first time, and when I got my pasta, all the cheese on it was moldy. My Gram was so pissed she didn’t even pay. She just took me and left. XD

    I’m terrified of worms. If I ever found a maggot in my food I’d probably never eat again. *shudder*

  81. Brasston says:

    When I was a kid I used to get lunch from the school cafeteria, right up until one day I got a chicken sandwhich, and when I bit into it the chicken bled on me. Never ate another school cafeteria meal again.

  82. Katie says:

    I once found fingernail clippings in a cookie. I should have said something about it to the place I got it from, but I’m too shy. I just threw it away.

  83. JK says:

    Well i dont have any really bad stories but once i was at my ex friends house (we were friends at the time tho :P) and we were having burgers that her mum had cooked and she bit into hers and found a big metal nutt (like nutt and bolt) in the middle of her meat patty thingy.. dont think they ever went back to that butcher again 😛

  84. Crow Blaise Xenix says:

    I onced did a flip ove the arm of my couch and I managed to get a fly in my mouth and when I landed I chewed on it. Totally gross.

  85. Zeke says:

    My worst has got to be finding legs and a tail of a rat in my hamburger from Wendy’s. Needless to say, I don’t eat Wendy’s anymore.

  86. Kronos says:

    One time i opened up a can of peas and there was a grasshopper about three inches long inside. It was bright red when the can was opened, but it slowly turned green. Still love peas, though.

  87. Ashtar says:

    my dad broke his tooth on a Taco Bell salad. and a friend of mine found like a finishing nail or something close in his school pizza once. luckily, i’ve never really found anything gross

  88. Kitsunie says:

    I got a slice of cheesecake at Romeo’s for my birthday once, it was covered in mould.

  89. Amanda Rae Hamilton says:

    when I was about six years old, my parent took me to see the little Mermaid then out for pizza. Long story short my dad said I said “this crust is hard” before swallowing. when I smiled at him one of my front teeth were missing. so I ate my own tooth (the first I’d ever lost) atleast it was mine though

  90. Daniel says:

    this past Sunday and Monday, the food from my college’s cafeteria had a very distinct Bleach taste. Even all of the dishes reeked of bleach, in fact, my clothes and I smelled of bleach for the rest of the day on Monday.

  91. Dasiy Adare says:

    I went on a date one time at a pizza parlor. Wile our order was being cooked we went onto strange topics like explosions and stuff like that. Only a few minutes afterwards the waiter walkwed up to the table and sheepishly grined at us as he said ” We’re so sorry, but it seems that your pizza exploded in the oven.” At first we laughed thinking he heard our conversation and was joking but by his expression we could tell he wasn’t kidding. Before leaving to get us some free starters to eat wile we waited for the second pizza to cook he turened to us and said “On the plus side neither I nor the waitstaff has eaten anything so you just fed us.”

  92. Yu Huo says:

    See, this is why I sniff everything put in front of me. Everything, without exception. I don’t care who looks at me funny. I don’t mind a bit of bug, if it’s fresh or live. A bit of glass or metal would get a complaint, not much more, but nothing spoiled or overly weird gets past this nose. Like when I get a salad that smells of engine oil.

    Not even touching that, much less considering paying for it.

  93. Siah says:

    I used to find rocks in my maccaroni and chees all the time at school….The milk was also rotten or fozen. And the eggs, were probly two ingredents away from a sponge, and the peas realy did make people throw up. I. AM. NOT. KIDDING. A few of the many resones why I hated that school.

  94. NonHuman says:

    My friend and I bought a Van de Camps banana cream pie from a Ralphs grocery store, and there were fruit flies and at least one pubic hair visibly on the top of the pie and crust. We hadn’t looked before purchasing the pie, but when we got home we could see the flies and hair through the plastic window on the pie box.

