#651 – Moore

Answering the door can be embarrassing. Especially when you realize you aren’t wearing any pants. Or you just unpacked a large fragile item and the livingroom behind you looks like a styrofoam buffalo had just exploded. Or you are flipping channels and land on a commercial when the doorbell rings and right as you open the door the opening theme song to Super Nanny comes blaring from the speakers behind you. Have you ever had an embarrassing door encounter?


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  1. Genesismonk says:

    In situations like that, I prefer to blast past him yelling “To the Pizza Mobile!” and drive off in his car.

  2. I’ve never come to the door without pants, but aside from that, I think you’re too easily embarassed. I may have come to the door once or twice with my PJs on, but then, during Winter, they’re my standard all-day wear whenever possible.

  3. Aytug says:

    My mom bought these Minnie the Mouse ears and liked to wear them in the house and fool around for a few minutes from time to time. This one time, she kept them on for longer. She had them when she was preparing dinner, as we ate dinner, and she had them when the building caretaker rang the door to pick up the trash. By then, she had forgotten she had them on her head, of course. When I told her after she closed the door, she said, “That’s what he was trying not to burst out laughing about.”

  4. Matthew says:

    Basically this just created a very awkward situation.

    I’m guessing it’s secrets week.

  5. speearr says:

    So is that a calcium-man costume?

  6. Cornbread says:

    I knew it! Biff’s dressed as Corey Doctorow! Woot!

  7. SEA says:

    Er…no idea about the biff’s secret identity.

    So far. No embarassing encounters. XD

  8. the_gail says:

    I had some Later Day Saints stop by to try and convert me while I was wearing a bikini and talking on the phone. That was fun trying to stick my head around the door, tell them to go away, and not offend the person on the phone.

  9. DracoZereul says:

    I always try and make precautions when I hear someone at the door. I’ll always try and put regular clothes on, keep the TV at a relatively low volume, and otherwise try to either return to normality before opening the door or pretend as such.

  10. Silent_X says:

    At first I thought Biff wasn’t wearing any pants.

  11. Tia says:

    Aside from opening the door and going through the entire transaction without realizing my blouse was completely unbuttoned…I haven’t really had any embarrassing ones.

    I DID answer the door in my full chem suit once, though. The look on his face was priceless. =P

  12. Weehawk says:

    Long time reader… first time commentor.

    It was a saturday morning and I had decided to not get dressed before I began an all morning video game run. I was sitting in my boxers enjoying some wii time when the bell rang. I was not completely aware of my situation when I headed for the door. I opened the door to greet an individual running for our local state representative position. He was a bit suprised to see me in my boxers, but I played it cool. I called him by his first name and invited him to play some nintendo with me. He stammered a moment, blushed slightly and told me he would appreciate my vote. I replied sure thing and wished him a good day. I closed the door as he awkwardly took in this interaction and headed to the next house.

  13. Foxhound2 says:

    If i was the pizza person i’d say “this the last pizza that u are getting delivered to ur house,” and then take off.

  14. Kurast says:

    I once answered the door embarrasingly enough.

    I looked through the peephole and only saw my best friend. We basically live at each other’s house so we hardly care if we’re missing shirts or whatnot. I open the door, wearing shorts with a towel draped around my neck as I had just come out of the shower a minuter earlier, and bam: A freshman friend from my highschool jazz class who had an obvious crush on me. My friend recanted how our faces turned blood red.

    It’s gotten worse now that he has a key to my house… I sleep in very little and he’s brought friends over very often…

  15. Sarah says:

    hey, am I the only one who has trouble loading this page? It always takes me two tries…the first try, firefox freezes when it tries to load the banner ads.

  16. Jackson says:

    This reminds me of a story my brother told me…in high school, one Saturday in December while our parents were out, my brother had just finished taking a shower and drying off when the doorbell rang. He hastily wrapped up in a towel and ran downstairs. There at the door were two Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    They said hi, David said hi, and there was a long awkward pause. The JW’s were mercifully brief in their pitch, perhaps out of sympathy for the half-naked man standing in the freezing cold doorway, perhaps out of a desire to get on to the next house right quick. They said a few quick words about peace and spiritual fulfillment, left him with a flier, and moved right along.

  17. trueblaze says:

    Lol, that’s usually the best way to get rid of JW’s.

    Anyway I have a semi-embarassing story simular to all those. Back a few years ago I was renting a house with seven other people (it was a big house and because of our scheduals we almost never saw each other). One night around seven or eight, I was shaving and had one half of my face done when the shaver’s battery started to run dead. A couple of the other room mates were in the living room playing card games they had picked up at a recent con so I decided as a joke I’d come out and join them for a while while my shaver rechared.

