#294 – Ache

Pillows are very personal objects. You might not realize how special they are until you go on a trip and stay in a hotel or a relatives house. It can be hard to get a good nights sleep if the pillow you get stuck with is a lot harder or softer than what you are used to. When we go on car trips we always take our pillows with us. A small reminder of home to remind us what we left behind.


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  1. Macabelle says:

    Of course, Blue porcuipines. That’s why Biff has been acting this way! It’s been poking his brain!

  2. Chuck says:

    I like hotel pillows.

  3. Brett says:

    Does Biff even have ears? Or does he listen through his antenna-like eyebrows?

    I personally cannot sleep on any pillow that isn’t extremely thin…fluffy pillows make me feel all suffocated..

  4. 3686 says:

    Where did he pull that spike from….

  5. CojoinedCows says:

    I like hard pillows, can’t stand the extremly fluffy ones either.
    Also, I’d like to eat some blue porcupine stew now.

  6. Macabelle says:

    Come to think of it, where did the blue porcuipines come from? The only one i can think of is Sonic.

  7. Lucretiel says:

    Biff has ears?

  8. Ghostviper says:

    i like a big one to lay on, and a thin one to cover my head… ive just been that way since i was little

  9. Micah says:

    I have a question irrelevant to this comic: Is Biff capable of speech? I mean, I’m sure he’s never spoken in any of these comics…

  10. The Crack Ninja says:

    biff needs no speach. he is beyond it.

  11. Seraphine says:

    When I was a teenager, a friend stuck a piece of hay in my ear and punctured my ear drum.
    Sometimes I sleep with a pillow between my knees.
    I read in a book that certain Japanese call the sex act “pillowing.”
    Biff should write a book on porcupine pillows.

  12. Elli says:

    Biff probably has ear-holes, like a Goron.

    My knees are knobby, so I have to sleep with a pillow between them. I bought new pillows a few months ago, and they’re already going flat. 🙁

  13. john says:

    Biff can speak with his mind, ain’t it obvious? 😛

    i can’t sleep if i don’t have a feather pillow and a normal pillow to switch between, 2 normal pillows don’t work has to be 1 of both, but i’m just weird like that 😛

  14. I’ve always liked to sleep with so many pillows I’m half sitting. But it’s not so relevant and I can sleep even without any.

    I would think the spines would get broken once Biff puts the weight of his head down on them…

  15. cyber95 says:

    @Macabelle: Sonic the HEDGEHOG.

    Hedgehogs aren’t porcupines, although people do seem to get them mixed up.

  16. Biff: so doc what appears to be the problem?
    Doctor: Well, sir it appears youve been sleeping on a small burrowing nocturnal mammal… oh and its blue

    Sorry Im tired lol

  17. AG says:

    I have to wonder what kind of little chinese medicinal store or whatever would even carry such a thing. Though I suppose acupuncture while you sleep probably does sound like a good idea to guys like biff.

  18. Gobbledegook says:

    Is he sure that’s really the problem?
    Maybe he just got swimmer’s ear from one of the water hazards yesterday. I hear giants are terrible golfers.
    At least they’re decent football players, though.

    *Eeek! bad pun alert*

  19. Miranda says:

    I really like how thoughtful Biff looks here, but the other half of his mouth fades into the black line next to it. Deep down I’m afraid the person before me in a hotel had lice, so I can’t bring myself to use hotel pillows.

  20. C4Pottery says:

    We always take our pillows with us too. Though I wonder where I can get a porcupillow. Or porcupuncture. I hope Biff doesn’t toss and turn in his sleep.

  21. Im thinking of making Biff as a sims 2 character.. but Im running into obstacles, mainly like I cant find out how to make the eyebrows rediculously long, and such. Id like to finish him soon! 🙂

  22. Synchro593 says:

    Ears? Biff’s got ears?!

  23. DEC says:

    I dont use pillows other then when im reading a book, just a descicion i made a while back to sleep without pillow.

  24. Kozo the Kid says:

    Synchro, I was going to mention the same thing…
    Just weird. Anyways.. Biff’s an anatomically odd person. How he survived whatever hit him is a complete mystery.

  25. Darkr0nin says:

    Yeah a blue porcupine pillow could be problematic. 😛

  26. morph.exe says:

    I don’t think Biff has ears. Not functional ones, anyways. If he did, he’d probably follow advice and do less hilariously stupid stuff. In other words, if he had ears, we wouldn’t have daily Biffs; they’d be less frequent. Thank God for lack of ears!

