#884 – Ply

It’s so much fun seeing all the different costumes on Halloween. It’s funny how I don’t even recognize some of the kids until I see their parents. Some of the teenagers though don’t really try. They just go around wearing old mismatched clothes. I’m tempted to have a second bowl of candy just for them filled with only circus peanuts.

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44 thoughts on “#884 – Ply”

  1. nobrain says:

    aww you should’ve done a costume week.

  2. LazerWulf says:

    I actually happen to like Circus Peanuts.

  3. Viral says:

    That’s even worse than the “GUNDAM” box.

  4. I don’t eat candy (my teeth are hard enough to keep cavity-free as it is and sugar is a proven mild immunosupressant and addictive substance) but I used to collect it to trade to friends.

    My costumes were usually simple but clever ones. My record is probably the year when I went out dressed normally, but with a salt shaker and AA battery hanging from my neck. I told them I was “Assault and Battery” and consistently got candy for it.

  5. Drakey says:

    Yeah, I like the things, too. They’re circus peanuty. And they’re so easy to fill with cyanide.

  6. JC says:

    Circus peanuts, amazing things. Also you can’t blame the teens themselves for the DULL culture nowadays.

  7. Space Butler says:

    I hate seeing those lazy costumers too. However, Biff’s dracula costume is top notch.

  8. billy says:

    At least he isn’t dressed up as a pedestrian. Heard that one before.

  9. ZeoViolet says:

    The last time I “went” trick or treating I was nineteen and wore, aside from normal clothing, a witch’s hat–although only as a joke to two different aunts and uncles who lived nearby. *L* It was fun, but by that point I felt too old to do it for real. I only still went that year to haul my little brother around for HIS candy.

  10. Nilly says:

    I’m not allowed to go trick or treating, as according to my mum I’m ‘too old’. I am, however, allowed to dress up for Halloween the day before. For school.

    Can anybody tell me how that works out?

  11. PsihoKekec says:

    This Dracula board reminds me of some Darwin award.

  12. baughbe says:

    Best minimalist costume I did was the old ‘Arrow through the Head’ gag, but instead I set it so it went through my chest. I was an extra from “Dances with Wolves”.
    Circus Peanuts, They’re best when the outside has just gotten hard, but the inside is still good and soft.

  13. Just_Some_Dude says:

    Ahh, finally through the archive! Just have to say, this is an excellent, surreal comic that brings a smile my rainy day.
    Keep up the good work, Chris!

  14. Tonight, I get the last few pieces for my Andore costume. I wonder how many people here will be going as Biff…

  15. Kitsune Dzelda says:

    Yknow whats really freakin wierd?

    About 3 kids I know are goin trick or treatin as Michael Jackson. The irony of this hurts.

  16. MaskedMan says:

    I saw something like a dozen Michael Jackson-costumed kids at the the coffee shop this AM – hanging out whilst their mothers got their morning cup o’ ambition. It was like a scene from the ‘MJ Zombie Apocalypse Movie – Rug Rats edition.’

  17. RS says:

    Biff looks “Board” with Halloween

  18. SpriteMeister says:

    Psh, if they’re “too old” for halloween, and not bothering with a costume, I see no reason why you should give then the good stuff.

    Of course, a solution for if you think you’re too old is to go with someone a little younger and to wear a costume with a mask.
    Although, really the only reason I’m trick-or-treating this year instead of “handing out candy” (scaring the trick-or-treaters while my mom hands out candy) is because my girlfriend is making me come with her.

  19. Chris says:

    Dear everyone, SpriteMeister has a girlfriend.

  20. Solace says:

    One year I had my son crochet me a red “A”, and I wore that on a long chain. Not many people got it.

  21. Grace says:

    Lol at the Scarlet Letter. I too am a fan of the circus peanut and it’s squishy goodness. I’m far too old to trick or treat, myself, and my young are too young (as in, only 2 weeks old. *grin*). But a friend of mine built herself a werewolf costume from scratch, complete with digitigrade legs and full mask with working jaw. That’s way intense. I’m thinking of dressing as Biff. All I need are antennae and black pipe cleaners for a mouth. And some plywood with Dracula written on it in Sharpie.

