#25 – Braille

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  1. Bach says:

    O_o No one has commented on this fine observation? Shocked am I… SHOCKED i say. Speed reading Braille? He’s a madman!

  2. Otacon says:

    My fingers hurt when I look at this one. -,-

  3. TKort says:

    Interesting question though. Which would hurt more; Many small paper cuts, or one huge one (see #19)??

  4. Calthin says:

    Ban cheesegraters: a blind man had had a heart attack once. Scariest book he ever read.

  5. Jeff The Ninja says:

    Many small ones, because the big one would kill you and you wouldnt live long enough to feel the pain.

  6. Fenix says:

    Mmmmm… and why does Biff read Braille?

  7. Kaos Machina says:

    A wizard taught him how? Or mabye its because HE NEVER OPENS HIS EYES?!?

  8. DMC_Run says:

    Given his hazardous lifestyle, it may just be as simple as being prepared for the inevitable, unfortunate incident that finally blinds him…?

  9. Secularist says:

    Must’ve been a bloody good read.

  10. Greywolf says:

    Nah, probably at one of the drive thru ATMs…

  11. colin says:

    atm, maybe at 50 mph!

  12. Wolf says:

    Um…question…why have braille on drive through anything?

  13. Ian says:

    It’s because all of the number plates for ATM’s and such are mass-produced. So when they make the number plate, they don’t know if it’s going to wind up on a drive-through ATM or not.

    Plus it’s necessary if you’re blind and in the back seat of a taxi going through a drive-through ATM. I mean, I wouldn’t trust some smelly taxi-cab driver with my PIN number

  14. Female Fox Furry says:

    Wow, he bleeds…! …He bleeds pure old-man-hatred.

  15. Malachite Dragon says:


  16. Klc says:

    “Mmmmm… and why does Biff read Braille?”

    A Wizard did it >_>

  17. Mint Sharpie says:

    Malachite Dragon: That is PRECISELY what happens two minutes before the bell and I haven’t finished my reading assignment for class.

    That happens to my fingers if I play guitar for too long. Summer of ’69 anyone?

  18. DemonRex says:

    I fell down in a gravel driveway once, and my hands wound up looking sorta like that…

  19. coolkid1234uh.......5 says:

    no the wizards didn’t do it this time- the magical muffin gnomes did! their the ones who probly gave biff the flaming hammers.( NO THEY GOT ME TALKING ABOUT HE FLAMING HAMMERS)

  20. Mr dude says:

    OMG when he bleeds hie eyebrows go normal size! NEW DISCOVERY! 😀

  21. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    But what use is it?

  22. geckoman77 says:

    then why did he not bleed in papercut?

  23. Malachite Dragon says:

    (Mr dude Says:

    June 4th, 2007 at 1:19 pm
    OMG when he bleeds hie eyebrows go normal size! NEW DISCOVERY! )


  24. Mr dude says:

    papercuts don’t bleed as much as they hurt :S

  25. knight666 says:

    “Interesting question though. Which would hurt more; Many small paper cuts, or one huge one (see #19)??”

    Well, obviously, all the small cuts would activate more nerve endings than one big cut.
    It’s a Chinese torture method you know.

  26. Lookfar says:

    I find that a comfortable, conversational speed is best in most cases

  27. AVEENA says:

    totally NOT normal length look back at an early comic.

  28. Elkian says:

    I’ve hurt my eyes doing that.
    Speed-reading! Not reading Braille!

  29. ¡el pingüino bilingüe¿ says:


  30. Kgummy says:

    It’s obviously the ink that was on the paper. It all smeared and is now falling off his fingers. he kept trying different fingers.

    Yes. Ink on braille.

  31. Pom Rania says:

    Hmm; the thing is, the Braille on books, the dots are small enough that they wouldn’t cause any injury, no matter how quickly you move your fingers over them. The stuff on those name-plates that say what room something is, however; that’s a different story.

  32. Jimmix of Eriador says:

    BIFF IS MELTING!!!11!…

    Ah well. Probably isn’t the first time.

  33. naithan says:

    i learned that the hard way… now i havve carpal tunnel

  34. dtanza says:

    Why would he wan`t to…oh nevermind…

  35. gurgi says:

    this happens when i have a typing speed of 200 words a minute.

  36. You fell? You’d better be careful next time. =) My friend had an injured knee due to a fall while playing baseball. Now we lost a player 🙁

  37. Gwidlet says:

    Biff is blind?
    Or is he just in search of another hilarious way to hurt himself?

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