  95. Stix Jr. says:

    I stumbled on this comic a couple of days ago, thanks to a link on Something*Positive (www.somethingpositive.net) by Randall Milholland while reading his comic, and have since been compulsively reading The Book of Biff more or less flat out since then. I’m not sure how my girlfriend would feel about this, but I’ve decided I want to have Biff’s babies… Somehow.

    Moving right along…

    I had an experience just like Biff’s when I was about eight or nine years old living in NSW (I’m Australian, though my girlfriend is from Missouri), only it was some kind of bacon and egg roll-thingumy. When biting into it, to my horror I discovered a pig’s tooth sticking out of the meat (which to me at the time looked an awful lot like a human molar). After almost puking up both my kidneys, it was years before I could eat bacon again.

    Anyway, love your work Chris; pretty to watch.

  96. AdmiralChaos says:

    not disgusting, was actually pretty awesome. one day, a hefty majority of the grape juice boxes we got with lunch (at high school…pretty good juice tbh) was fermented, and it just so happens the school superintendant was there…we showed him, and he told us to “not worry about it” after we let him sip some of it. that was in 9th grade (i’m now about to graduate my senior year)

    ironically enough, thinking back, we have a different brand of juice now.

  97. AdmiralChaos says:

    as an addendum, that fermented grape juice actually tasted pretty good.

  98. Chelsey-Wa says:

    One of my friends found a fake nail in his burger.

  99. I once got a staple from a staple-gun in my ice cream at a greek restaurant. That night, dessert and coffee was on the house…:)

  100. Ben says:

    When I was at Pizza Hut in northern Michigan, I once had live ants on my pizza thanks to ant-infested Parmesan cheese shakers they had at my booth.

    We got free pizza though 🙂

  101. Deteramot says:

    In the state I live in, there was a huge controversy over some lady finding a finger in a cup of Wendy’s chili.

  102. Brown Recluse says:

    I read a number of these while waiting for my food to cook and then proceeded to eat while reading more.
    I rarely eat out so I dont have any horror stories.
    I guess I’ve been pretty lucky when it came to that.
    Yea me!

  103. Envi says:

    i think the absoloute worst thing i ever found in my food was an earwig in a slice of birthday cake…
    needless to say, that was the day that i developed my fear of bugs.

  104. "rar" -ivy says:

    ugh. wasp inside a (shelled) pistachio.

  105. Sydney says:

    I once found a cockroach in my chicken.

  106. LadyLuck1337 says:

    I found a three foot long pink fake hair in a sub sandwich from a chain I shall not mention. I accidentally swallowed most of it and then I realized something didn’t feel right. I found a hair hanging out of the corner of my mouth and pulled and pulled and pulled. I felt like it was going to cut the side of my throat. Luckily it was easy to identify the owner of said hair. She was the one with the pink weave. I got a 25$ gift certificate and a new sub gratis.

  107. Jason A. Padilla says:

    I work at a restaurant and the worst story I have heard was one of the servers scooping ice with a glass, a shard broke off and got into another customers drink and cut up her throat. Needless to say, if i ever catch another server scooping ice with a glass I make them melt the ice and clean the bin, no matter how busy they are.

  108. Luckster says:

    The worse that’s happened was at a burger place, a few hours before work.

    I noticed there was a large bug in my burger…couldn’t even identify what the hell it was! I only looked to make sure there wasn’t any relish in my burger and there it was. I complained about it and the waiter said they would take the burger off my check. I waited nearly a half hour, simply nibbling on my fries and sipping my drink, which were both deemed sanitary. When the dude arrived with my check, I just about went berserk!

    I made a huge scene about the thing. I find this disgusting ass bug in my burger, and they don’t even give me a new one? I ended up throwing the disgusting burger at the guy and leaving without paying for my drink–the only thing on my check. No one bothered to chase after me. When I’m ticked off, you better run for the nearest bomb shelter!

    I never go there anymore. I don’t even know if the place is still open anymore after that scene. I’m sure someone woulda called the health inspector.

  109. Ashi says:

    A friend of mine recently coughed up blood for mysterious reasons.
    He’d found metal shavings in his ice cream.