  22. Space Butler says:

    No,no. Get a white paper plate, put pipe cleaners on that, and strap it to your face. The rest is plain clothes and chuck taylors. Oh, and remember to tuck your shirt in.

  23. Ziriath says:

    In simplicity is the power… and Biff is pale enough to be a vampire. Thank you, Chris, you made my day better.

  24. Ziriath says:

    He should have used his two emergency arms..A man with four arms and extra long eyebrows doesnt need a costume.

  25. Hershey says:

    Even if my parents say I’m too old, I’m going trick-or-treating this year.
    I’ll be a blue haired pirate wearing a suit.
    Just because.

    I love Biff’s costume.
    Are the fangs supposed to be replaced by his eyebrows? xD

  26. 84 says:

    im 25 and i still go trick or treating.but i make a new costume every year.mask and everything.this years is a blue and white wolf monster :}

  27. Kratospie says:

    Biff has the Best Costume Ever. I couldn’t even tell it was him at first.

  28. The Scarf says:

    I wore my costume to school today. Everyone thought I was Amelia Earhart.
    They weren’t TOO far off….I was an airship pirate.

  29. Polymorph says:

    Since around a couple years ago, I actually stopped going out on Halloween to get candy. No, I simply decided to try and see how scary I can make the costume and see how people react to it.

    That said, I still felt bad when I accidentally made a five-year-old girl cry because of my costume. 🙁

  30. The Dustin says:

    I wish I’d seen this before I went to walmart, I decided to try and make a Tron costume overnight since I learned I can wear a costume to work tomorrow. Biff’s costume is more awesome though, cause you could flip it over and now you’re frankenstein. Kudos Biff, I’d give Biff more candy for that awesomeness.

  31. Croc says:

    For the last 5 years or so, I’ve been reduced to the whole “take the siblings around and get candy out of pity” thing. But this year, I’ve decided that I’m going to chill out at home, make a nice cup of coffee, and hand out candy to the chillerkins while wearing my mad scientist costume and laughing strangely at them. Wonder how many parents pull their children away.

  32. Ziriath says:

    We Czech dont celebrate Halloween…:’-( its reduced only to visiting the cemetery.

    Almost everyone liked my mummy costume I made from kilometers of bandage and toilet paper, but it was for the Last school ring performance half year ago, not for Halloween.

  33. Ziggy Stardust says:

    I went to an event where young people go around and get candy from people, and I realized I had forgotten how to when I didn’t say ‘Trick or Treat’ the first couple times. I was just some person who’d shown up and held out their hand for candy.
    That made me feel bad.

  34. Matt Lee says:

    Hey! Vampires need candy too!

  35. Neblin says:

    I’m going as AltaÏr from assassins creed this year. Still need to make the hood better, though.

  36. sco3tt says:

    That’s quite a thought provoking costume. He’s Dracula and has a board on his chest so you can’t stake him easily. Brilliant and multifaceted! Of course if you break up the board it could BE the stake, but if you break it up he’s not Dracula, but staking will still kill him.

    I always thought that was odd, Vampires known for being killable by a stake through the heart. Sorta like almost everything else.

  37. gelugon2105 says:

    True. If the teenagers can’t even put in the effort to pretend to be something else, they won’t be able to put in any effort for anything.

  38. Kate says:

    I love circus peanuts!

  39. Pat says:

    My mom always used to have a separate bowl for kids she deemed too old for trick-or-treating. She gave them each a penny.

  40. Crystal says:

    I actually do that, but with raisins.

  41. Robert says:

    I sort of feel sorry for Biff. I don’t think his lazy, just stupid. And he probably really tried dressing up (or thought he did) and would really want some candy…. poor Biff

  42. Wikimancer says:

    Hey, I happen to like circus peanuts. Why does everyone feel the need to hate on them? :-

  43. D Jenky says:

    I’ll admit to being one of those teenagers that goes around on Halloween without much of a costume, I do have a black cloak I wear at least, but instead I go for performance. I act it up, walk up to the door and instead of saying “Trick or treat!” I’ll start chanting evilly until they hand me candy.

  44. Marscaleb says:

    Filled with only circus peanuts?
    That’s the most evil thing I’ve ever heard!

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