#713 – Gaia

One day I will be driving somewhere in my car and I will be bored, my mind wandering to other places that I would rather be. I will then come upon a semi truck hauling some sort of unknown cargo. As I pull up behind the truck I will notice that someone has taken their finger and drawn something into the dirt clinging to the door of the trailer. Much to my surprise it will be a drawing of Biff with the caption “Biff was here.” This will happen… someday.


38 thoughts on “#713 – Gaia”

  1. Edem says:

    If I could afford, I’d totally buy a “Biff was here” t-shirt… thing is, ordering shirts from other countries is too much for me, especially because the shipping usually costs 3-4 times the shirt’s price.

    …but I think others might want to buy it too…

  2. Michael says:

    I’ve been wondering, roughly how large is your readership? Do you have any server statistics about the number of unique IPs or MAC IDs?

  3. Keldarran says:

    damn damn damn damn damn – now I have to go out and draw Bif on every dirty vehicle I can find, I may be in a different country to you but the thought counts I’m sure

  4. Just spread the biff!!!

  5. The Dukenator says:

    @Edem It could happen if Chris wants to produce a “Biff was here” shirt. ‘Biff was here’ is a play on ‘Kilroy was here’

  6. Fibb says:

    @Keldarran – my thoughts exactly!

  7. Kit-Kun says:

    I’m under the impresstion that Chris live the US, like I, so any dirty veichel I find, I will, if I can, I’ll write ‘Biff was here’. ^~^ Can’t wait to see tommrow!

  8. Chris says:

    @Michael – I get 10-12 thousand visitors a day on weekdays.

    @Kit-Kun – You are correct!

  9. Redjo says:

    Heh, now every dirty car is now a possible canvas for biff. I’ll be taking time out of every day now to go searching in hopes of the same occurrence.

  10. Lesley says:

    This needs to happen. I will do my best!

  11. Well Killroy was fingers coming down, nose and forehead up. What would Biff be? Fingers down, forehead and eyebrows up?

    That would be some kind of awesome, wouldn’t it?

  12. Micah says:

    I’m REALLY looking forward to tomorrow’s now. Something to do with Aether, amirite?

  13. Rasheed says:

    How the hell are we supposed to draw a Biff in dirt? All I can come up with is an egg-looking thing with a crack and a couple lightning bolts.

    Poor Biff. He’s legally growing grass in his room, but alas, no one shall be impressed.

  14. I’ll make a point of Biffing something over here and taking a picture. I probably won’t tag a dirty car though. I hate the feel of dry dirt. Makes me shudder.

  15. Kurast says:

    And so the new viral fad hits the streets of america: Strange faces with long eyebrows and mouths wider than the face.

  16. Lucas Chromeck says:

    Already did it on my Dad’s car…

  17. Lucas Chromeck says:

    From time to time my dad cross the country to fish in Mato Grosso state (I’m in São Paulo state) and when he is back his car gets dirty all over and I have write everything you can imagine (like: “How am I driving?” “You are with me, you are with GOD” “Mean Machine” “Clean me!” and goes on…).

    Last time, it was something like “Biffmobile” and a pic of Biff right on top of it (and yeah, I can drawn him pretty well).

  18. Erik says:

    Start a website called bifftags.com or something to that effect where people can submit pictures of things they’ve Biffed, Biffied or Biffified. That’ll make it happen.

  19. billy says:

    I will set to spread the Biff up in the frozen wastelands of Canada. Only it’s not so much frozen anymore because it’s spring. Still there are dirty cars all over the place.

  20. dartigen says:

    Or a Flickr thing.

  21. Chris says:

    @dartigen – A Flickr thing is probably the best idea. 🙂

  22. The Dustin says:

    Soo…. you used earth, fire, wind, and water (not necessarily in that order) Now what? CAPTAIN PLANET!!!

  23. The Dustin says:

    only issue with Captain Planet-Biff… two words: green Mullet

  24. Mad Mule says:

    so i take we need to spread the word of biff????

  25. no name says:

    Can’t wait for aether! I think this might just be my favorite themed-week, Chris.

  26. Stealth1525 says:

    i call elements week

  27. Speakerblast says:

    Sigh. Only one in 10-12 thousand. I’d have to say that a large amount of your readers likely come because of your awesome banner ads. Seriously, they’re great.

  28. William Syler says:

    But if it was Captain Planet then the 5th Element is Heart! So Chris would have to represent that, so no Captain Planet Biff, I think….

  29. Ziggles the Magnifico says:

    Are there any trucks direct from Texas to you, Chris? ‘Cause if there are, I’m on it.

  30. -2! says:

    Wow how did you know i tag the back of trucks with Biff all the time, I live in Canada!

  31. DTanza says:

    Yeesh Biff get a maid!

  32. Tomorrow, I’ll tell the story of Biff fighting the elementals…Quest For Glory 2 style.

    Since QFG2 only had Fire, Wind, Earth, and Water, I’ll see if I can add the fifth element in.

  33. Linzleh says:

    Ahh, a roll in the deep grass. Spring is calling! Mythology week for Biff? The power of the Biff shall have world-wide impact now with hasty translations via finger and spray can.

  34. Eric says:

    I’ve done that twice already so keep an eye out for them 😉

  35. Now that you’ve mentioned it, you WILL find a Biff tag on something. I hope to get close enough to a truck to draw him in the dust sometime. Being in Missouri, chances of a Garrett-tagged truck reaching you are pretty good, if I actually do it.

  36. Diran-Kun says:

    I want to see a van with “Please overtake quietly, refugees asleep.” drawn on the side.

  37. Radical Edward says:

    I remember someone writing “I DIRTY BUS” and “Also available in white” on the backs of a bus and truck respectively.

    The only likely places I could think of for “Biff was here” is a landmark where someone did something stupid.

  38. BrainpanSonata says:

    Ah, Elemental Biff week!

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