#690 – Fr g l

S m t m s w j st g t n th h b t f b y ng s m th ng w th t r l z ng th t w s d t b bl t d t rs lv s f r ch p r. Wh n w s k d nd w f rst g t m cr w v w g t sp c l m cr w v p pp r. Th n t g t p p l r t b y m cr w v p pc rn s ld n b gs. Th t’s h w ‘v t n m st p pc rn f r th p st 20 y rs. j st r c ntly r l z d h w ch p pl n p pc rn k rn ls r nd h w sy nd b tt r t st ng t s. ‘v b n m k ng t n th m cr w v st ll b t j st p tt ng pl n p pc rn n br wn p p r b g. Ch p nd cr spy.


72 thoughts on “#690 – Fr g l”

  1. -2! says:

    I program… I do this with variable names…

    Awesome comic!!!

    Saving money week?

  2. kenshin620 says:

    …ok I began reading the message. but then I just got tired and decided to wait for those who will post the whole message anyway.

    …rocket design…biff crash his last one already? he goes through them like pairs of socks.

  3. Speakerblast says:


  4. Micah says:

    Yes, but how much was the jar of vowels?

  5. -2! says:

    I must desipher this

    Some times we just got n?th he bit of buying some thing with tore lazing the tow is dot be blue to do tors love so for chop or. When we see kid and we first get me crew view got special my crew eve pepper. Then to got pep el rot buy my crew eve popcorn sold an bags. That’s how I’ve ton must popcorn for the past 20 years. just recently real zed how chap plan popcorn kernels rand how say and better to sting it is. I‘v been making ten them crew eve still bet just petting plain popcorn in a brown paper bag. Cheap and crispy.

    I think there was acutely a message there, I’m also impressed that i got all real words but one (sorry for the double post)

  6. Julien says:

    ‘Sometimes we just get in the habit of buying something without realizing that we…’
    someone care to take it away from there?

  7. MaskedMan says:

    I am SO not going to bother decoding this. Just looking at it caused my brain to cringe.

  8. PsychoDuck says:

    Y g ys r ll b nch f l ghtw ghts. f y ‘r r ll h v ng th s m ch tr bl r d ng th b v , th nk t’s t m t st rt d ng m r cr ssw rds nd l ss s d k .

    W ll, nt r ll , j st w nt d s m th ng l ng t t pe, nd th s s rt f j st h pp n d t c me t.

    Th D ck H s Sp k n.

  9. PsychoDuck says:

    h cr p lft v w l n th t c mm nt. ‘m s sh m d.

    Th D ck H s Sp k n.

  10. MadDavid says:


    Sometimes we just get in the habit of buying something without realizing that we used to be able to do it ourselves far cheeper. When I was a kid and we first got a microwave we got a special microwave popper. Then it got popular to buy microwave popcorn sold in bags. That’s how I‘ve eaten most popcorn for the past 20 years. I just recently realized how cheep plain popcorn kernals are and how easy and better tasting it is. I‘ve been making it in the microwave still but just putting plain popcorn in a brown paper bag. Cheep and crispy.

  11. MadDavid says:

    My brain cringes at nothing! NOTHING!!!!!

  12. speearr says:

    Exellent, this!
    @MadDavid: U need spellcheck, seriously. Good work though.

  13. LazerWulf says:

    And the answer is… “frugal”

    Main Entry: fru·gal
    Pronunciation: ˈfrü-gəl
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Middle French or Latin; Middle French, from Latin frugalis virtuous, frugal, from frug-, frux fruit, value; akin to Latin frui to enjoy
    Date: 1590
    Definition: characterized by or reflecting economy in the use of resources
    synonyms: see sparing

  14. Heinrich says:

    i think the biggest problem with posting vowelless comments on websites is that, when the browser is interpreting html and converting it into a nice layout, it takes as many spaces as are in a row and only prints out one. i ended up pulling chris’s comment out of the source code for this page and pasting it into notepad and replacing spaces with vowels from there.

    …maybe i’m just a nerd for knowing how this stuff works… meh. i like knowing it.

