#1054 – Ephemeral

We always thought the “old” people that came to swim laps at the pool were a total bummer. We would be having fun jumping around and splashing and stuff and then “Beeeeeeeeeeep! Everyone please exit the pool for adult swim time.” And then 3 old women and one dude would spring out from behind some chairs and swim laps for 20 minutes. Then “Beeeeeeeeeeep! General swim now resumes.” and 50 kids would simultaneously all cannonball back into the pool.


25 thoughts on “#1054 – Ephemeral”

  1. MadDavid says:


    I hate the cold! I can’t imagine why anyone would want ice THERE!

  2. Miles says:

    Those shorts… oh man, I want them… Walking around here in the desert during the day, well, certain things can get overheated if you know what I mean.

  3. grapy says:

    ice cubes are great in drinks but better right in your mouth especialy becuase sister didnt load the dishwasher

  4. grapy says:

    i know that was wrong but i can’t take it back

  5. linuxxorcist says:

    generally, wearinh see-through melt-away pants will get you kicked out of any public place you dare go
    growing upon the coast meant the majority of the city’s acccessable coastline was general swim, to bad a hate salt water

  6. MaskMan says:

    Outside air temp @ 6:30am; 80 degrees and climbing fast. Ocean temp 70 degrees, but too far away.

    Ice trunks, it is!

  7. steve-o says:

    Holy crap, what state do you live in?

  8. MaskedMan says:

    Delaware, of all places.
    We’re in the middle of a rather nasty heatwave – Last night’s low was above our average HIGH for this time of year. Go figure.

    Oh, and I haven’t mentioned the humidity – Yesterday only hit around 50%, but today looks like we’re headed to something like 70%.

  9. Paul says:

    Masked, i feel your pain, im in NJ. But now i got conditioning!

  10. Baughbe says:

    Ummm… On second thought, its’ probably better not to post that comment. Never mind!

  11. Beege says:

    You know, Ice-trunks would sell like hot– er…. Nevermind.

  12. Kit-Kun says:

    Adult swim at the pool sucked. We don’t have it where I live, but I did go to a pool with it and it wasn’t fun.

  13. Kasain says:

    i mostly just hated how at the more crowded beach on the lake where i lived (which i had to go to because flood damage had the other beach closed -_-) the lifeguards would go on like, a 15-20 minute break every hour >.> and in texas when it’s about 108 degrees outside, 15-20 minutes not in the shade on sizzling sand is just reeeeeally not fun, those lifeguards had cool drinks and shade ALL THE TIME! why did they need such long breaks every hour??? i’ve never gotten breaks like that anywhere i worked o.O so not fair and major fixin-to-get-a-sunburn material >.<

  14. calliopejane says:

    Ha, Mask, try living here in New Orleans, it’s like that all summer! Our low temperature hasn’t dipped below 80 in weeks. My pool (no heater, just gets full sun) often feels like a hot bath — I want my ice bikini!

  15. i.half4 says:

    This idea was more practical when I thought Biff had ice cubes in his shorts, but it was stolen popcorn. I guess Biff just doesn’t do practical.

  16. Penthoplayer says:

    Hey Masked, where I live, 80 degrees in the summer is considered unusually cold. We haven’t dipped below 101 all week during the day, and at night nothing below 80. This is considered normal here in Texas. Before you say anything about being used to that sort of weather, it also goes below freezing during the winter, sometimes down to 10 degrees.

  17. Fopenplop says:

    :O Full frontal nudity? Biff is getting edgy!

  18. MadDavid says:

    i.half4: You JUST noticed that Biff doesn’t do practical?

  19. jmkool says:

    Seems this week’s theme was ‘Summer heat misfortunes’

  20. Micah says:

    Chris, I’m glad you showed the before picture, not the after.

  21. MaskMan says:

    All y’all having fun telling me how much worse you’ve got it, remember, it’s all relative.

    Also, I’ve *lived* in Colorado, where the range is 110 to -40, Florida and Guam where humidity is often enough near or at 100%, and a lot of other places where weather is bad. Still, for just simply fatal heat waves, the Mid-Atlantic region seems to be tops for some reason – Just the right combination of heat and humidity and aging infrastructure to cause folks to start dropping out right and left. Not even Hot’Lanta kills ’em off like our heatwaves do.

  22. -2! says:

    Summed up important bits from huge comment that is still awaiting moderation


    @ Fopenplop
    Biff doesn’t have body parts other then:
    – eyebrows
    – Body
    – Arms
    – Legs
    – Feet
    – Hands
    – Head
    – eyes
    – nose
    – mouth


    In other news I just got my Book of Biff number 2! It is awesome! Much more efficient to read then the website. The sketch really made me laugh. So did the bonus comics (although less then the sketch)

    “Biff wonders why no one else is at the pool on such a hot day.”

  23. sco3tt says:

    Cool swimtrunks!

  24. SilentDragon says:

    @sco3tt: Understatement I think
    They look a bit stiff for casual movement.

    When I got to the site today and saw the comic, the other thing I also saw was an add with an old man staring agape, and then he pulled up some binoculars for a closer look, it was to the right of Biff and looking in his direction, haha…oh dear

  25. Arcan says:

    The thing I always hated about public pools were the people just went to them to tan. Go lie down on your yard people, leave the chairs for the people who actually swim. I’m now in my 20s and I still don’t understand why people do this.

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