    Only after calling the company to complain did he realize the metal shavings had come off his brand new ice cream scoop.

    Either way, free ice cream. 😀

  110. Sathe says:

    Cereal with bugs.
    My brother ate it for a week before he realized that nuts shouldn’t have legs.

  111. Instant WHAT? says:

    I have found so many strange things in pre-packaged foods. Not even the most trusted of foods is safe from my experience. McDonalds, I order a nice double quarter pounder with cheese. I usually order them on the rare occasion i visit Mickey’s. So, I bite into it, and what do I find but a huge chunk of styrofoam. Got a free meal out of that one.

    Bag of marshmallows, relatively safe, easy food. I’m melting them on the grill for 4th of July, and to my surprise, when it melts, a cockroach is stuck inside. That was sick.

    I like Nutri-grain bars so I got some off-brand ones once. I bite into one and think it’s strangely crunchy. I pull out a piece of wood. Never bought those again.

    Ramen. Ah Ramen. The easiest food to prepare and slurp down. I cook up a pot and pull up a forkful and slurp a few down. I get a really chewy piece and i just keep chewing and chewing. I pull it out finding a huge chunk of packaging got packaged into the noodles.

  112. The Frizz says:

    In my family, I take after my father and am the one who usualy finds hair in my food. Whether at home, at school, or at the fast food resturants. I’ve never found a pub., although pub.s could be confused with facial hair. My school manages to serve us spoiled and frozen milk somtimes, besides the granny hair.

    At a resterant once, I got sour milk, and a free re-fill from a different glass. Second guess would be that there was soap in the cup. It was gross, either way.

    Oh, and how many of you guys like ketchup? Well, next time you dip your fries, remember that they don’t use the good tomatoes. Oh no! Its the magoty/rotten/moldy/damaged ones that they couldn’t sell, so they just cut the bad chunks of. Most of the time. Same idea behind applesauce. Even at home when we would make our own, semi good went in pies, the wormy ones got sauced.

    I’ve intentionaly eaten bugs, in a can, from Korea. They were dowsed in soy sauce, and were a little bitter. Acually, bugs make up many esential meals in many different cultures. I’ve read a whole book on bug meals. You should see how they cook up Tarantulas!

  113. 1 wolffan says:

    I’ve gotten my fair share of free meals due to various gross things. I work in a coffee shop, and recently a lady found a lady bug INSIDE her teabag. Strangely enough, just before that incident corporate had decided to change which teas we serve.

  114. jykcor says:

    I, luckily, have never had anything wrong with a meal. And I eat out quite a bit. I mean, not any problem with “no pickles, etc.” (personally, I like pickles, but couldn’t think of something else) or a soda mixup. AND I live in Jersey, the state with the suckiest food service.

  115. jykcor says:

    I have forgotten, once or twice, to leave a tip. I’m 16. I can’t remember everything.

  116. Jade says:

    Wow. I doubt anyone will read this comment now, but I’m back-reading and just have to share. Nothing in a resteraunt, but still…

    Firstly. Body hair in a lunch I brought from home. I’m REALLY hopeful that it was my then-partner’s, who made my lunch. Not exactly pleasant, but better than a stranger’s.

    But, far more disgusting- although it doesn’t sound so bad at first- was one of his head hairs. He had hair which was literally a few foot long- most of the way down his back and curled. Loooong hair. One day he cooked me a meal- and unknown to me, I swallowed one of his hairs. Except I felt it on the roof of my mouth and managed to get hold of the end.
    Believe me, pulling two foot of hair up your throat was FAR worse than finding something I hadn’t yet eaten. It felt horrible.

    I’ve also done the typical “half a worm in an apple” jig- except it was a peach, not an apple. I still shudder.

  117. Mark says:

    I once opened a can of Cola to find popped popcorn in the drink, it was… awkward.

