#653 – Brosnan

When I was a kid I would occasionally spend the night at a friend’s house and play “ninja.” We would dress up in all black and sneak out of the apartment building after his parents fell asleep. We didn’t do much besides see how far we could travel by staying in the shadows and try to identify sounds that we heard in the distance. Then one day we got lost working our way through the neighborhood to try and find a friend’s house. We walked out into an intersection to get our bearings and were standing under a street light as the police car drove up.


23 thoughts on “#653 – Brosnan”

  1. Tvae says:

    Secret agent Biff strikes again!

  2. linuxexorcist says:

    lemme guess, the next one is “Craig”, or (just maybe) “Lazenby”, as for the grapple rifle, i want one!

    how is he going to climb up?, does he have a belay harness integrated into the ninjawear (navy blue is the new black) or some sort of auto ascender-device concealed or nearby? or is he going to do it a la crackdown and pull himself straight up and fly 6 feet vertically (supahbiff!)

  3. Dwarg91 says:

    At least there was a police car waiting for you and your friend when you guys went into that intetsection!

  4. SEA says:

    I expected a jet pack XD

  5. Genesismonk says:

    Step 1: Confuse Pizza Guy

    Step 2: Poison self

    Step 3: Retrieve Frisbee.

    Ah yes, all the pieces are falling into place….

  6. William Erasmus says:

    LOL. XD

  7. Dartigen says:

    So it’s James Bond week?
    ‘Craig’ next.
    And that grapple gun would be awesome for the days I forget my house keys.

    @linuxexorcist: Lazenby?

  8. MaskedMan says:

    Lazenby – the best Bond, until Craig. Most accurately captured the ‘look and feel’ of the books, but was arrogant and got in a salary war, so was sacked.

    Now the Moore and Connery fans will come out with their pitchforks and flaming brands…

  9. Foxhound2 says:

    All that to get a frisbee. I must have cost a lot then.


  11. Foxhound2 says:

    @Genesismonk- u forgot the exploding message.

  12. This comic SO reminds me of Remington Steele (an 80’s TV show also starring Brosnan)!!

  13. Pilgrymm says:

    @MaskedMan I think Rowlf was the best bond. Also, he could really play that piano.

    So, how does this story end? The cops came anddd……. gave you a quarter? Taught you how to juggle hamsters? Thought you were terrorists and chased you three blocks before becoming distracted by a donut shop owned by a prostitute who recently fell three stories into a vat of liquid sugar?

  14. Chris says:

    @Pilgrymm – …and we ran! We didn’t do anything wrong but we panicked. Our reactions must have looked very suspicious to the police!

  15. DTanza says:

    Ah Chris you never fail to please.

  16. Stanly says:

    Me and my friends used to play a similar game, but we called it shadow. Weird how things like that might be everyplace. You would have like 10 people dress all in black, and then others (usually ones who didn’t bring their ninja attire) would have to find them out in the dark of the neighborhood.

  17. Mike says:

    Heh, I wouldn’t be able to count the amount of times I could’ve used a Grapple Rifle. Can’t wait to see what ‘Craig’ does.

  18. Foxhound2 says:

    @Chris- U were bad when u were young.

  19. Speakerblast says:

    @ Genesismonk

    You just made my day

  20. howdyhamster says:

    On the topic of “Childhood games everyone played”, you are now aware that the floor is made of lava.

  21. TheGSE says:

    Apparently I’m a suspicious person. I’ve been stopped as early as 7PM whilst going for pizza.

  22. YukiSnowflake says:

    Thankyou. I just woke up the cranky guy next door. (*he works nights*)

  23. YukiSnowflake says:

    ^^with my laughing, if you didnt understand.

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