#1786 – Stratosphere

This happens to me mainly when I’m driving. I hate it. When I realize it’s happening I then try to really focus and notice everything that’s happening around me. Now I’m distracted by what I’m doing instead of what I’m thinking about. I probably shouldn’t be a bus driver.

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4 thoughts on “#1786 – Stratosphere”

  1. kingklash says:

    Watch out for low-flying dragons!

  2. So Biff’s head is in the clouds. If he would happen to keep walking, his body would fall down as if attached to a bungee cord, while his head stays at the same height. Maybe his body won’t even reach the bottom of the pit/slope? Then he could just keep walking (or bouncing) in the air like that!

  3. ZeoViolet says:

    My mom always told me to not walk around with my nose in the air, lest a bird mistake it for a toilet.

  4. boog says:

    Bottom of cliff is closer than it appears.

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