#775 – Summers

This was not inspired by real life events. I am not a germaphobe. I do not have mysophobia. That large bottle of hand lotion on my desk has nothing to do with the number of times I wash my hands. Completely unrelated to this, I can’t remember the last time I was sick.

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36 thoughts on “#775 – Summers”

  1. Unoriginality says:

    OH HAY X-MEN WEEK. Or Marvel week, one of the two.

  2. MadDavid says:

    Deffinitely sound advice.

  3. About 63 Ninjas says:

    Its sanitation week.

  4. speearr says:

    X-men origins: Cyclops…

  5. Michael says:

    What’s the first thing you want to do after cutting up chilies or onions? Been there, done that, nowhere near as painful as the time I snorted wasabi sauce for a dare (and $50!).

  6. Drakey says:

    I fear nothing will be funny after today’s xkcd…
    That said, pretty amusing.

  7. LazerWulf says:

    I predict the next four comics will be titled: Drake, McCoy, Worthington, and Grey, in no particular order. (Going of the original 5 X-Men)

  8. Space Butler says:

    I think Biff’s mutant power is some sort of flawed immortality, or a twisted variation of heightened intellect.

  9. Trypno01 says:

    It’s alright, we won’t question the handlotion, or the box of tissues…

  10. linuxxorcist says:

    @drakey: troll-bane for the win! i need to get meatspace famous just to do that

    imaging, your salting you walk in the midst of a (stereotypically, last year’s 23 inches was the most in, like, 50 years in Vancouver) long Canadian winter, the grains lodge under your nails, and your eyes begin to itch from the dry air…

  11. linuxxorcist says:

    sorry ’bout the double post, but the following have a high likelyhood of being the tiles this week: Xavier, lansherr, grey, munroe, d’ancanto. a suprising number of characters have no last or “non-mutant” name, logan is special though, his memory loss means he has no ability of regaining it. on a side note, he should be able to watch ten minutes of history channel and get a billion flashbacks, so what’s up with that?

  12. The Dustin says:

    What about the likelihood of things like Parker, Storm, Stark, Banner, or any of the OTHER Marvel character’s last names, or even comic book characters in general, just cause the first one lands in X-men doesn’t mean they all will. Give Chris some credit, I’ll bet he’s got something original up his sleeve, and I’m not talking about a wrist-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser… That’s been there for months.


  14. Chris says:

    @unconscious ink – YES IT DOES… or at least I imagine that it would… I don’t really know.

  15. baughbe says:

    How to develop Super Powers with common products found in your kitchen and bath week…. Yes, I NEED to know more….. Muhahahaha!

  16. Hershey says:

    Oh gawd, I’ve made that mistake before. And I’ve also used hand sanittizer then ate lunch.. Not even tacos tasted good then.

  17. Space Butler says:

    I’m guessing marvel week

  18. i.half4 says:

    @ Michael: Be grateful. Wasabi is stronger, but it doesn’t last as long. Or at least it works like that in the sinoviaculinary way. And I wouldn’t reccomend testing this experience by any other method.

    …Maybe for $500.00, though.

  19. i.half4 says:

    I had a similar experience when I got some steak tacos at Milwaukee’s Bradford Beach snack bar. They looked *really* good in the article about great summer eats, but the eye did not reveal from the picture or the item itself what the mouth was in for. I believe there may have been a warning at the counter, but who takes those things seriously?

  20. Matt Lee says:

    It could also be bad side effects week. Or ignoring warning labels week. Or…something!!! I don’t know!

  21. i.half4 says:

    Well, it sure does look like The X-Men have it, but I’m going to guess Hammertime (paka Don’t Hurt ‘Em) week. [possiblyAKA]

    U Cain’t Touch This

  22. Radical Edward says:

    That’s kind of freaky.
    I haven’t been sick lately. Just injured. I don’t keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on hand.

  23. Meeeeee says:

    ahhh thats not as bad as rubbing your eyes after getting sambo sauce (its like insanly hot chilli stuff that seems to be made to burn through tables, people like it) now that was painfull o god did it hurt

  24. Reg says:

    Hmmm, I thought Biff already had mutant powers. The power of laughter! (I am obvious missing that power…)

  25. -2! says:

    My week guesses!

    – Fire Week
    – Eye Week
    – Sanitation Week
    – Chris denying something week
    – Paranoia week
    – Unexpected Reactions week
    – Speed week
    – Waiting week
    – time week

    Thats all i got.

  26. ZeoViolet says:

    Aww crap….I did that last week! Not with sanitizer, but I am fond of slicing cucumbers and soaking them in vinegar (with salt or salt substitute) and I unthinkingly did this after I had finished with the vinegar. OWIE!

  27. -2! says:

    @ linuxxorcist

    Thats because its Vancouver, that area of Canada gets less winter then anywhere else in the country because of pacific currents. Even though it is well north of where I live.

    We get normally over 3 feet of snow.

  28. Croc says:

    I don’t get it.
    Why X-men week?

  29. JSW says:

    To be honest I do enjoy lighting hand sanitizer on fire if it contains enough alcohol…

  30. Mophtran says:

    Chris, you just jinxed yourself! Now you’re going to get sick.

  31. The week before this comic, we set off bug bombs in our house and I didn’t cover my contact lens case. The next morning, I was wondering why my eyes were burning so much. I considered calling in blind.

  32. Unoriginality says:

    @Croc Look at the title for the comic- Summers. Scott Summers, as in Cyclops. The next one is Worthington, as in Warren Worthington III, who is Angel, thus the wings. Totally called it. (LazerWulf was far more specific and therefore technically more correct, though. Shoot.)

  33. dartigen says:

    Still, at least Biff doesn’t have to keep his eyes closed unless he has special glasses.
    I wonder if they make contact lenses for that…(alright, yes, I just want red eyes. C’mon, it’d be cool!)

  34. Foxhound2 says:

    Hand sanitizer in your eyes burns xP

  35. Jay says:

    In bootcamp, we used hand sanitizer to get rid of pink eye. The crazy thing is is that it worked.

  36. Person says:

    …It has to do with other things, the lotion. And it does–but when I get pink eye, I’ll remember that.

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