    Also, I don’t think Biff can talk, either. He speaks by facial expression, in my opinion (like in the recent grandfather clock strip). If he could talk, he would be able to see people’s reactions when he talks about upcoming projects of his. Thank God for that, too!

  27. LightBlade005 says:

    Wow good thing thats not a hedghog pillow or else lots of Sonic fans would go mad.

  28. nikie says:

    i sleep on a peice of slate.

    no i don’t. i sleep with several pillows. most of which have fallen off my bed.

  29. blowUPpanda6 says:


  30. Cronyne says:

    A question, will the Book of Biff EVER appear in a bookstore?

  31. Chris says:

    Cronyne – I won’t say never but this first printing of Book #1 will only be available directly from me.

  32. dragonbrad says:

    thats wierd because i spent four ours in a car today on a road trip and i didnt want any one touchin mah pillow

  33. Grom says:

    Re: “Can Biff speak?”

    I like to think that he speaks in third person and he’s narrating the comics 😛

  34. Cronyne says:

    Darn…. you should get to selling these. You’d make a helluva lot of money.

    Oh btw, thanks for actually spelling my name right….

  35. Vman says:

    I don’t need a particular kind of pillow, just as long as the ones i have don’t get too warm. It’s a real pain in the summer having to look for random pillows in the house, ’cause my old ones got too hot.

  36. gromire says:

    i njoy the post from other fn they et up loose time while im waiting for other comics to load.

  37. Knife Knut says:

    OOOOO, Pointy!

  38. Rocky says:

    I have a pillow I’ve kept since i was just 5 years old .. mabie younger but i can’t remember that far too well. its fallen apart and is nothing but little pillow chucks but thats ok. i also need to replace the case every 5 or so years … though i don’t think its as bad as my friends pillow .. he never washes the thing willingly and its been left out in the rain one too many times .. its also as old as he is if not older and he’s 3 years older than i am … so i don’t feel so bad about the pillow .. though thats nowhere near as bad as my mattress.

    see when i was about 3 ish i had a small “captains bed” with a twin mattress. anyone who ever slept on it said “it was the most uncomfortable thing they’d ever had the pleasure of sleeping on”. well as it would turn out it finally came time to move off of the fold out and onto something that wasn’t so painful for me so i went and bought a mattress from a clearing place. later as i was assembling the bed i noticed it had the same pattern as my old mattress and sleeping of it was somewhat the same .. as it turns out they were both “king coal” mattresses .. YAY (Note: I’m never giving back those 5-8 min of your life no mater what you say)

  39. Chris(a different one) says:

    My parents decided to clean all the pillowcases in my house, and mixed everyones pillows together.. I ended up waking up everyone at 2 am to find who took my pillow because the one I got stuck with was completely uncomfortable. Everyone was annoyed but maybe they just didn’t have a physical attatchment to the pillow they’ve been using for like 8 years. n.n

  40. Rainewolf says:

    that’s certainly a prickly situation…*snerk*

    I have to have two pillows and a teddybear when I sleep. I just do. ^^;

  41. Elkian says:

    …he doesn’t HAVE ears.
    I thought they used to pierce the eardrum to RELIEVE ear infections.
    Or was it a dirty blue porcupine?

  42. WonofTew says:

    Eh, hehe, I`m really lucky. As long as it`s day time, I seem to be able to sleep anywhere, even standing up in trains. My problems is sleeping at night time.

  43. solar says:

    my pillows are made of foam on account of im terrably allergic and regular kinds (cottan or down filled) are not good for allerly prone ppl

  44. barbarian1 says:

    i swear, the first thought i had was, “biff has ears?”

  45. Nokore says:

    ..Ears? ._o

  46. Raven Gold says:

    I can’t sleep on anything less than 4 relatively hard pillows. No single pillow and be both soft enough to be comfortable and still offer good support.

  47. Shadowlord9k says:


  48. John says:

    …what ears?

  49. Toxic12 says:

    Why does everyone keep saying it’s sonic? He’s a HEDGEHOG, not a porcupine. Maybe it’s his cousin or something I don’t know.

  50. SurveySays says:

    i like fluffy pillows but mostly because i tend to wrap my arms around it. its hard to hug a thin pillow. it leaves a lot of space and then i don’t know what to do with myself.

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