#1900 – Zigzag

Getting dressed is now like a puzzle.

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12 thoughts on “#1900 – Zigzag”

  1. Beef Buff says:

    Getting dressed is always a puzzle. What will I wear? Who knows!

  2. boog says:

    Biff is all elbows today.

  3. kingklash says:

    He’ll straighten out the next time he has a horrible accident.

  4. Voyager says:

    Regeneration must suck if you’ve got impacted wisdom teeth.

  5. Matthew says:

    Woohoo Comic Number 1900! I love round numbers.

  6. MaskedMan says:

    Biff now needs seven elbow pads.

    Maybe he should break his left arm, so he doesn’t have a odd pad left.

  7. Pix says:

    Well, I just read the whole book of biff up to here from the beginning, in three days, comics are addicting

    1. Dell says:

      If only more were to come!

  8. That is kinda what my arm usually feels like after having picked up a dog treat or a dog toy that somehow ended up way too far in under the couch…

    1. Peter Wolff says:

      I agree. Also, this is what I wish I could shape my arm when I’m trying to change a light bulb at my Volkswagen.

  9. Dell says:

    Is biff coming back anytime soon? Been almost two months since this one. I remember when there was a new one every monday

    1. Atho says:

      I agree, I need more Biff in my life.

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