#917 – Snip

It’s funny how some people think they are invulnerable and therefore everyone else should be the same. I overheard a conversation about flu shots where one person’s reaction was “Flu shots? Ha! Just stay in bed for a day and get over it. Why would you waste your time getting a flu shot?”


26 thoughts on “#917 – Snip”

  1. Tystarr says:

    LOL now thats clever! Keep em coming!

  2. BFS says:

    paper art week!

  3. puffmax says:

    Well, than I guess I should stop licking doorknobs…

  4. PTTG says:

    I had the Flu. Did terrible for a week, then annother week was bad, and then I was fine. That week did feel like three months, though.

    I like the expression of the paper beings. “WHY MUST WE BE CREATED SO HORRIBLY MAULED? WHY?”

  5. Micah says:

    I bet if Biff got the swine flu, he’d turn pink and grow a snout.

  6. SilentDragon says:

    I may or may not have had it, either it was swine or regular, but I never get shots, and I’ve never really had the flu before, but this year I got one, just don’t know which, half a week though and I was fine, saturday-tuesday, only lingering effects were coughs for the next 2 weeks.

    Maybe Biff can just color them to be zombies or something 😛

  7. Rainel says:

    I personally never get flu shots. But then I’m terrified of needles. Besides, I get the flu twice a year, and have for a few years now. I’m miserable for a day or two and then I’m pretty much fine now because I guess my body knows how to deal with it.

  8. Polymorph says:

    I can’t believe that I’m somewhat emotional over the paper people and their “expressions”. I guess I’m just a very emphatic guy.

  9. Kylogram says:

    Last time I actually got the flu was after I got a flu shot :/

    Now I just make sure that my belly is full and that I am at least healthy enough to walk wherever I need to go. I haven’t gotten anything more dangerous that the sniffles since. :E

    I can understand that some people may need the vaccine though.

  10. Pseudorca says:

    Did anyone else saw the paper figures and thought, ‘paper boyband!’, or is it just my weird imagination?

  11. ZeoViolet says:

    I got my shots this year, and for the first time, because when I do get ill I’m coughing for months afterwards–I have asthma.

    I’ve spent the last two days with a mild cold, it hasn’t gotten worse, symptoms just annoying–headache, throat barely sore, sneezing–and it’s going away. Much better than spending three months with a wheezy, hacky cough from it irritating my asthma.

  12. Ziriath says:

    Many people doesn’t know the difference between ‘flu’ and FLU. The first one is not actually flu, it’s only common package of viral and bacterial infection, known as ‘cold’. But the second one makes you to stay in bed for a week or two and do nothing but sleeping and staring at TV or ceiling.
    I’m glad I haven’t caught the real flu for 10 or more years..

  13. Maskman says:

    @Pseudorca; clearly, that is a sign of deep-seated psychosis… 😛

    I had the flu. It killed me. But mad science reanimated me…

  14. Hypothetical says:

    I’m one of those people who only get the Flu once every 3 or years. When one of the little buggers does manage to get past my immune system though it’s always one of those nasty 4 or 5 days versions where the only two places you see in your house are your bed and the bathroom, and it takes a week to recover from.

  15. nobrain says:

    lol I’m totally digging BOF for the past few days. Clever stuff!

  16. Roborat says:

    Paper art week, or paper cuts week maybe??

  17. Nocturne says:

    Every time I get a cold, which is VERY seldom, I just tank up on Vitamin C tablets and orange juice, and it gets kicked to the curb. I don’t think I’ve had a flu shot in over 20 years now – heh.

  18. Random says:

    It looks more like the paper men don’t want to hold hands as they usually do for fear of getting the flu rather than Biff sneezing and mauling the little guys; I like my story :).

  19. Chris says:

    @Random – Who said your story was incorrect? Sure wasn’t me.

  20. Kasain says:

    i only ever get the flu every couple years or so, but if i get that flu shot, i’m guaranteed to get sick T-T i therefore avoid it at all costs ’cause then it’s ‘might get sick for a week or two’ or ‘will get sick for at least 4 days’ lol

  21. beccity98 says:

    Those paper me look like the pepto bismol commercials-heartburn, nausea, indigestion, upset stomach, etc.

    I don’t get flu shots cuz I don’t get sick. the longest I’ve been sick the past several years has been a day, and I still feel pretty good. Most of the time, if I wake up feeling like crap, like the beginning of sick, I take a Zicam, maybe some advil, go to work, come home, go to bed, then I feel perfectly fine in the morning.

  22. Miles says:

    I have only had the flu after getting a flu shot I didn’t want, and that my doctor INSISTED I get. Jerk. The flu hurt. Otherwise I get sick about once a year.

  23. Matt Lee says:

    Biff: What have I done?!?

  24. tahrey says:

    more seriously the extended caption makes me wonder about those people who campaign against measles / mumps shots and the like. probably because they themselves had it when they were too young to remember the event, and haven’t experienced the true nastiness of the potentially-fatal diseases they’re immunised against (but the kids they want to “protect” would then suffer), instead getting wound up by fear over a much more infrequent psychological condition. and arguably suffering from one.

  25. Waladil says:

    I hate getting shots, for one thing. It’s just the idea of a piece of metal
    l being inside my arm… (here’s the irrational bit) I’m afraid i’m going to twitch and the needle snaps then I start writhing in pain working the needle deeper… Yay for irrational fears. Also, I’ve lived in the same city all 18 years of my life, so I’m immune to all the local diseases by now. However, I’m movin to NY soon… Actually (train of thought choo-choo!) once, when my Gran came to visit from NY I picked her up at the airport… And the next day I was sick, but she wasn’t. I got a NY bug from her! Oh well that’s 1 disease down 109900 to go!

  26. BrainpanSonata says:

    It looks like the paper dolls are doing the Macarena…

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