  118. Geoff says:

    One time on a field trip to a bowling alley I ordered a cup of soda and some potatoe chips. The soda was some old brand I haven’t even heard of and is more than likely not that popular anymore. Well the soda turned to taste like dish water or some cleaning solution. I was glad to have my chips. For those that didn’t believe what I was saying….I’m glad I didn’t share my chips.

  119. Thoushaltnot69 says:

    I found a steal nail in flan and we still didnt get a free meal.

  120. solar says:

    once my family ordered a pizza in from a nearby pizza place and while we were eating my sister found a metal nut on her slice
    we told them and apparnly it had come off the inside of the oven (which they then replaced) we conuted to eat there anyway and never had anthor problum

    also a kfc near my sisters nyc apartment was closed by the health department after a lady found rat poop in her bucket of chicken

  121. GL says:

    Once I was making breakfast for my girlfriend at the time, and there was a nail that rolled out of a cabinet and into the pancake batter while I wasn’t looking. Luckily she found it before she took a bite… I still wonder why we broke up… 😉

  122. shlabalabadingdong says:

    My family was eating kielbasa one night. We usually got turkey kielbasa, but tonight we were having pork. Well, my sister sees something white in her sausage. Thinking it was just pig fat, she takes a bite. It’s a TOOTH. We threw out the kielbasa, and to this day I’m a vegitarian.

  123. Mick says:

    A friend found a moth in his pasta once, hes a tight git, so he ate around it then asked for it to be replaced, and went on to eat that!
    I once read a list of all the different tolerances for, shall we say, detritus allowed in food, some of it is REALLY gross.

  124. Wendy says:

    I found meat in my styrofoam cup of soda recently (at least I THINK it was meat). If it hadn’t been a disposable cup I could maybe understand how it got there, but styrofoam?

  125. Christina says:

    My Aunt found a razor blade in the raisan bran cereal ;-;

  126. Satouki says:

    One time I was eating at Golden Corral and I went to the candy corn in the buffet area. After I got back to my table with a small handful I discovered that what I first believed to be the white bottom of a broken piece was actually the crown of someone’s tooth. D:

  127. Katelyn says:

    I was out for breakfast once, and both me and the person I was with had ordered the big pancakes-sausage-eggs-hashbrowns-bacon-heartattack platter. We had both mostly finished our food, when my companion cut into his pancake to find one of those “sealed for freshness” foam/paper bottle sealers inside a pancake — like, the entire thing, about two inches in diameter. He got his meal for free; I did not. 🙁

  128. Agres says:

    Well, I was lucky not to have been the one to discover it, but over at the mall near where I live, There is this Chinese Restaurant. Used to be awesome, but quality had been going down. My roomie works as the Dispatch for security, and he told me a guy came down complaining that the food had Maggots in it, and they don’t give refunds. needless to say, they were reported. I can handle roaches, I’ll squish a spider any day of the week… Maggots…. They win, EVERY time

  129. DLow0012 says:

    Well, I’ve got 2 stories to share.

    First, I was at school, and I got hungry, because I guess I didn’t have enough at breakfast (usually, I can last until lunch break). So, I decided to make a quick run to the snack bar during my passing period. I got a taco salad. As I was eating it in class, I noticed a sunflower seed in my mouth as I was chewing it, with the shell on. However, when I failed to chew the shell off, I realized that it wasn’t a sunflower seed at all. It was something so hard, that it was unchewable. I spat it out, and it turned out to be a rock. (I probably didn’t see it initially, because it was shaped like a pinto bean, which were in my salad.) Everyone was like, “Dude, did you just spit out a ROCK?!” lol

    Now, my second story. This didn’t actually happen to me, but to my cousin. He was having lunch with some friends, and they noticed a straight, black hair in their soup. It was like 2 feet long. Everyone, of course, thought it was disgusting. But then, someone said, “Hey, I bet it’s from some hot girl’s head; she probably works in the kitchen.” Then, everyone was like, “Well…if it’s from a hot girl, then I don’t really mind.” Funny guys. Later, this person walks out of the kitchen, has a 2 foot long ponytail, and is a really ugly-looking guy. Everyone immediately took back what they said. lol

