#624 – Geoffrey

What was the most amazing/scary/hilarious Halloween costume you ever wore? Link pictures if you have them!

If you are looking for answers to life’s greatest mysteries, you won’t find them in this interview of me over at Comixtalk.

Today’s Halloween Biff avatar is all shook up!


52 thoughts on “#624 – Geoffrey”

  1. Micah says:

    Biff looks more disappointed than annoyed. Good job, Chris.

  2. Zaffa says:

    Anybody know of those gigantic foam Spongebob costumes? The ones that are so large you have trouble keeping balance? Yeah.

  3. Scorpial23 says:

    Aww, that’s so sad.

  4. MaskedMan says:

    Hehehe! Costume decapitation!

    Seriously – even with rotor arcs WAY obove my head, I never was comfortable getting into or out of a helo with the engines running… And from their postures, neither were anyone one else – we all ran doubled over like a buncha hunchbacks.

    My scariest costume was as a giant rat. SERIOUSLY realistic giant rat; The kind that would knock over a cheese shop for a light snack.

  5. KeiMari says:

    One of the costumes I’m most proud of was when I dressed as a marionette. I wore a fluffed out black dress with lots of tool, thick white stockings, mary-jane shoes. My hair was all done up in curls and pigtails with red ribbon that matched parts of the dress, gloves and long cut strings that dangled from my wrists.

    But the best part was how solid white I managed to get my face, red lips and loooong tinsel eyelashes. The lashes are what really freaked my friends out.

  6. Kurast says:

    Ring Wraith.

    Pics tomorrow.

  7. TomTom says:

    Last year I went as Rorschach, from the Watchmen. In hindsight, I probably should have saved it till next year, but whatever, it was awesome.
    Maybe I’ll break my rule and do a repeat this year.

  8. BubsVanagon says:

    If I really wanted to scare adults rather than kids, I would find a way to dress as a declining 401k fund…

  9. RG says:

    Too bad his costume got ruined…

  10. SEA says:

    Poor giraffe costume =(

    *Does NOT celebrate halloween*
    *sad face*

  11. angusgangus says:

    TomTom- great costume!
    One of my most memorable costumes was an M&M. Big, stinkin’ Chernobyl green M&M. On the plus side, no one had to ask what I was that year; it fit over my snow suit. (Ah, Canada)

  12. random person says:

    To bad for Biff, but seriously, Biff can do better than a giraffe.

  13. Jake says:

    I was Dead Santa once.
    Also Osama the year after that. It was also a particularly racist costume for a 9 year old to be wearing.

  14. Amy says:

    When I was little I was a computer for Halloween. It was basically a big cardboard box with some buttons glued on it, but it had a screen that would switch between “Trick or Treat” and “Thank You”.

  15. Genesismonk says:

    The one I’m wearing tonight.

    2 Words: Lucha Libre

  16. i.half4 says:

    In the year of The Last Temptation of Christ, there were two other guys dressed as Jesus. But I was the only one anatomically exagerated under my robes. I called it “the lasting temptation.”

    Sorry. No pictures. But it was a concept piece anyway.

  17. Jack Hollow says:


  18. TomixComics says:

    I made a drawing of my characters dressed up as characters from my favourite webcomics, and one of them dressed up as Biff, I’d appreciate it if you took a look 🙂

  19. DTanza says:

    As I said before…Chris Marry me.

  20. Reg says:

    When I first finished reading the comic and studied Biff’s costume, I thought it was a two-man costume and the person in the top part got sliced off! 0_o
    The most ridiculous costume I wore was just today at school- I was HeatMan from MegaMan 2 (My website link is just to a picture of him). I wore a box with custom-made elastic suspenders attached by velcro to the inside to keep it up. As for the ridiculous part, I could barely walk through doors, the velcro for the suspenders kept popping off, the box I was using as the top part of the “lighter” was near falling off, I was wearing HIGH HEEL (male) SHOES (something I will NEVER do again) and best of all, nobody knew who I was.
    But I think it was worth it to see the WTF-look on people’s faces.

  21. Haha that is so Biff.

    My halloween costume pictures can be found at the top of the list of http://s59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/Seanpatrick1991/trilogy/ . Supposed to be Silaner Mordre (Andore Mordre’s younger brother) in his Serinean monk disguise (minus the amulet I left at work today).

    Oh, Andore and Silaner are my RP characters.

  22. …sorry for double posting, but Chris asked for halloween pictures and only two or three people have posted them??

  23. Green Ranger says:

    Hey Everyone I’m finally caught up and am allowed to post! Chris I love this comic great source of entertainment…keep up the good work!

