Sick day comics #1

It started with a headache on Thursday. I woke up Friday with a stabbing pain in my tooth. I was pretty disappointed because this is a tooth that I had a root canal on a few years ago. Turns out for some reason I developed an infection up in the bone between the tooth and my sinus cavity. The infection is being kind of a jerk and has eaten away at some of the bone. Not very nice, and also very painful. I’m taking “Extra Strength” Vicodin for the pain and it doesn’t seem to help much. Right now sleep seems to be the best pain relief… and I’ve been having some craaaazy dreams.


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  1. PsychoDuck says:

    Yowch. Hope ya get that fixed up soon, Chris. Does not sound like fun at all.

    As for the comic, I really wish I could move stuff with my mind. Sure would make it a lot less of a pain to sit down in the living room, only to realize the remote is next to the chair on the other side of the room.

    I just sat down, dammit! The remote should come to me!

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  2. Katriana says:

    That really sucks Chris! (I’m a long time fan, first time commenter)
    I hope you get better soon, I’m sending good thoughts in your direction.

    Write down some of those crazy dreams! You never know when it might come in handy. Like. To fend off a mugger with.

  3. Clyde says:

    If nothing else it would make it VERY interesting to play Wii Sports…

    …and I’m almost scared to imagine how Biff would deal with a tooth-and-head-ache. 😀

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Dwarg91 says:

    I feel so sorry for you Chris, that must really suck. what kind of treatment will you get and is there a possibility that you might have to have surgury because that would suck bigtime. P.S. long time reader second time poster. Hope you get better soon Chris.

  5. Jesso says:

    Ooooooh, I hope that gets better really quickly!

  6. Go see your dentist. This won’t go away with painkillers. In fact it can make you VERY sick. At least you could try an antibiotic. Or your dentist could redo the rootcanal. But if you ask my opinion: go see the surgeon to have it cleaned (apex resection) and start antibiotics three days before treatment. That way you are protected and you have the best chance of beating this infection. (but no garantee I’m afraid, the chance depends on which tooth it is)
    You see: I care a lot about you to post first time. I am a dental assistant with enough experience (15 years) to give you this advice 🙂

  7. insertnamehere says:

    I have no Idea if this’ll make yo feel better or worse, but imagine the infection is a miniature civilization. they’re digging down into the hard rock their seemingly ancient city was on, to discover what treasures and untold horrors they might find. For the comic, we all wish we could do that. On second thoughts, you’d be able to move that infection out with the power of your mind.

  8. Bazza says:

    Ooooh! Nasty! Hope you get better soon!

  9. Chris says:

    Wow I hope they let you keep your jaw. That would really blow if the infection got carried away and they had to remove your jawbone, I mean then we’d have to call you slack jaw or something and that’s just not very nice.

    Get better soon 😉

  10. Micah says:

    Ugh. I’ve hate teeth problems. I had to have one painfully removed because it fell apart (literally) over a couple of years. Now I have a gape back there right in front of the very last tooth.

  11. Chris says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I’m on antibiotics to kill the infection. I’m scheduled to have the root canal redone on Thursday morning. It’s going to be an awesome week!

  12. DrT says:

    Well I dont think that in the time you can make a sandwich you could develop telekinesis…

    Toothproblems are always annoying, I hope you get better soon Chris!

  13. Robert says:

    Get better soon! Enjoy the vicodin while you can!

  14. 3686 says:

    Painful! Hope that it clears up soon and you get rid of that pain!

  15. Micah says:

    Chris, I hope you have better luck with the anesthetics than I did. When they removed my tooth (by breaking the rest of it up…) the dentist confused my pain for “pressure.” “Oh, that’s just pressure you’re feeling.” “Gee, doc. Feels like pai–oww! Oww!”

  16. SEA says:

    I hope you get well soon chris ^_^

    Ah yes, the power to move things with your mind, so much potential XD

  17. RaTTzor says:

    dude get well soon, btw this comic is awsome

  18. Andara Bledin says:

    Oh, yeah, that’s one of the major problems with root canals in general: the possibility of leaving infection trapped inside the tooth.

    See, they have no way to tell how deep a root goes, so they kind of have to guess. Most of the time it’s ok, but every so often it really screws everything up because of the trapped bacteria. Which they never tell you when they say they need to do a root canal.

    The ADA has known this since the turn of the century. LAST century.

    So sorry to hear you’re one of the unlucky ones. I had a single root canal done, long ago. The tooth fell apart a couple of years later. I have a genetic problem that makes my teeth pathetically prone to decay : ( so the whole thing was a waste of time and money.



  19. Mophtran says:

    Oooh, that sucks! I’ve had that sort of thing happen before, except it was an infected tooth they did a root canal on. Swelled the gums behind it up so much I couldn’t close my mouth. It was like that for two weeks until I could get an appointment again to have it fixed… Hurt like hell.

    Get better soon!