    But Chris, I really enjoy your comic. I saw a banner ad for it on another site, and it had a few comics on it, like the one where Biff realizes he shouldn’t eat watermelons with seeds. I think I like your comic because I really enjoy your unique sense of humor. Keep it up! ^_^

  130. Z2012 Ed says:

    I was eating a package of crakers (the kind you would normally put in soup) and picked one out of the bag, to find a strange looking brown thing living (at least I think it was living) in one of the bubbles in the cracker. It looked like some sort of bug I’d never seen before.

    Needless to say, I immediately threw that bag out, and opened the next bag in the box of crackers to fulfill my snacking needs.

    I kinda wish I would have kept that cracker, though, so I could have figured out what kind of bug it was.

  131. Arkani says:

    Nothing that interesting has ever happened to me… though my best friend did bite into a meat pie we got from school once… and found a dead rat curled up in it, with a bite out of it… that friend is now vegan.

  132. Marr965 says:

    Not really disgusting as such, but kind of wierd…
    My aunt on my mum’s side told me that she was at uni, and every lunchtime, the same routine would happen: “Everybody, today’s special is *yadayadayada*. And Ami, here’s your cauliflower cheese.”
    She’s allergic to capsicum peppers. Really allergic. SO allergic, if you cut one in the kitchen, and she’s upstairs, she will get an allergic reaction…

  133. Alice Love says:

    I have had a lot of nasty food experiences. Once, when I was like 12, I went into the kitchen at night and poured myself a nice huge bowl of cereal, (I have a condition where my metabolism is to fast so I need to eat A LOT) and I eat this huge bowl of cereal and then I go to make a second bowl and notice that the whole bag is CRAWLING with nasty little black bugs you usually find in flour. I threw up I think my whole bowl. I mean it was COVERED in bugs, that I didn’t see cause I ate in the dark to not wake anyone up. =( It was a brand new box too. I think it was a special K type.

    Another one I was eating at KFC and in my bin was a dead mouse. I am TERRIFIED of mice to make things worst. I got three huge bins free. Apparently the mouse was a pet of one of the workers that got out. (Who brings their pets to a restaurant!?)

    Another I was at an old country buffet and I was in the bathroom, and a worker gets out of one of the stalls (by the sounds of it she had the runs..) and just leaves, not washing her hands. I later saw her handling with bare hands salads. It was disgusting.

    The worst I ever had happen to me was I was eating a salad (this was when I was a vegetarian) and I bit into what I was told was tofu, so I went to complain how I ordered no tofu with my veggy salad and the worker said they didn’t sell tofu. Here it was a mashed bundle of maggots, and I only realized it was maggots cause I searched around and found some live ones in my soy burger! They were eating it. I got two new salads, and they had maggots too. I reported them to the health department and I never went back. =_=

    Another story now that I remembered: I ordered a fruit from a mcdonalds, or something with fruit and nuts, and all the fruit was green and smooshy.

    In my college I was eating spicy fries, and my girlfriend who was eating the fries with me shrieked because their was a pill bug in our fries. I think pill bugs are cute, so I continued eating but she got a thing of fries for free. The pill bug was only their because the garden club people where doing some charity thing right next door, and they were straight from the gardens.

    Nother nasty thing, I ordered a fish salad from burger king and my fish was raw, and I only noticed because I bit into it.

    When camping, we were eating beans from a can and their were maggots in most of the cans. I guess the cans were old and my friends grandpa didnt say anything.

    I ordered some pork steak at this restaurant and their was a pig hoof in my mine. I don’t eat pigs anyone.

    I could on really.

