#741 – Detritivore

Small creatures, plus time equals a big mess. A friend of mine was given a pickup truck that had been sitting idle for a long time. It was a sort of “If you can clean it out, it’s yours.” type of deal. I had nightmares the night she told me of the horrors she found inside. Nightmares involving hundreds of mice skeletons, tiny spaces and a car wash vacuum cleaner.

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25 thoughts on “#741 – Detritivore”

  1. Speakerblast says:

    Quick Biff! Use the remote under the couch to turn on the anti-termite defence system!

  2. Grug says:

    Inventions week!

    Hmm. This one isn’t that funny, actually.

  3. C'ntarek says:

    First time poster, long time reader, hello to all!
    love the comics, never got around to posting.
    my termites know me by first name, so we get along pretty well.

  4. bizzybody says:

    I tried to do the survey but it doesn’t work in Google Chrome.

  5. SEA says:

    Another suspiciously familiar survey done XD

    Sorry, no wooden floor in this HDB flat. :p

  6. Chris says:

    I thought Biff had put on a few pounds.

  7. dartigen says:

    Invention week, or maybe crazy machines week.

    I remember living in a wooded area. Our mailbox was always filled with spiders, and the remains of spiders. When we opened our Christmas decorations box that year, we found a huge, mummified huntsman spider, and a couple of mouse bones. We threw it all out before we could see if there was anything alive in there.

  8. C4Pottery says:

    I love all the little details, like the remote and assorted debris under the couch.

  9. Chris says:

    @dartigen – Aaaaaaah!

  10. If law HR669 gets passed, won’t that truck become illegal to own?

    (see the website in my name if you don’t get it)

  11. Mophtran says:


    I don’t think that’s a remote. Looks more like an old video to me 😉 (I don’t have the time to look through old biffcomics because I’m almost out the door for work O: )

  12. Mophtran says:

    on closer inspection, it is a remote, but biff could have lost that VHS again!

  13. Grug says:

    I once had a volunteer job cleaning old historical houses. We had to do a basement with strange spider shaped clumps of mold….

  14. Micah says:

    The theme is wood. His cell phone looked like it was made out of wood.

  15. ZackDark says:

    @Chris: Aaaaaaaaaaaaah indeed

  16. jahg says:

    Biff should get some carpets down, then at least he’d have a few moments to sort of sag through the floor.



  17. DTanza says:

    Wow Biff looks annoyed.

  18. no name says:

    Biff’s stuff week!

  19. Micah says:

    @DTanza: How can you tell?

  20. Polymorph says:

    @DTanza: No, that’s the face Biff wears for every occasion.

  21. Stealth1525 says:

    Is it just me, or is Biff’s forehead massive?

  22. jahg says:

    @Stealth1525: It appears to be a bit misshapen, yes. Maybe Chris has forgotten how to draw him after last weeks “Baby Biff” series. :



  23. Osa says:

    how deep is the space under Biff’s floorboards?

  24. Gul says:

    Hmm, i heard once that you could get plague from trucks like that.

  25. Random McPerson says:

    there’s a penny under the fridge

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