#18 – Drink

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0 thoughts on “#18 – Drink”

  1. Alchav says:

    Some things just shouldn’t have reverse buttons…

  2. Daniel says:

    like toilets.

    It is a black day in my life, the smell still haunts me.

  3. Harlequin says:

    We now know who puts their mouth directly on the spout now…

  4. Robert says:

    Reverse button, hahahaha…

  5. Fenix says:

    Why did the drinking fountain have a reverse button? O.o…

  6. Ice says:

    Wonder where he’ll come out? Ladies bathroom?

  7. Greywolf says:


  8. Malachite Dragon says:

    10 dollars says he’ll come out of the faucet in the girls’ restroom. They’ll start beating him with their purses and jabbing him with razor-sharp lipsticks and he’ll be helpless.

  9. Zizi the Pirate says:

    poor poor biff

  10. sandy says:

    the fountain was drinking him!

  11. Ing says:

    In Soviet Russia…

  12. Froman says:

    kinda reminds me of one of those In Soviet Russia jokes…except the joke involved a guy getting sucked into a vodka bottle not a water fountain…still a great mental image tho

  13. Adam says:

    In Soviet Russia, water fountain drink you!

    Heh. Poor Biff. He’ll be back, though.

  14. D says:

    In Soviet Russia, old joke laughs at you!

    (I had to say it, and I may or may not be drugged.)

  15. Evan says:

    Oh, NOW I know what happened that day back in 1997. 🙂

  16. Jackson says:

    must be opposite day.

  17. Malachite Dragon says:

    D Says:

    April 18th, 2007 at 5:51 am
    In Soviet Russia, old joke laughs at you!

    (I had to say it, and I may or may not be drugged.)

    WOO! Whatever your on, I want some!

  18. Darkpheonix XIII says:


  19. Radical Edward says:

    Schlurp! Opposite day, Soviet Russia or any other causes, I would avoid that particular type of fountain.

  20. DemonRex says:

    Well, that’s what you get when you put your MOUTH ON THE SPOUT.
    *is rather bitter*

  21. Neteeee says:

    yes yes, soviet russia.

  22. Malachite Dragon says:

    In Soviet Russia, Repeated Use Of Joke Gets You Ganked!

    Wait, what?

    *picked up and carried bodily away* AAAAAH!

  23. Vetoed says:

    So that’s where I left my reverse button!

  24. AVEENA says:

    ok lipstick aint sharp. notice the accent in the typing.

  25. AVEENA says:

    giv me a hell yes if ur a southern bell 2!

  26. Esther Lilly says:

    Hell Yesss!!

  27. steve-o says:

    In soviet Russia, Biff unwelcome.

  28. wyvernsadvocate says:

    The first thought that leaps to mind with this is Earthworm Jim.

  29. irwinator says:

    in soviet russia, you don’t prevent hunger–


  30. Jimmix of Eriador says:

    Don’t i know that experience…

  31. Halo Chief says:

    There wer water fountain-related injuries @ my old skool. The fountain was set into a wall with a bolt @ the top. One time akid got scared and jerked his head up. He hit his head on the bolt & started bleeding. Dont no much after that.

  32. Ichfrei says:

    What? That’s impossible. *walks over to water fountain and gets sucked in*

    Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!

    I Came out at Biff’s House!!!


  33. dtanza says:

    Ow i`ve made that mistake before.

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