  134. Hornswaggler says:

    I haven’t had anything like these, luckily. xD The grossest food I’ve seen were at school. Our hot dogs were all striped green, and my friend got sick every time we had them. Our eggs looked like they took a cylinder of sponge and cut it into 1/2 inch thick circles. I hated that food…

  135. Jeff says:

    I guess i just have bad luck with eating out… would explain why i do so only on rare occasions. In my short time i have had: soapy gravy, chicken bones in my chicken sandwich when i was 4, hair in a hotdog, hair in a burger, a shard of glass in my icecream, a piece of lettuce in my icecream, a stick in my beans, worms in my apple a few times, caterpillars in my cabbage, and some sort of moth in my tomatoes and i have got raw or still bleeding meat a few times…

  136. Vordaq says:

    I constantly get good accidents when ordering from fast food. I think the best thing that happened was when I ordered a Whopper Jr., and instead got 2 Whopper meals, a pie, and a shake!

  137. ThatSomethingGuy says:

    Someone I was living with went to Wendys (icecream place) and got one of their hotdogs. A few bites into it, he said it tasted odd, but couldn’t place why. It Looked normal. Bun, dog, mustard, BBQ sauce… Yeah… not exactly BBQ…
    Apparently it was an interesting experience eating a hot dog with mustard and chocolate sauce.

  138. Ansrit says:

    I once found maggots on a roll of crackers, I think it was a few months old too (albeit unopened ’till that day), I threw it out.

  139. The Incredible Plum says:

    A few years ago my choir class took a field trip to a very fancy dinner/theater or theater/restaurant. Not to name names, but it started with “C” and was in Minnesota, if you can figure it out. Anyway, one of my buddies claimed to have found a spider (live, no doubt) in his table’s salt shaker. Haven’t gone back, and I’m sure many wouldn’t either.

  140. Ruthiee says:

    My sister bought an ice cream cone from the van, and after eating the ice cream, she looked in the cone to find a moth quite happily in the bottom.
    I found it funny, she didn’t xD

  141. Shadow says:

    I haven’t had that problem thankfully. I put enough stuff near my mouth that wasn’t meant to be near there. I don’t need stuff like that in my food.

  142. jpic89 says:

    I found what looked like a whole slug in a can of chef boyardee meat raviolis once. Wasn’t pleasant. I couldn’t eat chef boyardee for three whole weeks.

  143. steve says:

    When I was about 16 or so, I was in my sisters car and she pulled out some caramel from her glove compartment. I took a ‘bite’ (if you can call it eating caramel…) and I felt this hard bit. I thought the caramel was old, announced this to my sister, and pulled it out to reveal one of my teeth. I kinda freaked out, as any rational person would have done when a piece of candy ate their tooth.

  144. Lamycorie says:

    Rat tooth in a french fry from Mcdonalds..

  145. Coyote says:

    My family and I were at an airport once and, airport food being expensive and all, we were eating sandwiches we had prepared at home. My brother must have been about 8 at the time, and as he was biting into his tuna sandwich, he winced, dug around in the tuna, and pulled out a tooth. Now, since this was a homemade sandwich, we had no idea how it got there. He was hungry and kept eating…. and pulled out another tooth. He dug around more carefully and pulled out 2 or 3 more. Which is when my mom remembered that the bag the sandwich was in was the bag she used to keep our old baby teeth in. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  146. Romano Giovanni says:

    Once I was at a Ruby Tuesday’s with a decently sized group of friends. I bit down on something REALLY hard in my pasta meal, and it turned out to be a diamond ring that a female cook lost earlier that day. Her husband was the manager, and our full meal ended up being comp’ed as a reward. Needless to say, everyone got dessert…the bill was over 200 bucks.

  147. Tordoc says:

    Last week, I made a ham sandwich, and when I took the first bite, I nearly choked on what was later found to be a big glass bead that had come from who-knows-where.