  24. Chuck says:

    He said post pictures IF you have them. A lot of us don’t have any.

    I was once Jessica Simpson. I wore a blond wig and a shirt that said “Chicken or Tuna” on the front and “I Don’t Eat Buffalo” on the back. I was a gas station attendant at work today. We served our customers iced tea from a little gas pump.

  25. Drakey says:

    Most ridiculous…. no.. most half-assed.

    I once threw a crapload of things together. It included a cape, a sweatshirt, a football helmet–Packers, naturally. WISCONSIN! WOOO!–boots… it was utterly bizarre.

  26. @Chuck Just kidding, sorry…

    No pictures to post? Eeeeeh, details.

  27. Mandy says:

    I was a holy cow this year. Homemade cow costume with a halo on top. I got to walk around school and listen to people yell “Holy cow!” all day.

  28. Speakerblast says:

    I dressed up as Paris Hilton. I’m not going through that ordeal ever again. Ever. I will not post any pictures as thats probably a bad thing to see :p

  29. Trevor says:

    Both of my crazy/non cliche costume ideas for halloween get shot down by my parents. Two years ago I wanted to go as the left paddle from pong, but my father said that that wasn’t crazy enough, so he dressed me up as a basketball player even though I don’t even watch basketball.
    Repeat, my father thought that a basketball player was crazier then the left paddle from pong.
    And if you’re wondering what the other costume idea was. It was basically a mask that looked like Giygas, but my mother shot it down because she thought that people wouldn’t like the fact that I had nothing to change formy clothes, because apparently staring at http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/f/f7/BossGiygas.jpg THAT wasn’t good enough. So, she let me use my alternative costume, which was just a refrence to Adams Family by going with NO costume and sayying that I’m a homicidal manic because they look just like evreyone else.
    I’m just going to hope they don’t shoot down my costume plan for next year, Rick Astley.
    “You’ve just been Trick Rolled!”

  30. wrincewind says:

    i went as the Team Fortress Two Pyro.
    fun, but VERY heavy.

  31. TomixComics says:

    my craziest costume would have to be when I dressed up as one of my comic characters, which is an obease radio psychologist. I put on a wig, some sunglasses, stuffed my shirt, and put in fake manboobs. But instead of one of the manboobs I put in a round speaker, that was connected ot an MP3 player in my pocket which played pre-recorded caller messages asking for a dvice, with pauses in the parts where I would answer them. It was completely kickass.

    I also dressed up as a n00b once.

  32. MadDavid says:

    The second scarriest costume I ever wore was when I dressed up as the grim reaper for a church youth group halloween event. The youth director stationed me at the start of the cardboard-box maze to control how frequently kids could enter, but I was so convincing as Death that the kids didn’t want to enter.

    The *scarriest* costume I ever wore, apparently, was next year. The youth director forbade me to go as Death again, so I took the same robe and dressed up as a monk. The youth director stationed me inside the cardboard-box maze (that year called “the catacombs”) to help any kids who got confused / lost. Apparently, I picked a spot that was to dark to see into. Whenever a kid walked by, I would say “hello” and the kid would shreek from startlement.

  33. Vicky says:

    This is by far the best. I never really made an effort for halloween. I did try to go as agangster once, long black coat, hat & violin. buut i wasnt allowed out in such an expensive coat. that i think belonged to my gran?
    This is one of the few that really made me laugh. Great comic.

  34. JB says:

    I never got any photos of last year’s Halloween costume, but I had an old t-shirt that had sat in a rat’s cage for 6 months… it was shredded.. I then got a pair of old jeans and sat there with a cheese grater and a chopping board until they were totally dead. I got a ton of mud and rubbed it through my hair, over my body and clothes and then got a ton of fake blood pills and just popped the lot… I had “blood” dripping out of my mouth and onto my chest for the next twenty mins..

    The fake blood tasted really bad..

  35. starseedjenny says:

    I was the Phantom of the Opera this year and it was my most successful Halloween costume ever.

    I don’t have any pictures, unfortunately. Someone was taking pictures at a party though, so maybe I’ll get one of those sometime…

  36. Kamorth says:

    I’m a goth, and i think my best halloween costume ever was when I was invited to a party thrown by a friend who was in a death metal band (they actually made it pretty big here later) and was told that the “stock of bimbos” (read: blonde airheads who just wanted to bang the band so were allowed to come to the party so the band could bang them) were going as goths. So I went as a bimbo. Oddly enough, the bimbos were the only ones who didn’t get the costume, everyone else thought it was hillarious, especially when they kept pointing out to me that “normal” clothes (skin tight white jeans, bright flowery thong, backless handkerchief sized top made from bright pink glitter, matching glitter pink strappy high heels, and barbie make up) didn’t count as a halloween costume…. I pointed out that I could say the same to them.

