#776 – Worthington

I eat a lot of repetitious food. I frequently have the same meal for dinner, then lunch, then dinner again, then a second lunch. She thinks I’m weird but her meals are good and I like getting more of a good thing. The only problems arise when she makes too many good things too close together. All the leftovers stack up in the refrigerator waiting for their moment in the microwave.

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31 thoughts on “#776 – Worthington”

  1. TCC says:

    yaknow, I hear that happens with red bull too… is it possible that red bull is condenced liquified chicken sandwich?

  2. Plant says:

    No, he’s just eating red bull sandwiched that taste like chicken.

  3. Vidja says:

    There is never “Too many chicken sandwiches”

  4. Steriema says:

    Half naked-Biff week? Strange add-ons week? Food malfunction week?
    Another brilliant week of brilliant Biff’s?

  5. LazerWulf says:

    Totally called it. See, if he was going to do mainstream Marvel, he wouldn’t have started with Cyclops. Not only has Cyclops never been anything BUT an X-Man, He was one of the 5 Original X-Men. 5 X-Men, 5 Days a week, it was the perfect fit.

    Now for another prediction: “Drake” will feature a “Brain-Freeze”

  6. Micah says:

    It was that Red Bull Biff drank a few minutes prior to that sandwich.

  7. i.half4 says:

    Unoriginality: X-Men
    speearr: X-Men origins
    LazerWulf: X-Men Origins – original 5
    Chris may have also picked up on -2!’s speed week, as that is obviously fast food chicken. Perhaps this also explains the Micky D banner ad.

    TCC: LOL! – Product placement and ad$ week?
    Or: Movie week! X-Men, Dogma (Kevin Smith, aka Silent Bob)…

  8. Linzleh says:

    Perhaps Biff should reuse the hand sanitizer and attempt laser hair…oops, wing removal. Does this have anything to do with “you are what you eat?”

  9. Space Butler says:

    Clearly, Biff is going to be rogue all week and steal. Todays domination of (arch)angel isn’t enough for him.

  10. He isn’t ARCH Angel yet. He only became Archangel when A-pokey-lips (Thank you, Deadpool <3) pulled off his wings and replaced them with cybernetic versions. At least thats my limited understanding, my vault of Useless X-Men Trivia mostly centers around Wolverine.

  11. Heinrich says:

    how ’bout it’s just ‘what artificial stuff can to do you’ week?

  12. Grug says:

    It’s accidental superpowers week!

    Monday: Heat Vision
    Tuesday: Flight

  13. Frank says:

    I resemble this stip :p

  14. ZeoViolet says:

    Yeah X-men week but I also thought of Haibane Renmei for some odd reason…

  15. Dzelda says:

    Well, this puts a whole new spin on “you are what you eat.”

    Lol that Biff cracks me up XD

  16. Crimson_regret says:

    Defanitly classic X-men week, I was beaten to it, but I totally agree!

  17. MaskedMan says:

    Someone has likely already said it, but I’m in pain, and not bothering to read: “Mutant abilities gained from irresponsible use of food” week.

    I think disinfectant-laser eyes are more useful than tiny chicken wings…

  18. billy says:

    I agree with X-men week. Also the titles are, so far, the last names of the original 5. Maybe tomorrow will be McCoy or Drake.

  19. Matt Lee says:

    Strange mutations due to food week, too much, week, no shirt week, C’mon…I have to be right somewhere! Unless I was right yesterday…strange side effects from products week.

    Besides there is no such thing as too many chicken sandwiches!

  20. Matt Lee says:

    How do you make your comics? Do you have a template where you draw them out and use a vector program to make it look nice and add the words and stuff?

  21. Chris says:

    @Matt Lee – Everything is drawn from scratch each day in Photoshop. When the drawing is done I shrink it down and put it into my web template that has the title and generic caption.

  22. Unoriginality says:

    Dude, guys? Who are guessing anything but X-Men? Look at the titles for the comics- those are X-Men names that match the superpowers Biff’s gaining. 9_9

  23. Radical Edward says:

    I think it’s funny how there are few foods I like. I’m happy eating lots of interesting foods.

  24. i.half4 says:

    @ Unoriginality: Why argue (simile-ically) that something is a man, but not an animal as well? What’s your point?

    Just for that, I’m guessing again, thanks to Matt Lee, who reminded me of the mutants from Light Years. The theme waswillbe that.

  25. TCC says:

    hmm… I wonder how biff will go about getting the powers of te beast? (it seems my brain is failing me for his real name at the moment…) although, I guess gene grey would be easy seeing as Biff has shown telekenetic capabilities in the past…(that is if chris actually uses her seeing as she wasn’t technicaly an “original” X-man, but rather the first addition… sure she was added in like the first issue, but still I don’t see here as an original..)

  26. -2! says:

    @ Unoriginality

    I have never read a single xman comic, nor seen any of the movies…

    For that matter i have never read a single comic book (as opposed to strip)

    For that matter I have only enjoyed one movie in my life out of the few I have been forced to watch.

    I am strange!

    Also Chris feel free to make a monday comic then attempt to use all of my theme guesses as the theme (or at least a lot of them)

  27. ZackDark says:

    -2!: ‘I am strange!’
    Lol, would have never guessed 😛

    now really, don’t you all love how Chris simply comment about the obvious theme of a comic and never the ‘secret’ one we all see?

  28. Reg says:

    @ ZackDark: Yes, I have noticed that… which is why I don’t post my guesses of the week’s theme now. So now I’ll never be wrong! GENIUS! ;P

  29. YukiSnowflake says:

    …why does this remind me of the episode of super mario bros my brother was watching earlier…
    (*bowser sold burgers that turned people into chickens, so he could cook THEM and sell them for even more. genius, not.*)

  30. Elkian says:

    *insert growth hormone joke here*

  31. common comic reader says:

    Original x-men week!

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