#1053 – Expanded

Back in grade school a teacher told us how back in the old west times cowboys would eat popcorn in a bowl of milk like cereal. What a sad waste of popcorn that was when I tried it a few days later. My mom was really confused.


15 thoughts on “#1053 – Expanded”

  1. PsychoDuck says:

    Not as bad as the rainy July evening he decided to swipe that pocketful dehydrated fruit.

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  2. MaskMan says:

    Ewww. Remind me never to ear popcorn offered by Biff.

  3. SilentDragon says:

    Oh man, I have to disagree, I really enjoy the occasional bowl of popcorn cereal, but generally I only do that with microwaved popcorn. I just butter up standard popcorn to my hearts content and eat as is.

  4. Fafnir13 says:

    My brother gets a glass of milk and happily slurps the popcorn out. It is a disgusting noise and I hate him for it.

  5. kenotooth says:

    Well that looks quite embarrassing

    good to see he’s wearing the purple explodey underwear
    they is both fashionable and functional

  6. steve-o says:

    Who tucks their shirt into their underwear?

  7. Cyndaquazy says:

    Ah, well, at least he didn’t put chunks of sodium into his pants on a rainy day…

  8. grapy says:

    the only snack i prefer more than buttered popcorn in a bag is buttered popcorn cooked without the bag

    its funny to watch the cernals

  9. ZeoViolet says:

    YUCK! Considering where they’ve BEEN, who’d wanna eat them? 😛

  10. ZeoViolet says:

    I do however like the popcorn/milk thing.

  11. mrmeval says:

    He’s got fire in his panties.

  12. Mewthicus says:

    I can’t eat popcorn anymore. For months I and my significant other lived in the basement of this kind older lady’s house… well, her youngest son still lived there.. Junior was about 6’0, 500lbs. His favorite snack was buttered popcorn, which he would burn in the microwave and then add about half a bottle of that liquid butter spray stuff. The house was always filled with the smell. I was pregnant at the time.

    I threw up a lot because of that smell.
    I hate that fat SOB.

  13. Non Human says:

    I had that exact same experience as a child, and I remember that the most disappointing part of it was that the popcorn melted in the milk.

    That comic reminds me of Paul Bunyan…

  14. Beege says:

    Paul Bunyan reminds me of this comic.

  15. Jayarr says:

    Wow, nobody’s made an underwear bomber joke yet. Impressive restraint, folks (or maybe you’re all just as pun-blocked as I am).

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