  37. Kamorth says:

    Sorry abut the double post, but after having my workmate point out that it’s a cop out costume if you don’t have to spend money on it, it was one of the most expensive costumes I’ve ever worn, and the amount of time it took to bleach out 12 years of black hair dye was unreal. Add to that the cost of a spray tan (intentionally slightly overdone) and it was almost a month’s spending money.

  38. marvaanagh says:

    My sister went one year as The Creature from the Black lagoon, dressed as a clown, riding a unicycle. I thought it was quite innovative

  39. Cpt.Ziggy says:

    I went four years straight as a zombie because my dad was good at making me one,they also happen to be my worst fear…

  40. the_gail says:

    I went as a hobbit once, complete with big hairy feet I made. No one really got it, I should have waited another year until the movies really caught on. This year I was a vampire one night and an 80’s hairband member the next to match the costumes of the band I sell merch for. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v109/kirana/me/2008_10310002.jpg

  41. BMN says:

    This year my friend and I were Batman and Robin, and we ended up going trick or treating with our friend who was wearing a dress and a santa hat.
    I think we’re pretty cool.

  42. Garret says:

    Ha ha, for Halloween I went as Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, based off of the movie/Homecoming version. It was made out of cardboard, Paper Towel Tubes, and Pop Bottle bottoms. I also took a pair of nylons and made them for the “eyeholes”, and bought some material from Wal-Mart for the “apron,” and sprayed it with red hairdye to give it the bloody effect. My dad took an old pair of my shoes for me and added about 6 inches of height on them so I could be taller.

    All in all, best costume I’ve ever had.

  43. Tuesday says:

    I think last year, when I was handing out candy. I dressed up like a catwoman, but instead of going the typical route I ALSO gave myself claws and coated them in blood. Three little kids refused to come up to me to get the candy, AND I creeped out a group of teenagers.

  44. Soudaiya says:

    Aww, costume links? This is what I get for going AWOL from all my internet stuffs to deal with school and home life.

    Anyways, the best creepy costume I’ve done so far was the scarecrow costume I made this year. http://soudaiya.deviantart.com/art/Scarecrow-Halloween-Costume-102315598

    I don’t think I really scared anyone, but a lot of people said they liked it. And I think some guy in a hockey mask that tried to scare me and my friend when we were trick or treating was either really jealous, intimidated, or just put off by the fact that him jumping up on us and yelling wasn’t very startling, because he made a very poor attempt to start a fight with me. Fortunately, my candy pumpkin had so much stuff in it that one good whack to his shoulder got him off my case.

    I think he also thought I was a guy, and maybe he was trying to impress his girlfriend. Do guys usually try to beat up people they don’t know?

  45. Kratospie says:

    This is my first post. So Hey Biff Fans!
    Anyways my favorite costume I ever had was a werewolf.
    It was almost completely homemade and everyone at the Halloween party loved it!

  46. Radical Edward says:

    I was a Power Ranger for Halloween, but that was like 15 years ago.

  47. Shana says:

    When I was little, my entire family had McDonalds frenchfry costumes. ‘Nuff said.

  48. LadyLuck1337 says:

    I went to my friend’s themed Halloween party. This years theme was “Inappropriate Costumes”. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m an insensitive person, but I just dressed for the theme! Okay!?! lol I was a six year old suicide victim. I made a noose out of an old skipping rope and used my skills I gleaned from my makeup artist mother to make me look like I was strangled. I wore a pink gingham dress and carried a teddy bear with me. I pin curled my hair and put it in pigtails. To top the ensemble off, I wrote a suicide note on construction paper with a glow in the dark crayon that said, “Mommy drinks and Kitty Cat ran away.” I think I was one of the least inappropriate people there.

  49. Varin says:

    best ever outfit i had was kinda geeky, i got a raise at work so i spent it all on getting a custom terminator Warhammer40K outfit done in the style of the salamaders, damm it was heavy but soooo worth it. doorframes were my worst foe though

  50. hayabusa says:

    i went to work as Gaara from Naruto for halloween last year. only 1 person even had a guess as to who i was, which was kinda annoying. here is the link: http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l51/ashtar_ryu/DanasGaaracopy.png

    here is the image i used for reference: http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l51/ashtar_ryu/gaara.jpg

    one of my friends wanted to go as alice in sluttyland, but couldn’t for obvious reasons

  51. Graff says:

    Wait, why is it ripped around his chest? Did the helicopter hit his chest?

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