    About an hour later when we were in the middle of a game, there was a knock at the door and, forgetting I had half my face shaven at them moment, I decided to answer it. It turned out the person at the door was actully a pair of police officers. The two of them stop and stared at me for a second and then said they needed to speak to one of my room mates. So I let them in and while they were talking to my room mate I sat down at the game table and listened in. It wasn’t until after the two officers left that I suddenly realized how my face looked. After that I decided to go back into the bathroom and finish shaving.

  18. Robot Panda says:

    There was one day over Christmas break when my mum made me answer the door. I was wearing sweatpants, a giant shirt that belonged to my boyfriend at the time, and my hair was not brushed. Turns out it was two ladies trying to sell some religion and world peace. They asked me how often I went to church [“I don’t go to church” :l ] and what my name was.
    “Kelly? I have a niece named Kelly!”

    Once I finally shooed them off, I turned around to give my mum a death glare and she just about died laughing.

    🙁 She did it on purpose.

  19. Thane of Eurmal says:

    @Sarah – loads fine for me, and I use Firefox. I tend to open all my daily comics at once, in tabs, and come back in a minute though…

    Embarrassing moment at the door? No, never! Not me! That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!!!

    Heh, I’ve SEEN some weirdness between delivering pizza and clerking at a 7-Eleven way back when though.

    Oh, and topics have been Bond actors so far – Connery, Moore…

  20. Ian says:

    Hmmm, I really don’t care how I look when I answer the doorbell, especially if I don’t know the person, when will I see them again? Especially JW’s. But then again I’m a dude, so answering the door with sweat pants and big ass sweat shirt, or no shirt isn’t really going to emberass me. It might emberass them, but oh well, what better way to get rid of them faster eh?

  21. DTanza says:


  22. Manfred says:

    I think the most embarassing door answering moment I’ve had (that I can remember) Is when my friend and his girlfriend knocked on the door, but I didn’t recognize them so I waited for five minutes until I answered the door and remembered who they were. I was like ‘…Doh. X_X’

  23. Hamst3r says:

    Chris, do you have any plans of making Biff day calendars? I’d love to get one for my dad. I could probably spend a weekend printing out each comic and making my own calendar, but I’d much rather just buy one. 🙂

  24. Halo Chief says:


  25. Evilmynde says:

    HAHAHA! I finally caught up to the current comic! I’ve been dredging the archives for around a month now (breakfast time is webcomic time!). Chris (Hallbeck) rocks! Biff rocks harder!

    BTW, red cape, skeleton shirt, and khaki (cream..? Whatever.) pants? Biff must have gone to the Halloween costume thrift store.

  26. Speakerblast says:

    I usually catch myself shirtless before I hit the stairs.

    Good thing too, wouldn’t want my little sisters pubescent friends seeing me without a top on.

    Yep. Those 13 year old girls.

  27. solar says:

    no not really though if some jws come to my house and im the one who has to open the door im tempted to put on a set of “imp” horns with matching tail and see what kind of reaction i get..


  28. Madness says:

    Woah, I was eating pizza when I saw this comic.

    How weird.

  29. Rated R for Redonk says:

    I just finished the entire archives, and I think this is my new favorite webcomic. Awesomesauce!

    As for embarrasing door encounters, I was cosplaying Anakin Skywalker for my friends way back in ’05, getting ready for Halloween. (Shameless Star Wars nerd! ^^) Anyway, my friend and I were just getting ready to thwack each other with plastic lightsabers when Jehovas Witnesses came to call.
    I happen to be a girl, and when I answered the door, I got a very odd look from the two JW’s. My friend chose that moment to call “Anakin, who is it?” We stood around for around thirty seconds staring at each other before the JW’s shrugged, turned, and left at a very fast walk. On the bright side, they haven’t come to the house since. ^^;

  30. Chezetoats says:

    I can’t say I’ve had some embarrassing moments opening the door, but I’ve had a few with closed doors. There is nothing more fun then running smack dab into a door with people watching you, oh yeah.

  31. BRAD says:

    I answered the door to a pizza delivery with no pants on and an open green silk button shirt. All my friends were sitting in plain view without shirts, another without pants. We then proceeded to congo-line half-naked out the door.

  32. MaskedMan says:

    I have young kids – I am far past the point of being able to be embarrassed at the door; After a few episodes of Naked Lad doing the Wild Pee-Pee Dance behind my back, well, I’m bullet-proof.

    OTOH, when I delivered pizza myself, well, there were a few ‘WTF!’ moments at peoples’ doors. And I won’t even BEGIN to discuss some of the weird situations I encountered as a military recruiter!

  33. Some JW’s knocked on my friend’s door, and his dad suggested he answer the door naked. And he did, acting very insane, yelling. I wish I was there. Well, or not.

