#907 – Dosage

My son is very fond of sweet potatoes and ate a lot of them during his baby food phase. He actually ate enough of them that his nose had an orange tint to it. It didn’t exactly glow or anything, but it was definitely noticeable.


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  1. Address says:

    I heard eating a lot of orange food would do that.
    Plus, if you want an easy 2000% vitamin C, I know Naked Fruit has a bottle of Power-C

  2. PTTG says:

    Vitamin C is a highly toxic poison at levels much higher than average.
    But… Biff’s been through worse.

    1. extremist343 says:

      This is not true. You actually can’t overdose on Vitamin C. your body will just shunt the excess out the ol’ waste disposal system. The only way you can be hurt by Vitamin C is if it’s all that you’re putting into you.

  3. PsychoDuck says:

    Ah man, he’s got the new copy of Toast Monthly already? Man, with how long it takes for my copy to arrive, I swear the mailman reads the whole darn thing before I get it. I need to know about the Toastertron 2000 w/Quad-Toasting Action and Deluxe Crumb Tray and I need to know about it now!

    The Duck Has Spoken.

  4. TJovian says:

    Vitamin C is water-soluble and therefore if you take high doses of it your body flushes out the stores it doesn’t use. You could do damage if you took massive amounts continually over a long period of time, but with constant nausea or kidney stones you’d probably figure you need to lower your doses. Since Vitamin C has an extremely low toxicity, it is only speculation as to how much would be lethal in humans since the LD50 in humans remains unknown.

  5. puffmax says:

    This one time I bought a bulk load of these little egg cookies. I ate so many that I developed a temporary egg allergy, good times, good times.

  6. Just_Some_Dude says:

    Poor Biff… but extra doses of Vitamin C get flushed out easily, and hopefully the orange tint will fade away. Either that, or the next strip will turn him back to normal

  7. soilent says:

    If you eat oranges and carrots a lot your skin realy changes the color.
    If you take to much vitamin c you’re going to have a kidneystones and all that stuff.

  8. Tigergulp says:

    Mmmm…I love a man in orange :3

  9. baughbe says:

    Now for some really colorful times, Biff needs to go to the tomato fight, followed by wine grape stamping, then a blueberry tasting.

  10. MaskedMan says:

    On the other hand, Biff should be just about immune to UV rays, with that much skin pigmentation…

  11. The Scarf says:

    I have a friend who is allergic to citrus. He has to take Vitamin C tablets every day.
    It is very tragic.

  12. Stephen says:

    I can say with absolute certainty that sweet potatoes are the most evil mainstream foods to ever alight my tongue. I think I was 18 when my mother last tried to feed me some. I still uphold that it was the correct decision to have a good old fashion toddler tantrum and would do so again in a heartbeat.

  13. Beege says:

    Man, these comments are kind of depressing…

  14. amanda says:

    that happened to me when I was a baby

  15. Toasted Pepper says:

    I’ve always loved the comics and then the stories beneath them. My son was about 7 months old when he did the same thing and began turning as orange as his hair and then stopped growing. Found out babies can have too much carotene (higher in baby foods because it’s cooked and mushed causing the amount in orange foods to triple. -.-) and it can cause liver failure, weight loss, and the like. Poor baby hasn’t had any orange foods since and he’s nearly 2. Still waiting for it to flush out of his system…glad we caught it after only 1 month of orangey foods. Still has bright orange hair and eyebrows though. ^^

  16. Ryu Serpentine says:

    When I was little ate a lot of carrots, according to my mom I ate enough that I turned completely orange.

  17. Patrick says:

    Cathcart injected 200 grams of vitamin C. He was fine!

  18. sandy kilo says:

    ahahah it’s really funny what happend to your son 🙂

    i remember that few year before, an auto tanning creme which was so efficace that it has been forbiden because it tainted the organs and the bones in yellow-orange even if the skin appeared completly normal (a tannig as if you where going to the beach), but it was not toxic ;and it was the surgeons who tempered against it, their diagnostics where disturbed by this weird color. the element which was responsible of the tannig was extract of the root of garrance,a plant with a high tainting power. but the tan looked very natural and appeared quikly.it wasn’t made with all those conservateurs and chimic colors .

    ah , and beware,the roots and plant who are orange contain a lot of beta carotene which can be toxic at high dose to the liver which stock it, , too much is like not enough. but don’t prive yourself, just be raisonnable ^^
    did you knew that the beta carotene and vitamin B in pills risk to higher the risk of developing the cancer of the lung, at the contrary to the same vitamin of the concerned vegetables?

  19. Hershey says:

    This is a good new look for Biff. :3

  20. Bigg says:

    I didn’t know you had a son XD
    Btw I like Biff’s new look

  21. sco3tt says:

    Great comments, hilarious! But I’ve forgotten what the comic was, guess I’ll start over at the top.

    I ate a grape once, it turned the entire town’s spleens purple, but no one noticed ’cause, hey, it’s spleens.

  22. Justin says:

    I actually knew a person who would drink anywhere from 1-3 liters of carrot juice on a daily basis. She definitely had an orange tint to her.

  23. Matt Lee says:

    I made that mistake once. I smelled citrusy for two years.

    Hey, TBOB parody! http://www.drunkduck.com/Random_Moments/index.php?p=640894

  24. Matt Lee says:

    Yeah, I decided to make a Biff parody just this once.

  25. Paige says:

    From the stories my mom told me, I used to have an orange nose too when I was a baby! Apparently my favs were carrots and squash.

  26. fluffy says:

    Vitamin C won’t turn you orange. Too much vitamin A can, in theory, but only because it’s killed your liver and you’re about to die. Too much carotene (the pigment in carrots) will turn you orange without killing you (usually).

  27. Gruhn says:

    Perhaps he will awaken with a superpower. Like Helping people or being overly cautious.

  28. Hattrick says:

    Happened to me too. All I would eat as a baby was carrot and plum baby food. Turned me completely orange. To this day I love raw carrots, but don’t like plums. Interesting.

  29. Trae says:

    I looked up Vitamin C once. The toxicity level is so high that they’re not entirely sure what it is since nobody’s ever “overdosed” on it.

  30. KingAdrock says:

    Believe it or not, there no medical evidence that excess vitamin C helps prevent or cure colds. The connection between vitamin C and your immune system is that if you are *deficient* in vitamin C your immune system will not be at its best. But that does not mean, nor have scientific studies shown, that taking extra vitamin C will make your immune system extra better.

    Your RDA of vitamin C is 60 milligrams. Any multi-vitamin on the shelf contains a even more than that. But these supplements with 1000% or even more are just a waste of time and money. If all the “extra” vitamin C is flushed out, that means all you’re doing is making your urine expensive.

  31. Mister Disco says:

    @Toasted Pepper
    That reminds me of an episode of Magic School Bus….
    Episode 45 “The Magic School Bus Goes Cellular”
    Where Arnold eats too much Carotene and turns Orange (Arnold being the kid with orange hair)

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