  20. Well, maybe some of those dreams could make good Biff material! 😀

    The only really annoying problem I’ve had with going to the dentist’s office is when one time I threw up at the end.

  21. William Syler says:

    Hey Chris. I’m sending all my good karma your way. Get better soon.

    Telekinesis is one of the best powers to have. I know. I’ve tried others, but the ability to move objects with my mind is too useful.

  22. the Scarf says:

    Eww….Not cool huh.
    I’ve had root canals done.Three of them, in fact. I had a bike accident last year….Anyways, it’s not the root canal that hurts, it’s afterwards that you gotta worry about…

    and in other news I’m getting my braces off tomorrow!

    Get well soon, Chris!

  23. Olz says:

    If you can’t post a cartoon, that’s fine. Just get well soon.

  24. random person says:

    I get craaaazy dreams all the time. About a week ago I had a dream I was in the movie Pokemon Destiny Deoxys. I’m suprised I could sleep through a dream where a hundred weird purple and blue DNA creatures chasing you.

  25. Zaffa says:

    @ random person- WHAT. That`s sorta… Creepy.
    And I hope ya get better soon, Chris! *goodkarmasend*

  26. BlueDragon says:

    you should turn some of those dreams into Biff comics.

  27. ConkerBirdy says:

    Yeah, i had the flu recently, and i had really messed up dreams, mostly involved a game of buildings and burning buildings or sumtin, and it like clogged all my thinking in my brain like its hard to explain it was like hard to think almost lost thought, trust me, i hated the dreams >__>

  28. Funnyman141 says:

    Hope you get well will pray and send good karma at you!

  29. Gato says:

    Oooh, I totally feel your pain. I had my wisdom teeth removed last week, and all I could eat was pudding. >_>

  30. FSOneblin says:

    Sorry to hear that, Chris. Hang in there, it will be ok. I once had to get 4 permeant teeth pulled because my mouth was so small.

    Don’t Panic: FSOneblin

  31. Neo Cloudski says:

    Teeth issxues suck. Ironically, the only time any of my cavities ever hurt…(aside from maybe jabbing something into it hard)… was after the dentist visit. I mean, damn… Why not just let it rot instead, it was more comfortable. -.- Ah well, better to keep the teeth I guess.

    I was supposed to get a Root Canal done one time, one of my teeth decayed on the inside to the point most of it chipped and hollowed itself out. Never once hurt… I get food in the hole all the time, just a rinse clears it. I play with it by sticking my ton gue in it all the time. When I heard it’d need a root canal to fix, I told myself… The hell with that, I’ll just let it go on it’s own. Not gonna spend thousands of dollars to try and save it, when there is a good chance of infection and/or not keeping it at all. >.>

    That said, I wish you luck Chris. Also, I too know weird dreams when sleeping under influence of stuff. It’s odd. And creepy at times. I’m to the point that I have issues of knowing when I am AWAKE and/or still dreaming. It is kinda disturbing. -.-

  32. courtney says:

    get better soon chris 🙁

  33. All these dentist stories you guys/gals are dihing up make me soooo mad! Every one of them is bad advice. You wanna let your teeth rot? FINE! But do it on your own and keep your stinking mouth shut! Chris wants to keep the tooth and is doing something about it. His dentist is helping him and if he is smart he will put a crown on it after about 6 months of no problems, to prevent it “falling apart”.
    Bah, the dentist is there to help you, not to play the modern torturer. You want to let your teeth rot is all fine by me, but if it goes wrong and you develop a major infection that makes your face swell up like a melon, then your a crying “HELP ME”. And then the dentist is suddenly your best pal. Hypocrits.

  34. fishmeester says:

    I’ve had two infections on my teeth in my life. Never had one spread to my bone though.
    But then again they never did a root canal with me, they just removed my teeth. (With the first tooth, they actually replaced it with one of my wisdom teeth!). The second tooth got replaced by a hole.

    Teeth problems suck, that’s why I often visit my dentist, and brush every day! (Saying this to make Linda a bit happier too :p )

  35. Bane says:

    Maybe if Biff doused the Remote in Water before… he can at least bend it in his Direction. 😀

  36. Rhiannon says:

    Sometimes, when I get a really nasty headache, I feel like sticking needles into my head to relieve the pressure. I wonder if Biff would just cut his head off if his headaches got too bad.

  37. no name says:

    Feel Better soon!

  38. El pinguino bilingue says:

    at Rhiannon

    Then to the barber it is!

  39. Renan says:

    i’ve had it recently. just as you mention. there was a time that the dentist opened a hole in my tooth and rivers of blood and pus came out, and the internal pressure was so big i though my head would explode.

  40. -2! says:

    Despite going though that, the book must still update.

    Thats what makes this the best web comic in the world Chris (at least in my opinion).

    Well the best comics also help.

    Still as of today you have missed -1 updates if we include the missing guest comics.

    I know this is on an old comic but it needs to be said by me (even if others have already)

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