  34. zeb says:

    answered JW’s while dressed like combine from HL2
    they freaked beacause i had a voice changer on

  35. Crimson_regret says:

    When I was young and had no controll over my 13 year old body, I got random….fill in the blanks alot. Ding Dong and I’m the only one home…

  36. joe says:

    i was recently hanging out with my friend, and we were babysitting my little cousins.
    they were playing video games in the basement or somethng and we had a pizza being delivered.
    when i answered the door i stepped outside , i payed, turned around and found my friend, whos 6,7, leaning against the glass door with nothing but short-shorts and an undersized vest on, nothing else. just staring at the delivery man.
    i felt kinda bad for the pizza guy, but i laughed like hell after that at my buddy…

  37. Kiki says:

    My brother answered the door in his underwear once thinking it was me…it was one of my grandma’s friends

  38. Ehrenmann says:

    I was doing a delivery once to an area I know is full of college kids in my town. I knocked on the door, and I found myself face to face with a guy in a mini-skirt, tube-top, and wielding pom-poms. I glanced behind him and what I think was a girl was sitting on the couch in full football gear. I gave them their sandwiches, they gave me the money, and then they invited me to join them. Never said in what. I declined of course, but it was definitely an interesting experience.

  39. wisp says:

    this ones not really embarrassing for ME but the JW got quite an interesting look on his face when i answered the door wearing nothing but a banana hammock> which i did just to freak him out :p

  40. @Brad: Oh my dear sweet jesus. You made me laugh so loud that It woke everyone in the house…

  41. LadyLuck1337 says:

    One of my friends had come over to my house for help with a sewing project. We’re about the same size, so I wore it while she finished pinning it up. I had big curlers in my hair because we were heading out afterward and the outfit she was working on was a giant, foofy goth loli concoction with a very short skirt and an attached crinoline. I had bee sick from school for a couple of days so one of the TA’s was nice enough to stop by with some notes for me on a couple of lectures I missed. I answered the door in this getup, figuring it was the last member of the trio that was going out with us that night. The TA saw me and his eyes opened like saucers. I had a few questions for him and I calmly asked him while he freaked out at the door. He was 7 shades of red the whole time. I guess I wasn’t embarased, but he sure was. 🙂

  42. WpgBSO says:

    I remember one time being over at a girls apartment and ordering pizza. She was into some fetish gear and what not. Well, needless to say she went to answer the door, and almost gave the delivery guy a freaking heart attack. Best part was the buttless pants she was wearing and the look on his face when she turned around to get her wallet. I still don’t know if she did it on purpose or completely forgot they were buttless.

  43. Calvin says:

    This one time, I was busy, and when somebody knocked, I answered “Unless you’re the FBI. or somethi…” before I saw him holding up his card. XD

  44. Kasain says:

    Hee hee, this one time i was living in a hotel in olympia for a couple months for work and i discovered this REALLY delicious pizza place (called pizza time) and i ordered a pizza from them almost every day and it was always the same guy delivering the pizza. now, this poor guy had to see me in many different outfits over the course of the two months that i was there (and i’m a pretty good looking girl and bless him but he never commented, lol) so you’d think that he would have been used to me by then, but on the last day that i was there he decided to surprise me with a pizza on him ’cause i’d told him i would be leaving, and i was just getting out of the shower and answered in one of those teensy hotel towels. i wasn’t embarrassed but he sure was ^_^’ i got a good laugh later recalling the shocked look on his face

  45. Matthew says:

    Some religous people have been constantly coming to our door. I saw that it was them, and came up to the door. I was looking at them rather fiercly and it was easy to see they were a bit nervous. Right in the middle of when they were talking, I said “Go hang a salami! I’m a lasagnua hog!” (it’s a palindrome) and shut the door. I changed the doorbell tone to a loud scream, and they rang the doorbell. They ran off and haven’t come back since.

  46. D Jenky says:

    I’ve never had a particularly embarrassing door encounter. But there is something that comes to mind. When me and my sister were little kids we had gerbils for pets, and a guinea pig that got left behind by our neighbor. We ended up with far more gerbils than we expected to as me an my sister each got one…you do the math, anyways, my mom was not happy about our little bunch of furballs. As Halloween came around some kids got some very interesting “treats.” I’d loved to have seen the looks on their parent’s faces when their kids brought home a bag of candy and a gerbil. The guinea pig went to the pizza delivery guy.

  47. YukiSnowflake says:

    Nice name!

    I dont think ive ever had an embarassing door encounter…
    hmm… let me check…..
    (*please wait. scanning for embarassing door encounters. found: 0 entries containing the words “embarassing door encounters”*)

  48. BrainpanSonata says:

    UPS once came with a package that had to be signed for while I was in the bathtub… so I had to run into my bedroom first because I’d forgotten to take my bathrobe into the bathroom with me.

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