  15. Kurast says:

    Something’s missing…

  16. Primera Espada - Ryan says:

    Lol Chris. First comic that’s made me REALLY laugh in a while.
    @Heinrich: …dammit, this makes me mad that I didn’t think of that.

  17. Namu says:

    Well, back in the old days (meaning REAL old, antiquity period) writing was hard job only the most qualified (read: expensive) workers, so when many civilizations invented writing a lot of them cheapened out on vowels and only wrote consonants.

  18. soc says:

    y c n l ck my scr t m :p

  19. Chris says:

    @MadDavid – I think you get 10 points for that one. 🙂

  20. ZackDark says:

    isn´t “y” counted as a vowel too? 😛

  21. Chris says:

    @ZackDark – Sometimes… when it is the only vowel in in the word like “why.”

  22. Jackson says:

    I especially like how it’s a book on rocket design.

  23. MaskedMan says:

    You’re thinking “Arabic,” and the like, aren’t you..? I hated trying to learn how to read that. I can speak it well enough (for a beginner), but read it? Only on a good day, when I’ve got a full load of coffee in me.

  24. HeWhoIsBob says:

    This makes me think of how some comics and pictures are only part of the larger piece, and mean more or is just funnier, when it’s with the original post that comes with it.

  25. Lucas Chromeck says:

    Brilliant comic!
    Biff makes us laugh, makes us cry (I’m crying cause I took an hour to decipher that message, all wrong, and the true message was just posted underneath it!)…

    Chris and MadDavid are the only ones getting points here!

  26. MadDavid says:

    Hebrew is another no-written-vowels language, and it’s older than Arabic

  27. MadDavid says:

    As far as the spelling, understand that I deciphered it at 11:30 PM local time, and my brain tends to get extra-phonetic when I’m tired.

  28. Morzikei says:

    ah, I see Biff’s planning another interstellar voyage… let’s hope this one goes better (funnier)

  29. -2! says:

    @ MadDavid good job deciphering it. In my “attempt” I was just making words and not trying to make sense. Partly because i didn’t even realizes that it actually said anything to near the end.
    @ Heinrich I am making a website from scratch! How on earth did I forget about that… Next time use non-breaking space Chris.

  30. Morzikei says:

    *even better
    *even funnier

  31. Mophtran says:

    @MadDavid: Cheap, not cheep. 😀

  32. Psymon says:

    Frankly, if the discount book is going to require me to decipher it before reading it, I will gladly buy the vowels. Spaces, on the other hand, are relatively optional–most texts do not become illegible or hopelessly ambiguous when you squish the words together. Most English, on the other hand, would become unintelligible if you removed all vowels, spaces, and punctuation from a manuscript.

  33. William Syler says:

    Hilarous comic.
    Someone tell me happy birthday tomorrow. Please?

  34. N2O1138 says:

    The question is, would it have been funnier as
    “B ks c n b p rch s d t d sc nt f y s pply y r wn v w ls”?

    H ppy B rthd y T mm r w, W ll m! (I’ll be 18 in March)

  35. f my br n c ld cr ng , t w ld. H w v r, s ng s I h v n br n h v d c d d t c d th s m ss g n th s m w y.
    100 points to anyone who can decipher that!

  36. birdie! says:

    hebrew and arabic and the like both have written vowels, they’re just in the form of dots and dashes above or below the letters to take up less space and money

  37. DTanza says:

    Ah Biff your so frugal!

  38. Kevin says:

    Phoenix of Chaos: “If my brain could cringe, it would. However, seeing as I have no brain I have decided to code this message in the same way.”

  39. Julie says:

    @Phoenix of Chaos – If my brain could cringe, it would. However, seeing as I have no brain I have decided to code this message in the same way.

  40. Reg says:

    Maybe if the stimulus package gets through, Biff will be able to buy some books with vowels. I never knew how lucky I was to have my books with their vowels in there… I wonder, how much money did Biff save?

  41. no name says:


  42. Speakerblast says:


    I’ll be 18 in March too! What day is your birthday?

  43. Balrog says:

    Cl v r, v ry cl v r.

    You sohuld do one lkie tihs, wehre all the ltetres are srlacmbed but the frsit and lsat lteerts. Taht wulod be cool.

