#90 – Boots


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  1. kangaroosexy says:

    who whould want boots that increese gravtiy
    esp. to the exact gravity of saturn
    biff truly is not a smart shoper
    i’m almost certant he has some form of ron-co perfered shopper account

  2. prometheus says:

    that looks very painful.

  3. Chryssta says:

    No kids in Biffs future…ever…

  4. Calthin says:

    probably for the best if Biff doesn’t have kids.

  5. Fenix says:

    Well, at least that mistake did something good… The world is gonna be safe of little Biffs…

  6. Vex says:

    That would hurt… ALOT.

  7. DMC_Run says:

    I think you meant “Jupiter”… Saturn’s density (& thus, it’s gravity) is so low that if there was a large-enough ocean, it could float on water.

  8. DMC_Run says:

    …& HOW could they EVER be next to each other???!? one pair would always be on the ceiling, the other pressing divots into the carpet!

  9. Knick says:

    Easy: On/Off Switch

  10. Kiche says:

    DMC_Run, that is incorrect. Acceleration due to gravity is determined by the mass of the object in question and how far away it is. Density does not really matter.

    Also, Jupiter, being a gas giant as well, probably has a density similar to Saturn’s anyway.

    Either way, that just looks so.. very.. painful.

  11. Mike *last name will not be given* says:

    Hey, here’s a thought: what if Biff’s shoes broke through both the ceiling and the floor at the same time? Would he float in midair, or would it be more of a CRUNCH “Ow.” situation?

  12. Khass says:

    Mike, I’d say that Biff would be the first human to experiment binary fission.

  13. Rogue Psyker says:

    I think that particular position has won Biff a Darwin Award, for ‘removing himself from the gene pool’.

  14. stapler says:

    lets hope so ;P

  15. Kardas says:

    A thought occurs (supported by the eyebrows): Biff isn’t a tragically impulsive shopper, but rather a completely insane inventor like Lao Kang the Mad.

  16. Chuck says:

    Seriously, I think Biff’s kids are lucky not ever being born. What kindof father would Biff be? Though I guess they would be as immortal as Biff himself, thus being a menace on the world…

  17. Vole says:

    He’s had every part of his body mutilated.. I don’t think a little overextension is gonna phase him.

  18. Nick says:

    Calthin, Biff can still have kids?

  19. DisgruntledBadger says:

    It’s yoga, Biff-style!

  20. zantarath says:

    Ow… How come his pants didn’t rip?

  21. The Squirrel says:

    Perhaps Biff’s children, assuming their conception is still possible, would be better off having a parental figure who teaches from experience.

  22. Female Fox Furry says:

    Biff himself doesn’t seem to learn much.

  23. Omegaboot says:

    Jupiter, for one, has a gravity of over 2.5 times Earth’s, if I recall correctly.

    It has been theorized that it has a super-dense solid core, perhaps diamond. :O

  24. Chris says:

    “Lucy in the sky with diamonds…”

  25. 66point6 says:

    Given the situation, Lucy UNDERGROUND with Diamonds.

  26. Malachite Dragon says:

    Time to split the twins. >:D

  27. Darkpheonix XIII says:

    Biff doesn’t really look that uncomfortable. Instead, he looks more like he has an “oh shnitzel, how am i going to get out of this one” expression.

  28. Mint Sharpie says:

    What if you put the uber-grav boots on OVER the anti-grav ones? Would that make you have normal gravity, make you float, or turn you into a duck?

  29. DemonRex says:

    If you punched him in the leg, he would make a ‘twaaangg’ noise. 😀

  30. Garrett says:

    My pants rip whenever I do that

  31. MetMan.EXE says:

    Ya’know there’s a difference between anti-grav and reverse-grav, right?

  32. Nero Rose says:

    At least he doesn’t have sideways gravity boots! -Cricket, cricket- I can hear you breathing out there.

  33. Matt says:

    This is, by far, the most clever comic you have posted. Well done, sir

  34. Niko says:

    I’m just giggling at his pose.

  35. Kanki-chan says:


    I so want Biff’s boots!

