#558 – Restricted

It seems like most places have water restrictions nowadays. For some reason it seems weird that we have them here. We are always in danger of a flood. It sure doesn’t feel like water is scarce in our area.


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  1. Qskecksget says:

    I lol’d
    Those are some weird rules…

  2. Chris says:

    Sweet I love Biff’s resourcefulness.

  3. greenimp says:

    oh yes, i like, very nice!

  4. SEA says:

    So…that would save water how? o-o

  5. Just Ryan says:

    ah, yes. using the neighbors water. gotta love it. its best to use it around 2 am, since they are usually sleeping. smart man, that biff.

  6. He’s a tricky one, that Biff!

  7. DracoZereul says:

    I live in California, so it seems we’re always having water conservation, energy conservation, the whole nine yards.

  8. K says:

    It’s a fairly simple logic; a lot of water supply comes from underground aquifers, which aren’t being replenished anywhere near as fast as they’re being pumped. Plus snow packs and high-altitude glaciers are shrinking around the globe, as the yearly precipitation doesn’t add up to what it used to, and so overall water levels are diminishing; one look at places like Lake Mead makes it pretty clear that something’s gone awry.

    Really, there’s a whole hell of a lot that’s gone awry, and people just haven’t been affected enough to notice, or if they have, only to get annoyed at being inconvenienced, rather than realizing what is, ultimately, at stake.

  9. fishmeester says:

    Wouldn’t it just be easier to have some place to store rainwater in?
    We have this big hole in the ground where all our rainwater ends out in, and we just use that water for spraying our garden.

  10. A_Lad_Insane says:

    Heh… I love it when people try to apply logic to situations where logic has no place..

    That being said.. we do have a rain barrel… but thats just nowhere near as sneaky & subversive!… its just plain not Biff! 😀

  11. steve-o says:

    Out of every Biff comic I’ve ever read, (which is all of them) THIS one is definitely the funniest.

  12. Deadite says:

    heh, been reading these at work for a while (not sure if I’ve read them all), this is the first time my boss saw Biff on the screen while I was reading it. He wanders in quickly for a quick glance, and he wanders off chuckling. 🙂

  13. Dzelda says:

    We dont have water conservation here, but I do find this funny on the fact that state laws come up with some funny rules. Why od numbered days? Why even bother with using hoses? Why even bother how long you use stuff as long as its how much is used? And why am I asking myself these questions when they are largely ignored in the Biff context of the comic? Insane Lad is right, why add logic to a comic that has no use for it?

  14. krasno says:

    Lol, in Argentina we have one of the largest aquifers in the whole world, spanning more than 3 countries 😛
    And we get hell lots of rain in this part of the world, sometimes more rain in a day than some countries in a month!
    The only thing we have to worry about if USA is going to invade us for our water like they did with Iraq for the oil… XD
    Knowing argentinians, because I’m one, they will dump mercury, lead and just about anything to ruin it for all of us in case of invasions. We both would be real jerks should that happen XD
    I need my pills.

  15. We just let the grass on our lawn wither and die to be replaced by hardier things.

  16. Charlotte says:

    In England we seem to have hosepipe bans as soon as we have a few sunny days- though that might be because our water pipe systems are leaky.

  17. ryos says:

    “The only thing we have to worry about if USA is going to invade us for our water like they did with Iraq for the oil… XD”

    Frankly, it would be cheaper to purify seawater.

  18. starseedjenny says:

    I live in a rain shadow desert. You’d think we’d have water restrictions. Nope!

    The mountains go all the way around. I’m in a basin. All the rain from the mountains runs down and fills the reservoir 😉

  19. Micah says:

    Reminds me of an episode of King Of the Hill.

  20. Qskecksget says:

    I live in freaking Arizona, where there’s been a drought for what, 15 years? Still I see people with giant/dead lawns that keep getting over watered and pointless water features…
    It sickens me quite a bit…

  21. K says:

    @fishmeester: That’s assuming you *get* the rainwater; where I am we don’t get much rain, and there’s been less and less for the past few years running. I’m lucky that I live above an underground river and have a well tapping it; we keep getting legal battles from the city nearby trying to seize the water rights to make sure no one has to sacrifice their never-used backyard pool or ridiculous lawns.

  22. Amake says:

    Water is free almost everywhere here in Northern Sweden. Of course we have huge lakes that serve as (never tapped) spare water supplies cause it’s so clean water it becomes serviceable for drinking with minimal filtering.

  23. Corinthiar says:

    I remember living in a city that had an interesting rule regarding snow-laden streets (that might shed light on the “odd-numbered days” portion of this comic).

    When there was enough snow on the streets that it needed plowing, there was a city ordinance that required vehicles to park on the even-numbered side of the street on even-numbered days and the odd-numbered side of the street on odd-numbered days. This ensured that there was enough room for a snowplow to plow the road and, if there was still snow the next day, allowed both sides to get plowed.

    If the water conservation laws are similar, Biff’s house must have an even number because he needs to use the hose from an odd-numbered house (the other side of the road) on odd-numbered days.

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