  44. N2O1138 says:

    The 29th (there’s a pretty high chance you’re older than me, then)

  45. -2! says:

    @ PsychoDuck
    You guys are all a bunch of lightweights. If you are really having this much trouble reading this above, I think it is time to start doing more crosswords and less soduko.

    Well, not really, I just wanted some thing long to type, and this sort of just happened to come to.

    The Duck Has Spoken.
    The duck has had vowels added!

  46. -2! says:

    @ PsychoDuck
    oh crap left a vowel in that comment. I’ am so ashamed.

    The Duck Has Spoken.
    Just translated that one two… i didn’t notice the vowel.

  47. Mispeling says:

    The added challenge of reading words by mentally filling in the vowels is that one doesn’t always know if what was written was spelled correctly even sans vowels.

  48. Trillion says:


    I admit that I visit this site everyday more for Chris than Biff. But Biff is pretty awesome.

  49. starseedjenny says:

    @-2! – I don’t like Sudoku OR crosswords D:

  50. skywerwolf says:


  51. Speakerblast says:

    @-2! – I’m terrible at crosswords

    @N2O1138- Yeah, I’m on the 4th. But on the plus side, yours is on a Friday whereas mine is on a Wedensday.

  52. MadDavid says:

    @ Mophtran: I vaguely knew there was something wrong with “cheep” when I posted it, but I didn’t realize what until I read my coment the next day.

    Hmmm–“Cheep and crispy” sounds more like bird flambe then microwave popcorn. (Sorry)

    @ starseedjenny & Speakerblast: -2 is just translating what psychoduck wrote. Don’t blame him (or her) for the sudoku comment.

    @ Balrog: It’s fnuny how a faulnt preson can raed sftuf lkie tihs at flul seped but a f w m ss ng v w ls c n b c mpl t ly ll g bl.

  53. i.half4 says:


  54. Albireo says:

    Th s c d m k s t d ff c lt t t ll wh t y wr t .

  55. i.half4 says:

    I never used to read anything but the headlines in THE ONION, until the CAR TALK guys read VOWELS FOR BOSNIA on the air, and realized that once in awhile, they did come up with some really good writing.

  56. Trevor says:

    P C W N!

  57. Balrog says:

    @MadDavid: I aerge. It took me foerevr to dceode waht you jsut siad. 😛

  58. Strawman says:

    I g t p pc rn m stl t s v m n y m s lf

  59. mrmeval says:

    I didn’t know you spoke Polish!

  60. SaixDecirr says:

    …is it a bad thing I deciphered Chris’s message in 5 minutes? XD

  61. Calvin says:

    f  v ryb d ‘s j st g  ng t  p st  v ryth ng w th  t v w ls, th n m yb    sh  ld t  .
    (If everybody’s just going to post everything without vowels, then maybe I should too.)

  62. maxsteele2 says:

    What do you call a fish with no eyes? A f sh.

  63. D Jenky says:


  64. D Jenky says:

    dang, only now do I see that I was beaten to it.

  65. YukiSnowflake says:

    w__h, _ c_n’t b_l__v_ th_t n_b_dy h_s b__n _s_ng th_ h_ndy k_ys c_ll_d “sh_ft” _nd “-“.
    _t m_k_s _t __s__r t_ typ_ m_ss_g_s l_k_ th_s!
    _nyw_y, th_ p__pl_ wh_ d_nt d_c_f_r th_s m_ss_g_ m_ss __t _n fr__ c__k__s!
    well, altaset i am not saepnikg leik tihs!
    s_ fr__ c__k__s t_ _ll wh_ d_c_f_r th_s,
    by th_ w_y, gr__t c_m_c, _s _lw_ys, chr_s.

  66. YukiSnowflake says:

    @TR_V_R – _ _GR__ W_TH Y__ _N TH_T!

  67. YukiSnowflake says:

    @M_XST__L – N_ y__ c_ll th_t th_ r_s_lt _f _nc_rr_ct n_cl__r w_st_ d_sp_s_l

  68. BrainpanSonata says:

    W w, n c tr pl p st, Y k Sn wfl k .

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