#737 – Clinker

My blanket always worked as an impenetrable shield of invisibility when I was a kid. Too bad it doesn’t still work that way. It would be a convenient way to remove myself from boring meetings at work. All their new assignments would bounce off of me and land in the trees outside the conference room window. Do crows know how to use photoshop?


30 thoughts on “#737 – Clinker”

  1. speearr says:

    And then later in the baby-sitter-proofing business…. 😉

  2. Shorty says:

    Hmmmm….Yep, that room looks pretty sound to me.
    I should’ve hired Biff when I was a kid.

  3. Darkpheonix005 says:

    Blankets always were a nice shield. they covered your entire body and magically kept all the creepy monsters under the bed where they belonged.
    Childhood memories week.

  4. Izual Shima says:

    Biff the Younger® definitely does not play around with such serious security breaches. Though if he handles the monster in the closet like that, I shudder to think how he’d approach bigger otherworldly threats. Ghostbusters on neutron-laced crack.

    It’s still on the defensive side though. I can certainly imagine him going more ballistic if push comes to shove…

    Protective blankets ftw. Also, blanket + flashlight = sneaky staying awake overlate for rebellious reading.
    Those were the times of being afraid of the easy, straightforward things with a face to them. Instead of being afraid of fear, emotional exposure, failure, loneliness, global warming, escalating crime, or anything else that may more commonly apply to us “grown-up’s.”

    @Kurast: I’m pretty sure by now that you don’t read other people’s comments. But still…where did you get your nickname from?

  5. greenimp says:

    Everyone knows the trick is to put the blanket over the MONSTERS head *rollseyes*

  6. its a really lucrative market.

  7. A-Code says:

    Here in Belgium we recently have a commercial about little kids who are building windmills, driving trucks, isolating houses and instaling solarpanelishthingies while wearing grown-up clothing in a very small size…

    Makes me wonder… You guys don’t have the same commercial in America, right? ‘Cuz this Bifflet reminds me of that commercial…

  8. A-Code says:

    oh, yeah, and it’s now 1:42 pm according to my clock here…

  9. DaveF says:

    I love Biff’s star sheets.

  10. Guru Sweet Pickle says:

    Looks like Biff the Younger’s got the under-the-bed sorted nicely, too. But why does his star-spangled mattress bring to mind a slab of concrete…?

    Also, I’m starting a drive to assist Izual Shima in his search for truth. I propose that all of us end our posts by petitioning Kurast for the origins of his forum handle.

    So, Kurast, where’s your nickname from? 😉

  11. Are you seriously trying to tell us that Biff doesn’t know how to monster-proof office cabinets?


  12. Amy says:

    I must cocoon myself in my blanket or I can’t relax enough to fall asleep. Maybe it’s from my “afraid of monsters” stage. Even on really hot nights, I still – at the very least – have my feet burrowed in a blanket.

  13. MythMonk says:

    That bed looks mighty uncomfortable

  14. Niha says:

    That was a different thing Andore Mordre. The Gungerlock was a pet.
    On another subject, Biff was such a cute kid…

  15. no name says:

    I love little Biff. He’s so cute. Did he ever have a different clothing style? Maybe in old age he will.

  16. DTanza says:

    Isn`t Mini-Biff® soooo cute?


  17. A.L. says:

    Biff the Younger-Keeping you safe from the monsters in your closet and under the bed since 1980.

    And the people have spoken.We demandth a Biff the Older.

  18. Julie says:

    Biff the Younger….SUPER Genius… (and cute too)

  19. Crimson1regret says:

    Ideas that worked as a kid but not so much as an adult, week?

  20. -JAD- says:

    BiffKid is great.

  21. LouisZepher says:

    “…My blanket always worked as an impenetrable shield of invisibility…”
    Did you happen to grow up on Traal, by any chance?

  22. -2! says:

    Wait did Chris just prove there are multiple Biffs?

    “Every time you buy a book, a little Biff gets his eyebrows.”

    or is it just that the little Biff got so many eyebrows that there that long

  23. Osa says:

    Their has to be unless Biff has several clones of himself that havent matured yet

  24. -2! says:

    Also the monsters i faced as a child were much to advanced for Biff they could pass right though solid objects!

  25. codenameV says:

    yeah,they hatched from eggs

  26. Bladeryder13 says:

    yeah we need an old biff and welcome back the duck 😀

  27. Deteramot says:

    Hmmm…. I wonder if this is how he amassed his fortune, selling Monster and Babysitter proofing for a house as a kid.

  28. Nokore says:

    Baby Biff!! >w<

  29. Allie says:

    Biff the Builder, can he build it? YES HE CAN! ;-P

  30. YukiSnowflake says:

    Now all we need is TeenBiff.
    Go Biff!!!
    I wish i could sell my younger brother and replace him with KidBiff, hes soooooo adorable!

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