I’ve recently gone on a gluten-free diet. The first time we went out to a real restaurant was interesting. We decided to go there because of the gluten-free options they showed on their website. The website didn’t mention how new this was for them. When I ordered my hamburger on a gluten-free bun the server’s eyes lit up. “Oh! We have a new gluten-free bun for that!” Somehow she was telling me about something existing after I had already ordered it. Then a few minutes later she came back to inform me that I couldn’t have fries with my burger because they aren’t cooked in a separate fryer and would be contaminated. I opted for a baked potato upgrade. When our order arrived it was brought to us by the manager of the restaurant. He was very excited to serve me my hamburger and GIANT baked potato. He chatted us up about the local bakery they found to make the hamburger buns and how expensive they are but it’s worth it so that families can all dine together. It was all very charming how excited they were to see me eat that burger.

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