  36. Capn Steve says:

    To reply to the delicious mint sharpie, Yes he would be turned into a duck

  37. Terrorbob says:

    reverse the boots and they would probably spin around each other, making him into a corkscrew

  38. Elkian says:

    …thus undoing the ‘shrunk pants’ problem.

  39. teres says:

    Biff does too seem to learn from experiance… have you seen him do the same thing twice? Its forethought and planning that he lacks.

  40. Auntie Aku says:

    Biff doesn’t need to have kids. He is immortal, and thus, I think, he’ll never get old, either.

    There’s nothing wrong with my logic ( I know I spelled that wrong), you’re only seeing things.

  41. Amy says:

    Diamonds aren’t that dense, they’re just hard… In fact, the cubic structure makes them less dense than graphite, I think. Diamond-based pencils would ruin a lot of paper, though, unless you used a lot of wax… Hey, that’d be cool.

  42. MadMax says:

    Terrorbob, I was looking for that exact reply if I would of posted it 😀

  43. kaz says:

    In response as to why he needs gravity boots, It’s for when ne doesn’t pay his gravity bills.

    Now which ones did he mean to put on?

  44. Danielle says:

    Woahohoh, I’d never buy that ^ |^

  45. Creep says:

    ((Kiche Says:

    February 4th, 2007 at 1:50 pm
    DMC_Run, that is incorrect. Acceleration due to gravity is determined by the mass of the object in question and how far away it is. Density does not really matter.))

    Not entirely true. Jupiter’s mass is around 350 times Earth’s. Its gravity is around 2.5 or 3 times Earth’s. Low density is another way of saying most of the object’s mass is farther away.

  46. Pom Rania says:

    Ooowwww. That must HURT.

  47. trevor says:

    I wonder what it would be like kicking someone with one of thosse boots…

  48. Deteramot says:

    You couldn’t kick anybody. The Saturn Gravity boots cause your feet to be immovable from the ground, and if you kicked with the anti gravity boots on, you would just go into a constantly repeating flip until you turned them off.

    Also, Gravity is a product of Mass, not Density.

  49. Steffen says:

    Saturn’s gravity is only 1.064021315*Earth’s gravity… They wouldn’t have much effect, these boots.

    Also, gravity is proportional to mass and inversely proportional to the square of distance… Density is more appropriate than mass, but neither are particularly grand.

  50. solar says:

    I have a feeling that biff bought the saturn ones thinking they were like the iron boots from zelda

  51. Deteramot says:

    I rescind my original statement. Upon reviewing my facts, Density is the main part of gravity. E.g., A black hole? Super dense, super massive, low volume? High density=high gravity.

  52. Dart336 says:

    I know that would hurt me, ooooooooh….

    Maybe next time, Biff, you should put your saturn boots in the closet.

  53. Joanassie says:

    Will anyone reply to my old comment as MetMan that states that anti-grav is not reverse-grav necessarily?

  54. Ookami says:

    What would happen if he put them on the wrong feet? A tear in the space-time continuum? a paradox of some sort? Hm…

  55. wildace says:

    biff needs to learn to not buy stuff from every sales person he meets

  56. @Nero Rose:
    “*tap tap tap with cane* I know you’re in there! I CAN HEAR YOU CARING.”

  57. Benzene the Scientist says:

    The gravity relative to the Earth of Saturn is .916, so the saturn-gravity boots would actually make him weigh less, but not as much less as the anti-gravity boots would, but DMC_Run was right, density is relevant to gravity (and it’s low density is only because the atmosphere is 97% Hydrogen and 3% Helium, and so much of Saturn is atmosphere that even the extraordinarily dense core only brings the average density to .678g/cc), Saturn is about 95 earth masses, and with the large radius, the d^2 murders G. The anti-gravity boots wouldn’t be negative gravity (as shown in pic) but would most likely put Biff in a state of micro-gravity, or approximately 0Gs; similar to Joanassie’s point.

    Still a great comic 😀

  58. Arekkusu says:

    Und thus, Biff has discovered the dreaded UNIVERSAL SPLIT.

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