  148. Gotora says:

    The best one I had was Pop-Tarts. Opened the box, ate the first package, was eating the second when I felt something crawling on my finger. I flicked it off and wondered where it came from when I saw a second on my Pop-Tart. I got rid of that one as well, glanced around, didn’t see a trail to my pop-tart box and finished my snack. When I opened the next package about five minutes later, I found ten or so ants already inside the packaging. Come to find out, the ants had somehow taken residence inside the last packet of tarts and were happily eating away at them when I had bought them. My response after finding this out, was toss the last package and finish my tarts without worrying about the moving sprinkles. XD

  149. Jrade says:

    When I was seven, at my Dad’s birthday me and my cousin were wrestling. About five minutes later, I bit into my hot turkey sandwich only to crack one of my teeth on – you guesses it – another one of my teeth. My cousin had punched out one of my teeth, and it fell into my sandwich with the first bite.

    The worst part? I was so surprised that I swallowed the tooth.

  150. Jrade says:

    Also, just this past summer I got a tub of powdered Iced Tea, to mix into my water bottles. Why is a different story, but about two weeks after I started drinking two bottles of this iced tea every day, I was mixing new bottles in the morning. I reached in a spoon, got a scoop of powder, and poured it into the bottle. I reached the spoon back in, got another scoop, and then stared in awe as a spider crawled out of the powder.

    I’m still convinced that I must have drank at least one spider in the two weeks prior.

    After searching the contents, I continued to drink the iced tea. After all, if it hadn’t killed me yet, it certainly wasn’t going to start now…

  151. Thorax says:

    This one time, at band camp…

    No, not really. This one time my family and another family who are friends with mine went to eat at a local place that we frequent. We get served our plates of food when on my mom’s friend’s son’s plate, we see it – a cigarette butt. Thankfully it was found right as we got the food and not accidentally bitten into thinking it was a weird macaroni noodle or something.

  152. Brian says:

    I found a ring of metal in my sloppy joes one year at camp. It was the metal ring that comes on the end of a tube of ground beef.

  153. Random Girl! says:

    New school. Spaghetti – my favourite! – for lunch. Took one bite and discovered that the marinara sauce was actually full of mashed-up beans.

    It might not be as impressive as some of the stuff other people listed, but I _loathe_ beans. How did they think this was a good idea?

    Also, I stopped eating all fast food for a few years when I discovered some of the disgusting stuff some of my sixth form acquaintances had put in the food of people they didn’t like. BEYOND foul.

  154. DaemonThanatos says:

    you all heard about the woman who “found” a human finger in her chili at Wendy’s, right?

  155. SurveySays says:

    A hispanic family bought out this older resturant in town. while the old resturant was my family’s favorite place to go we were curious about this place so we all went for my gmpa’s b-day. we all had some basic issues with our food-meat over/undercooked exc. but we were okay untill i relized with growing horror thatthings were trying to crawl out of the the seafood soup special that my grandpa ordered to the saftey of the table. it took me a whole minute to register what i was looking at before had the sence to tell grandpa that his shrimp was crawling across the table and trying to get into my mother’s salad. we didn’t go back. the resturant closed again after a week.

  156. Dorten says:

    I once got half a cockroach in my beef patty. I prefer to think, that the other half was in another patty.

    Next day I found a fly in my soup at the same cafe. The jokes about my mysterious nemesis working in that cafe were going around for a couple of weeks.

  157. Knouffy says:

    Once, at an unnamed chain restaurant that boasts breakfast all day, In one day, I found a piece of plastic cling wrap between two patties of chicken-fried meat product. I also found a long hair that didn’t match the color or length of anyone at our table. ALSO, I had dirty silverware twice that day, as in, the replacement fork was also dirty. Needless to say, I got my food for free and the manager was dragged out to apologize. It was a strange birthday.

  158. Antsan says:

    Over a year since the last story?

    I myself never experienced something like this, but a friend of mine once bught a McRib. While eating he found a piece of rubber inside, a rather thin, very stretchy and transparent piece of rubber. While it propably was a piece off of a rubber glove the association of condoms was just too much for him to finish his meal.

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