#1828 – Bill

Phone bills are always the ones that sneak up on me with some sort of crazy amount that I wasn’t expecting. It’s frustrating because it’s a bill for something that already happened but it’s also something you never would have done if you had to hand over the money in real time.

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2 thoughts on “#1828 – Bill”

  1. I have only tried to use my mobile phone while abroad once, and guess what happened? I couldn’t make any phone calls or send any messages! I just wanted to send one text message to find a person that I was looking for, but I couldn’t! It was probably because I had that super old mobile phone, and the phone seemed to be bothered and quite sad by the fact that I wasn’t at home right then (so at least there’s no interesting phone bill story here…).

    And I still managed to find the person I was looking for, without texting him and asking where he was! Yay!

  2. kingklash says:

    And always re-read your contract! The fine print about losing your phone in a Singularity is strangely vague.

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