#908 – Roar

I had a cold earlier in the year where my hearing got very muffled. I started talking to people at work loudly as if we were at a rock show or something. The weird part is how it gradually got muffled but suddenly got clear while I was sitting at my desk working. It was a bit of a shock hearing all the fans from the computers all around me come back after not realizing they were hidden.


19 thoughts on “#908 – Roar”

  1. Greyryder says:

    Ah, so that’s how to cure a sinus pressure headache!

  2. Zephir says:


    Seems it’d cause a reverse sinus pressure headache- a suction headache.

    That, or it’d suck Biff’s brain out. Well, I guess that’s thinking outside the bo- er, skull.

  3. WillElMagnifico says:

    That’s exactly what I’m going through right now.

  4. Dave D says:

    Oh my, oh my. just a tad overkill but the ultimate solution for a runny nose / post-nasal drip.

  5. Libramen says:

    I don’t know why it took me 908 comics to say this, but…
    Biff is officially my all time favorite web comic character 😀
    All time!

    (I know I know, it should have been sooner)

  6. Matt Lee says:

    Oddly enough I haven’t been sick at all this year! I am one of the lucky ones!!! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!

  7. Matt Lee says:

    @Libramen What about me? I am a pretty good webcomic character! You should see me on Megamantics!f

  8. Forte says:

    If there were a legitimate way of going about it, I would most definitely use this to suck all that nasty crap out of my nose.

  9. JezMM says:

    Another vote for excellent timing – I also have a rotten downer as a result of my sinuses right now. X_X

  10. Chris says:

    @Libramen – Woooooooooo!

  11. Beege says:

    Ugh, I am always surprised at the amount of fluid my nose can produce.

    It seems so endless!

    If I had Biff’s invulnerability, I would so try that.

  12. Mike says:

    That is a great idea, though I honestly wonder how it would work in real life.

    Whenever I get a stuffy nose, I do whatever I can to get rid of it, but all it really takes is a few hours of waiting.

  13. Raya says:

    Probably not.

    I would personally welcome having a slight cold. Not only could i take a few desperately needed days off, but I’d be able to finish up a few video games i’ve started, Assassin’s Creed 2 being on the top of my list.

  14. Wizard says:

    The way my nose runs sometimes, that actually looks like a good idea.

  15. frullic says:

    I get colds all the time… I’d really get a sinuvac.

  16. SJC says:

    EXACTLY! wish I had such a device when I have a cold

  17. Nokore says:

    I’d do that if it wouldn’t forcefully rip out my nose ring. o.x;;

  18. BrainpanSonata says:

    More than three words (because I can’t remeber the exact name): NetiFlow brand nasal tea pot thingy. You get it good and hot, then stick the spout tip up your nostrils. And the tip is always bigger than the average human nostril.

  19. Marscaleb says:

    I may have to try that next time…

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