#547 – Relativity

Back in college there was some road construction being done by where I lived. One day on the way home from school my roommate came across a stop sign that had been dug up and left in the grass. He decided to swipe it and brought it back to the apartment. I was amazed at how large it was. I had only ever seen them up in the air with nothing to compare it’s size against. If it was a pillow instead of a flat piece of metal I could have curled up and taken a nap on it.


31 thoughts on “#547 – Relativity”

  1. Metal Matt says:

    Same here!!! A friend of mine took a stop sign once and I remember the same thing… being amazed at the size of it. They are surprisingly large.

  2. MaskedMan says:

    It’s all about perspective, really.

    Or has Biff been playing with the fertilizer again?

  3. Torg says:

    That basically sums up Biff: take your trash directly to the landfill so you can fit more in the can.

  4. taber_man says:

    isn’t perspective great?

    also, I’m always amazed at how large some roadsigns are when you stand next to them.

  5. Shanchan says:

    Biff has no butt

  6. Chuck says:

    You know what’s huge? Traffic lights! My goodness.

  7. fluffy says:

    That’s related to why the moon always looks bigger near the horizon. When it’s up in the sky, there’s no point of reference, so it looks teeny. When it’s down by the ground, you can see it in comparison to trees and houses. So it looks huge. (But not as huge as it actually is because it’s still 1/4 of a light second away.)

  8. Sleet says:

    I’m confused here, though.. So the trash can is the thing that’s really far away? Then why is the garbage bag in Biff’s hand tiny? Shouldn’t the garbage bag be the right size, but the garbage can be really huge? o.0 My brain hurts..

  9. trevor says:

    Trash week, perhaps?

  10. Heinrich says:

    perspective is nice… especially metaphorically… 🙂

    oh and i think it’s ‘chores’ week, not trash week, ’cause of monday’s comic (laundry, cleaning your room, taking out the trash, …?)

  11. MaskedMan says:

    Agreed – Chores week. Or maybe housework week – They’re almost the same thing.

  12. Arix says:

    I’m thinking something more specific – doing chores “efficiently” week. Monday, Biff gets out of folding shirts by wearing them all at once. Tuesday, rather than clean his room, he just throws it out and gets a new one. I’m telling you, it’s all about efficiency.

  13. Like I said yesterday…cleaning shortcuts.

    *gets the matches*

  14. Cpt.Ziggy says:

    @sleet-biff has clearly brought the trash can to us,and left the bag in the background

  15. Cpt.Ziggy says:

    @Fluffy-It’s also due to Einstein and his gravity magnification theory,which states that any object with a large gravitational force(i.e the Earth) if you look at the edge, gravity has a magnifying effect,making things look bigger than they normally would.

    yup,i’m a nerd.

  16. Haywire says:

    I’m thinking trash week.

  17. Spenser says:

    Squishing people’s heads in the coffee shop is fun.

  18. Somehow, I don’t think this would work even if Biff’s universe. The bag is still far away. Considering plenty of other things don’t work in Biff’s universe(“Biff realizes that…..”), I think he’s just reaching all the way to the landfill, bypassing the trash can altogether.
    On the other hand, cartoon physics work in Biff’s world, and this would definitely work with cartoon physics.

  19. Kapposo says:

    lol; i thought it was a condom before analyzing it

  20. speearr says:

    Heh smart ‘move’. I will be trying this out the next time perspective fails me…!

  21. Shanchan says:

    I thought it was a condom at first glance too XD

  22. trevor says:

    You know, I wonder what a biff cartoon would be like, a biff movie, a biff game!

  23. lydia says:

    Very clever! It took me a minute. Long time reading, first time commenting. Also I wonder if Biff has any root in Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller?
    Keep it great.

  24. no name says:

    i don’t get this one at all. Someone explain!

  25. BlueDragon says:

    @trevor: i too wonder what a biff game would be like. you would have to
    just try to survive eveything Biff does in his daily life

  26. Chris says:

    A bit disgusting, but it looks as though biff is holding up a condom, and getting ready to trash it. LOL

  27. trevor says:

    I think it would be fun if it was also somewhat open ended like a sandbox, playing with biffs bootw would be fun.

  28. Soudaiya says:

    Haha, I love plays on perspective. You know what else is monstrous up close? Traffic lights. I’ve seen people doing work on them at intersections and whatnot, and they’re usually bigger than the people that are working on them.

  29. The ill mannered M says:

    Being a party girl in college, the small house me and a few friends rented for the better part of a year was oddly decorated and done so in spurts of ingenious inebriation. Whenever a particularly stressful event had passed and we could settle down to a night/morning/day/weekend/whatever of pure intoxication we would invariably sober up to a new traffic sign table, caution cone umbrella stand, water barrier… well, they just showed up, I’m not sure if we ever had a use for them.

    The point is, most signs you find on the road are a whole lot bigger than they appear. Due to the magic of alcohol and other less… legal substances, I’m not necessarily as surprised as I should be by how they got there. My only guess is that magic trumps physics every time.

  30. Couso says:

    My dad has a story of when he was a kid, him and a friend stole some road signs, my dad snatched a “yield” sign. His parents weren’t too happy, especially since his dad was a member of city hall, and when they yelled at him for it he told them “Hey at least I’m not the one who took the ‘bridge out’ sign!”

  31. YukiSnowflake says:

    heh, you confused me, because you either got it wrong or worded it confuzzlingly.
    Biff must do that to you! (*BAD BIFF! Messing with your authors brain >:C heh*)

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