#870 – Errand

Aw nuts, I drank the last of the milk last night… how am I supposed to enjoy my morning bowl of Super-Noodle Bran? All my clothes are in the washing machine, I really shouldn’t leave the house like this. Ah what the heck, just a quick trip to the store, who cares what I look like?

[insert 80’s music time passing montage]

Oh hey Steve, I haven’t seen you since high school. That’s so cool that you are the district manager of these grocery stores now. Yes… you have seen me in this sweatshirt before. You have a really good memory.


15 thoughts on “#870 – Errand”

  1. I’m much more interested in where he got the never-ending extension cord.


    I’ve heard of barrel chested, but never washer chested!

  3. Tigergulp says:

    Um what happens when it goes into the spin cycle? @_@

  4. Drakey says:

    Awesome hilarity, that’s what.

  5. sco3tt says:

    Just one more reason to dislike Steve. and its a nice sweater, how dare he wrinkle up his nose at it? no avoiding laundry day though, the alternative is stgnkey.

  6. Matt Lee says:

    For those of you with one set of clothes the porto-washer!

  7. Three of Nineteen says:

    I wonder what is more purely white – the washing machine or Biff’s skin. Either way, wear sunglasses before beholding.

  8. Nate Fakes says:

    Especially if you accidentally use bleach with the colors

  9. -2! says:

    Love how the little story below the comic involves Biff’s cereal!

  10. Marr965 says:

    @ Tigergulp: The washing machine turns into a spinning cube of DEATH!

  11. sco3tt says:

    And if he reaches out to press the Walk button, will he drop the washer? Could be trouble.

    Tomorrow, do we get to see how he deals with a front loading dryer outfit?

  12. Wizard says:

    Never mind the extension cord, I want to know where the water line is coming from.

  13. Hershey says:

    @sco3tt ; The power of the eyebrows can be used in replacement for hands.

    I’m just wondering if theres any streaking laws in this little world of Biff, because someone is bound to steal that washer.

  14. gelugon2105 says:

    Mashing machine chambers aren’t exactly very safe to be worn as makeshift clothes.

  15. Micah says:

    That washing machine doesn’t look like it covers as much as it should. We should all be thankful he drew it at the angle he did.

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